The Final Fall of a Tyrant [Ch.13] [By Biorb_McBiorb]

Xerxes’s eyes were filled with tears, while his expression was stone faced, he was in fact horrible pain.

But he didn’t let Clint enjoy the process… Not even a bit. The tears were involuntary and the redness in his eyes were a mix of anger and sadness… The tears were just something he couldn’t help.

Cling dangled the last leg Xerxes had in front of him, holding it by the bone, and playfully kicking Xerxes in the face with it. “So… Ready to ‘wan-die’ yet?” Clint asked, tossing the leg in a red bio-waste bin.

“Nu. Xewxes nee’ tu kiww 'ou fiwst.” Xerxes said, looking into the bin to see Dusk’s dead body covered in his severed limbs.

“Buddy, I don’t think you really get what’s going to happen here. I’ve taken Dusk, I’ve taken your legs, you baby-batter, fuckin-a man, I even took your kids from you! You have nothing left.” Clint said, setting the hacksaw back onto it’s place on the wall, along with Smarty-Smasher and Sherri.

“Nod twue… Cwint nu ged Potema… Potema wiww cum back… Wiww avenge Xewxes an’ Dusk, wiww ged wevenge fow bwuddas… Potema am bwave Fiwwy ob Xewxes!” Xerxes proclaimed. While his eyes were still watery, his face was stained with anger, yet plastered with a smile, having full confidence in his only Daughter.

“Revenge? For what? Your boys are safe!” Clint said, coming back to the now Pillowed Xerxes. “W-wha’?! D-dey nu gu fowebah-sweepies yed?”

“No. Agis is going to live here, and be Snowflake’s Special-Friend, and Ragnarok is with Leonidas’s Owner.” Clint explained, The explanation seemingly caused Xerxes to smile, his grin was wide and wicked as he know knew his children were safe. “DEN ‘OU HAB TU WOWWY ABOU’ THWEE FWUFFY’S WEVENGE DUMMEH!” Xerxes began to laugh, completely believing his children, three wean-lings, would be able to kill, let alone hurt, Clint in any way possible.

“Wow… Dude, Xerxes… You are, by far, the dumbest fucking Fluffy I have ever met.” The insult threw Xerxes out of his laughing fit and into one of confusion.

“I mean, really Xerxes, you think a fluffy, let alone three, can ever harm me? They’re not even adults yet! And by the time they grow up, they’ll be happy, and healthy, well, besides Potema… The point is Xerxes… Your idea of your kids coming to avenge you, or to try and get revenge on me for everything I did to you and Dusk, is impossible. Because…” Clint continued seeing the gears click in Xerxes’s mind.

“By the time they’re adults… they will forget about you. And they will love us, more than they ever loved you…” Clint whispered into Xerxes’s ear.

Xerxes thrashed about, trying to hit Clint with his head, calling him a Dummy, and how he was going to kill Clint some day… Clint sighed and looked at the stupid golden, fat-fuck of a Fluffy and smiled…

Time for the fun part.

Clint threw the fat fuck into a Sorry-Box container, which was just a carrier that Clint painted black and soundproofed, filling the walls with leftover foam pads from the Safe-Room’s repairs.

Clint opened the Garage door and dragged the now heavy-as-fuck container outside, tossing him into the back of his truck.

Clint noticed his neighborhood was pretty active today… Clint waved to Ms. Lian, who was outside, tending to her garden, close behind her was Emmy, happily playing with a ball in the yard a bit of ways behind her.

As Clint got into his Truck he noticed Lexi’s father staring daggers at him thru the house’s living-room window, clearly still mad at him for what happened to Lexi. Clint smiled, flipping him off as he drove away.

Clint drove for quite a white, seeing familiar sights, even stopping by the Out-N’-In where he left Napoleon at, meeting Ice and his herd, sadly with no sign of them nearby. As Clint continued driving, he saw the familiar hilly park he had left Pedo to die at…

He still remembered seeing the Mountain Lions ripping him apart, seeing the scared and horrified face on the Shiny fucker…

“Good times…”

Clint thought about it. Reliving his first, but remembering his original plan… A real end, one that would be fitting for a great king, such as Xerxes was named after.

