The Feral Breeder (2) [By Remarkable_Sue)

King found a feral mare. An Albino fluffy. She’s now his special friend and has a new name, Snowdrop. I will be going with Option 1, but I will only have a single pair. I will need to see how King acts with Snowy. Tomorrow will be a shopping day.

Y/N shuts their journal and puts their pen away. They finish their food after a while and then clean up after. Y/N slips into bed and drifts off into a relaxing slumber.
Snowdrop is grateful to have a new home and a loving mate. She sleeps while feeling protected.
King is happy to have Snowdrop to love and protect. He curled around Snowdrop and slept like a rock.

The next morning, Y/N awoke to their alarm quite early. It was hard for Y/N to get out of bed, but they got up and threw their legs over the edge. They get up and walk to the window. They open the curtains and stand there in the warm sun rays. They wake Y/N up and they look around outside in the fenced back yard.
“What,” Y/N gasped, “Wait!” Y/N just spotted the most pretty feral in their backyard. A Maroon fluffy with a dark mane and the fluffy had white dot patterns on their rump. Their body shape was phenomenal, a cross of royal and shire.
Y/N groaned as they helplessly watched that feral escape under the fence. Y/N takes a deep breath and left the window to get ready for the day.

Y/N has a quick breakfast before getting their fluffies breakfast. Nothing special, just the same thing they had for dinner. Y/N comes knocking on the safe room door. Not a moment later there was a response knocking. Y/N opens the door and enters the dark safe room.
“Morning,” Y/N said.
“Mowning, Y/N! King am hungee!” King claimed.
Y/N closes the door after they enter and they brighten the room a little with the sliding switch. They can see the two happy fluffies waiting patiently. Y/N sets their bowls down and sits with them to watch them eat.

“Yummy! Fank ‘ou, Y/N!” Snowdrop said.
Y/N decides to play with them. Y/N rolls around a small ball back and forth between them and their two fluffies. Y/N’s phone rang in their pocket and they stopped the game.
“I need to go shopping today,” Y/N said.
Y/N points to the box in the corner of the room. “Go use the litter box. We’re going out.”
“Goin’ out!” King gasped, “Yay! King git to gu on caw wide!”
“Caw wide?” Snowdrop asked.
Snowdrop followed after King and he smiled and danced around.
“Big metal ting that takes King and Y/N faw away!” King exclaimed.
“What? Nu weave Snowdwop!” Snowdrop cried.
Snowdrop tightly hugs King who quickly returned the hug.
“No worries, You’re coming too. Hurry up and use the litter box.” Y/N said.
Y/N went to the closet and dragged out a light blue tote box. They rummage through it looking for something.

King and Snowdrop approach Y/N.
“What am Y/N doin’?” Snowdrop asked.
Snowdrop watches Y/N ignore her and continue to rummage through the tote. She quickly sees them throw out a strange blue thing. Snowdrop waits and watches as Y/N takes another white thing.
“Sorry Snowy, I was getting a harness for you and King. Just hold on for a sec while I adjust this old one.” Y/N claimed.
Y/N had an old harness that once belonged to King but was scrapped after King outgrew it. Y/N had to quickly adjust it to be as small as it could be to fit the more petite mare. Once done, Y/N motioned for Snowdrop to come closer. Snowdrop obliged and just patiently watched Y/N as they put the harness on her.
“Hmm,” Y/N tried to fidget with the adjustments but it was at its smallest. “It’s a bit big, but it should do for now.” Y/N sighed.

After getting them both in harnesses and leashes, Y/N took them outside and to the car. Y/N moved the seats to make room for the two to lay on the floor. While doing so, they watched King trying to help Snowdrop into the car. Poor girl has her eyes shut tightly again.
“Go ahead, King. Get in.” Y/N said.
King looks up to Y/N and got into the car and waited. Y/N picked up the mare and sat her down next to King. She hides her face under his chin again and whimpers.
“Bwite sun huwt Snowdwop see pwace’s.” Snowdrop mumbled.

Y/N closed their door and looked around their neighborhood. Their mind went back to that pretty looking fluffy. But, that’ll have to come later.

Y/N drove from their suburban home towards the bustling city. They drove to the Super FluffyMart and parked. They took King and Snowdrop inside to get items Y/N needed.

Fluffy Sunglass goggles - $15
Small Fluffy Harness - $5
Fluffy Kibble - $46
Collar - $4

Total, $70

“Okay, that should be it,” Y/N mumbled.
Y/N has everything in a large cart while also walking their fluffs. Y/N suddenly felt a tug on the second leash. Y/N stops and sees Snowdrop pulling against the leash.
“Snowy?” Y/N said.
Y/N takes a few steps back and Snowdrop walks to a cage. She’s now close enough to tap on the plastic screen on a caged feral mare.
“Sissy!” Snowdrop cried.
Y/N approaches and looks at Snowdrop. Her eyes are tightly shut, but her nose moves frequently. She smells her sister. Y/N glances to the cage Snowdrop was tapping on.

A frightened mare is pressing against the cage just as Y/N got close to their screen. She’s small, smaller than Snowdrop. But, she must be an adult if Snowdrop can recognize her. She’s fully black, opposite of Snowdrop.
‘Melanism? Or crappy genes?’ Y/N thought.
“Y/N, pwease, dis am Snowdwop’s sissy! Wan sissy!” Snowdrop begged.
Y/N looked at Snowdrops’ sisters’ price before making a decision.

Micro, Curly Mane,
All black
Price $35

‘She’s only 5 dollars over my budget. I do have my club card, it takes off 5%. Add her and I will pay… 99.75. But… I didn’t exactly come here for more fluffs… Hmm… Snowy really wants her sister. So…’

What will you say to Snowdrop?
  • Sure, let’s take her.
  • Sorry, but no.

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// Authors Note! I’m still a novice writer and I’m testing out how I write so sorry if it looks different than my past works. I’m also testing it on the rest of my projects.


Ms.Sue, as your user name describes, your stories are remarkable and I find myself enjoying everyone I read. I just felt like expressing how much I like your stories.


The story is really good for a novice writer. Love it. Keep up the good work


Love your stories, keep writing I think you have real talent.