The Farm Fluffy part 1 (written by LemonCurds)

Life had become a monotonous blur of grays and I was just about trudging through it all. Wake up, work, come home, sleep, repeat five days a week. The cheery conversations between my coworkers would float around me as I simply smiled and nodded.

It was miserable, but manageable. Until the new top toy flooded the market, a mistake, a unfinished bio toy released to cover up a security mistake. I don’t mind them, hell, I even considered getting one to keep me company, but that never happened. Not when more and more of those whiny blurbs of shit covered fur began flooding the streets.
They were horrible, killing, raping, even eating their own babies! It, it added a whole new level of hell to my life, until I snapped.

I sold everything, quit my job, cut my hair, and bought a farm for cheap, the previous owners had been a old couple that just couldn’t keep up with the work, or so they had said.
So, with the few personal items I had left I moved far away from the city and out to the countryside. It felt like I could truly see the world around me again, the vibrancy of grass, the soothing sounds of birds gently tweeting and twooting.
Everything was wonderful, I felt so light, so, free.

At first it was hard, just figuring everything out, luckily for me the animals were used to people and after some trial and error, and a lot of googling, things were looking great. The two cows were healthy, one recently inseminated and the other a great companion to what I learnt was their own daughter, which was lovely.
The chickens were easy, and the little chicks would sometimes follow me around the farm as I fed the pigs and sheep.
Even if my muscles felt sore at the end of the day, I was happy. Until one day.

“Dis smawty wand now! gib sketties! Dumme hooman!”
How? How was one of those little shits here? How did it find my farm!?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not some weird abuser, I don’t even hate fluffies or wish them harm, but…
It felt as if my world was loosing it’s colour again, the way I felt back in the city flooded inside my mind and I let go. The heavy filled milk pail dropped on top of the fluffys head, crushing it.
Blood covered the ground, flooding out as the things legs twitched and spasmed.
Shit had sprayed out of it’s ass, making a mess that now needed to be cleaned up.

“… This is fine, everythings fine, it was just one poompus little fluff, no-”
“Huu huu, spewshal fwend, hhuuuuu…”

There were more of them.

End of part 1
Okay, so, I’m giving writing a go, hopefully it’ll turn out okay and I’ll probably be writing fairly short parts, just for my own mental health’s sake so, enjoy the first part c:


Take your time writing and do it at your own pace. It’s a very good start and I look forward to see how life on the farm will turn out. :slight_smile:


Oh dear…the poor guy, he wanted to relax himself and out the city but sadly ferals tends to be also roaming the countryside as well :frowning:

Hope to see what happen next, but take your time dont rush things. :+1:


Well, this is Smarty grave now.

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Absolutely a great start, I’m looking forward to see where this goes.

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At least the smarty is dead.
But if more fluffies become a problem, they might as well be grinder into food, or at least be good target practice and stress balls.