Clint wanted this to be special, knowing everything was coming to an end, Clint did some research… Learning about ancient kings and their favored torture methods, and forms of execution…

Clint parked his car, getting out to wizz as his drive was going to be a long one, having to leave the state for this was a fun trip for him. Since Donna didn’t work today, she volunteered to stay and take care of the Fluffies. The Stores didn’t need him today, and the Mill was already well staffed…

Clint gave two shakes, and got back into his car.

Clint turned his key, and plugged in his aux cable, turning on one of the Internets greatest songs, happily singing along to it as he drove into Arizona… Were Fluffy Killing was practically a sport…

Xerxes was still submerged in darkness and silenced to all outside, was… Well… He was praying… Well, to be fair…

God was not in this carrier.

Xerxes bowed his head and began to chant, the same chant he had used to gain the power he had held before… A power he needed now, in order to take revenge on Clint.

Ade due dambawwa. Bawinchewwa santewia. Oya shungo yenya macumba. Gib fwuffy dah powew, fwuffy beg of 'ou.” Xerxes chanted. Xerxes’s Black eyes stared into the blackened walls of the Carrier, immediately noticing darkness to seemingly grow larger and larger as Xerxes continued the chant.

Webeau mewciah du bois chio. Secoise entienne mais pois de mowte. Mowteisme wieu de bocuiah de mieu bochette. Endewieu pouw de boisette dambawwa!” As Xerxes finished the chant, the lines of light that stretched out across the seams of the box blackened, throwing the Smarty into pitch-darkness.

Xerxes waited for a moment until he felt a singeing heat blast across his face, the feeling of evil and fire caused the Smarty to recoil in natural fear.

“Que voulez-vous de la vermine? Je t’ai abandonné! Rappelles toi?”

Xerxes heard the voice and lowered his head. “P-pwease m-mighty D-Dembawwa! P-pwease gib fwuffy da p-powah tu kiww da Hooman Cwint.” As Xerxes made his plea, he felt is mind began to spin an his fluff go damp with sweat. Fear was overtaking the Smarty… Something he was not used to.

“Ha! Espèce de petite merde! Tu penses vraiment que je te donnerais JAMAIS une autre chance? Tu es un imbécile, et tu mourras comme tel…”

Xerxes wanted to argue back, but the feeling of heat washed away, feeling his Patron’s presence leave his dark prison…

“Oh Fwuff it…”

Xerxes felt his weight shift suddenly, the shift caused him and the carrier to hit the wall of the truck suddenly and painfully.

Xerxes heard the engine flick off, and a door open… The Smarty heard a hummed tune, the same one he hummed when Clint came into the Sorry-Room to kill Dusk and Him. Finally the humming stopped, only for Xerxes to hear another loud THUD…

“End of the line Xerx…”

“Oh Fwuff…”

Clint picked up the carrier and made his way over to the edge of the pond. It wasn’t some mighty river, or even a small lake. It was some shitty ass pond in the middle of nowhere… No grand battlefield, nor some might castle…

A dirty, rank Pond…

the perfect stage for Xerxes.

Clint opened the door to the carrier, and tipped it, causing Xerxes to slide out like Spam sliding out of it’s can. Xerxes hit something hard, something that smelled strange, like Plastic…

Xerxes was still dazed from the trip and not having his eyes fully adjusted to the light outside was not doing him any favors. It wasn’t until Clint set down a bowl of sweet smelling liquid did Xerxes’s eyes adjust.


Xerxes looked down at the bowl in front of him to see what looked like milk… It had a light yellow-ish tint to it, but it smelled like milk… It smelled delicious…

“W-whewe… Whewe awe we?” Xerxes asked, looking around. Clint didn’t answer, instead, Grabbing the bowl and forcing Xerxes’s head towards him.


Xerxes at first resisted, but the sweet smelling milk caused his mouth to salivate. He hadn’t eaten all day, and was getting to the point where Fluffy would eat a foal if they had to.

