The Device [FN5]

The population of Fluffies has grown way too high.

Hasbio’s engineers, knowing how horny Fluffy’s have been bio-engineered, have designed, The Device.

A robotic fluffy, that completely resembles an attractive mare (by fluffy standards) all with enticing singing and pheromones fragrance.

No Fluffy can resist. They do not stop to question why such a pretty mare would very easily give herself to them, and even if they had the capacity to do so, the pheromone fragrance is just too powerful.

Thus, when an ugly abandoned fluffy runs across our Device, he does not hesitate to go ahead and give her ‘speshuw hugs’ or ‘enf’ her. He simply cannot resist.

As soon as his ‘special stick’ goes into The Device’s orifice, this orifice closes with at lightning-fast speeds, with the use of very sharp blades that instantly amputate the fluffy’s stick. At the same time, a pair of spring loaded barbed needles pierce the Fluffy’s testicles. Their barbed design ensure that these needles stay attached to the Fluffy.

The Fluffy will immediately attempt to run away, and in the process, will pull on the needles with his testicles. Fluffys’ bodies are very easy to rip as per design, the testicles will rip off and stay with the device. The needles are then retracted back into the device and the remains of testicles and penis stored inside The Device for future manual disposal.

The Device then continues its routine. Singing the lullaby. The Device has castrated thousands of Fluffies in its first days.
We’ve noticed Fluffys arrive mere seconds after the previous fluffy was castrated, most likely drawn in by the screams of the previous target. The blood and carnage would be enough to scare even the smarties of smartys away, but The Device is irresistible…


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I am a huge degenerate or something, 'cause I love watching a fluffy’s special stick getting ripped or just absolutely destroyed.


This is particularly fun for me because my art teacher used a battery powered eraser and he would always refer to it as The Device.

I guess this one also erases, albeit in an even more gratifying way.


Thank you, Karn

Same lol I love castration and bad-enfies posts

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Feel that Hasbio would make an entirely organic version.
That stores the testes to breed.
& eventually finds out it can target humans.

“A robotic fluffy, that completely resembles an attractive mare (by fluffy standards)”

Wait, are there any other standards?
Should I be aware of other standards?

Do I want to be aware?

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Hah sorry about that, yeah it sounds kinda weird right? I guess I’m trying to say the robot is designed to be enticing for fluffies. You know. ‘Bestes colow’ and shit.

Aren’t we all here?

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