Xerxes drank the liquid, now being set down in front of him. Leaving Xerxes to his Honey-Milk, Clint made his way back to the truck, grabbing a cooler. Opening up the cooler showed five milk jugs, all labeled with tape.

Honey-Milk was written in red along the milk cartons…

Clint grinned, taking the whole cooler out of the truck and setting it down next to Xerxes, who was too busy with his current bowl to care about the cooler, or Clint.

Clint waited for Xerxes to finish his bowl before taking the bowl and offering a jug. "Nu can dwink M-miwkies, 'mebah? “ou took weggies 'way.” Xerxes said, wiggling the now cauterized stumps where his legs were at.

“Fair point.” Clint said coldly. Gripping Xerxes’s muzzle, opening it wide with one hand, and twisting the cap off the presented jug with the other. Xerxes began to struggle,only to see Clint putting the open end of the jug into his mouth.

“Just a heads up, if you don’t drink it you’re gonna die…”

“Get chugging Shitrat…”

Xerxes felt his head go light, feeling absolutely sick, almost to the point of throwing up. It felt like a forever since he had his mouth free from this cold plastic Milkie-Place…

He had in fact chugged the gallon, spilling quite a bit into the small boat that Xerxes sat in. The milk was ice cold, far too cold to chug and far too cold to just simply sit in. Xerxes felt his golden, peach-fuzz, like Fluff go damp…

“C-can X-xewxes g-ged out of c-cowd m-miwkies?” Xerxes asked, seeing Clint open another jug and simply pouring it into the boat, Chilling Xerxes further.

“Nah see, this is your punishment…” Clint said, turning over a second jug with his free hand. “See, I found out something interesting Xerxes… Your name… Specifically your name’s origin.” Clint explained watching the Smarty-Pillow shiver.

“W-w-wha’ c-c-cw-int t-t-awkin’ b-bout?”

“Well, you were named after a King, Xerxes the Great. He was a… ‘Smarty’ over a land called Persia. And since, you were named after a Persian King, I wanted your end to be Persian themed.” Clint explained.

“See, this punishment is called Scaphism. Basically, I feed you Milk mixed with Honey, until you cant drink anymore. Then, I pour out more Honey-Milk into this boat here, strap you in it, and leave you to float in the pond over there.”

“D-d-dat n-nu s-sound su b-b-b-bad” Xerxes stuttered out.

“Oh, well trust me buddy… It’s gonna get worse… See the Honey-Milk will be the only thing you drink! This is it, until you die, which sounds fun, but just wait… Wait until you have to shit and take a piss… You’ll be drinking Honey-Milk mixed with your own shit and urine… And see, Milk spoils in the sun… And…-” Clint said, directing his now free hand to the sky. “It’s a lovely sunny day out… Soon, the milk will spoil, mixed with your own excrement…”

Xerxes looked at the milk mixture he was now soaked in and began to shiver, harder now out of fear, rather than cold.

“Then… The bugs come… See they love sweet things… Almost as much as they love smelly awful things… Like Honey-Milk mixed with shit and piss! They’ll drink it and then find out that you taste just like that horrid mixture! Probably even better! Then they’ll eat you… Slowly… Just little nibbles, festering on your legs-stumps as you slowly die to to heat, and bile, and all this corrosive mixture you now sit in… And god forbid you get hungry, because all that shit, piss, vomit mixed Honey-Milk… Will be the only thing you can eat…”

Xerxes’s eyes went wide staring in absolute fear… Seeing Clint not for what he looked like, but for what he was…

A Munsta…

Clint finished topping off the small kiddie-boat and began to strap Xerxes down onto the floor. Clint smiled as he stretched Duck-Tape over the sides of Xerxes, watching his thrashing turn to light squirming in a matter of moments…

“Oh, and Xerxes?” Clint said, setting the Duck-Tape down and getting close to Xerxes’s face.

“Eat well… Because this-” Clint says, as he grips the side of the boat rocking it. “-is your last meat.”

“X-x-xewxes nu a-a-am afw-w-w-waid… Wiww g-g-ed ou’ ob dis ting… W-w-wiww waise a-awmies! Mowe F-f-fwuffies den ‘ou ebah see in fowebah’ fowebahs…” Xerxes spat into Clint’s face, resulting in Clint chucking a bit.

“Gross…-” Clint said, wiping the spite out of his face. “-But not even half as gross as what your gonna be eating, breathing, and dying in… Goodbye Xerxes… King of Fluffies… pfft, what a title… Shame no one’s gonna remember it…”

Xerxes yelled, screamed, and begged as his boat was pushed into the water. Clint simply watched, and smiled, seeing the kiddie-boat drift slowly across the pond, stopping a few inches away from what seemed to be the center.

Clint moved back to his truck and hopped onto the bed of it, sitting back and watching the screams come from the milk-filled boat…

Clint looked up to the sky for a moment, simply taking in the nice day…

“Maybe Gloria would want to manage the store… Raju? Nah he’s a wuss… definitely not Anne… Maybe Lucas… Might be good to have a Hugboxer and a Abuser in charge… Two side of the same coin, or whatever…” Clint grabbed another cooler, opening it up and grabbing a BLT Donna made for his little Road-Trip…

Taking a bite, Clint watched as Xerxes’s mighty Naval Vessel rocked a bit, only to stop. Hearing the siren like screams of ‘NU WAN POOPIES! AM XEWXES! AM GWEATES’ SMAWTY EBAH!’ Washed over Clint as he cracked open a beer and scooted back to the end of the end of the Bed and watched happily.

Xerxes was slowly peeling away back to his entitled god-king self… Dusk was gone, So was Potema… And Agis and Ragnarok were sitting pretty in their own homes…

All that change… All that potential… All of that love and care… Wasted… Just for a Mare’s head to split like a flower,for a Daughter to fend for herself, and for a Father, to die like a King…

‘God… What a way to stretch this itch out…’ Clint thought tossing his beer back, taking a moment to enjoy the fact that Xerxes had just shat in his boat, causing the milk to take a brown and green-ish color…

“God… I love Fluffies…”

[Props to the person who figures out where the chant is from, lol]

[[ Also, bit of a spoiler, the next two chapters are the end of this crossover story, want to reiterate again, thanks so much to @Motowhed for letting me REALLY stretch out this abuse story, i really wanted to try and push this back to my birthday on the 24th, but i feel im stretching it out a bit too long, lol ]]



Perfect fucking way to end this prick. Absolutely disgusting but fitting for this fallen “king”

This has been a rollercoaster series, nothing what I expected when you took in Xerxes and the narrative swerves have been interesting to follow. But they all serve to make Xerxes’ final moments that much more painful, give him everything he didn’t know he wanted, give him a family, love, contentment.

And fucking tear it from him.

There can be no true despair without hope, and seeing Xerxes realise his hopes of vengeance were for naught was beautiful. A Fucking Plus dude


I’ve never actually seen that movie series, but this was a nice touch. Correcting fluffspeak in French was also a fun little exercise.


Doesnt even deserve a proper annihilation from a sledgehammer


The only one who can get the Damballa chant to work is Charles Lee Ray and we all know how THAT turned out



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Love me a good scaphism :clinking_glasses:

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I wonder how long Clint is going to wait there, this can be a VERY long process.

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it’s all fun and games till xerxes gets reincarnated as a puddle or a mosquito to slightly inconvenience clint’s day

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Held off until i could enjoy this and take time to read. And honestly: Its like the ending of a fucked up Twilight Zone episode. I mean that in the best way. You dont realize theres this tension thats built up and just when you think “Clints gonna snap and just pummel him” things slow to a simmer and then…

The trap sprang, the realization hits, and theres nothing you can do to keep your mind from filling in the blanks as Clint sits back and theres that gut twist of real horror.

@Biorb_Biorb when this started i was expecting like 2 maybe 3 chapters. But 13 slow burn, psych warfare, Cronenberg body horror chapters? You are the MAN! Very very well done!