The Final Fall of a Tyrant [Ch.3] [By Biorb_McBiorb]

Clint gently took Candy and set her on the cold metal table. As soon as she was set down, Candy cried out in pained huffs “TUU COWD! T-TUU COWD FOW BABBEHS!” Clint huffed right back, stepping away to grab a worn towel from a box labeled ‘donations’. Moving Candy onto the towel gifted Clint a calmed down Soon-Mummah, excited to bring new foals into the world.

Clint was just happy he got to do this in front of Xerxes… To show him what would befall him soon enough.

Cobalt watched from his clear plastic prison as Candy pushed hard, straining each time. “Come on Candy… You want to be a good mother right?! Then get those foals out of their!” Clint yelled, half of him supporting the Mare, and the other half of him just wanted the mare to tire herself out. “W-WAN B-BE GUUD-MU-MUMMAGHHH!” Candy replied, feeling something slip outta her.

Clint focused on Candy, leaving whatever foal was on the towel to peep in distress. “Peep! peep! peep!”

“B-ba-babbeh? M-mummah wan BaaaaAAAAAAAAAAGHHHH!!!” Candy tried to say, pushing another out of her… Then another, and another… Candy pushed out at least 8 foals this time. Smaller than her other batch, but still large by Fluffy standards.

Clint looked over the foals and smiled. Something that was a tad unnatural in the Sorry-Room, as smiles usually indicated to Clint enjoying some form of abuse. Looking over the Foals, Clint couldn’t help but get happy. Foals were Clint’s favorite after all. Clint felt his heart strings pull each and every time he looked over a new Fluffy.

A Shiny Blue Alicorn. A Metallic Bronze colored Pegasus. A dual coated Earthie, with it’s head and forelegs being a Bright Yellow and it’s hind-legs and tush a Deep Purple. A set of twin Unicorns, both a Metallic Navy Blue, and both having small pink nubs on their little heads. Two shiny White foals, one a Pegasus, the other an Earthie.

And finally… A second Dual Coated Earthie…

Brown on his head and Fore-legs, and Black on his hind-legs and tush…

Clint cleaned off the foals gently with some wet wipes he had in his pocket, which seems strange for a normal human being to have on hand in his own house, but these were Fluffies, and somehow, someway, they would get dirty.

After the foals were clean, Clint gently placed each and every one of them into a small tupperware container and left Candy and Cobalt on the table, both to their dismay.

As Xerxes watched he became more and more confused. ‘Why would he take away such good babies? The poopie one yeah, but the rest were somewhat pretty! Did this dummeh actually like dummeh Babies?!’

As if to answer Xerxes’s internal question, Clint came back empty handed…

Cobalt grew more and more confused, angry even. “WHEWE BABBEHS GU NU-DADDEH! WHEWE!” He asked, trying to knock over the plastic bin he was still in. “They are getting the BEST milkies ever, something that your Special-Friend could never do for them!” Clint explained, causing Cobalt to get angrier.

In truth, they were with their older Brother Hero, and their older sister Flower, all being taken care of and fed thanks to the help of Jolene and the Babbeh-Feeding station… But Cobalt and Candy didn’t need to know that.

Instead, Clint plucked Cobalt out and began to rub him over Candy’s backside. “Go on… Again…”

Cobalt immediately realized what Clint was telling him to do, his eyes now beginning to water up. Candy was simply to tired to really care, having stained oh so much…

Cobalt shook around violently trying to free himself from Clint’s grasp. Clint simply took in a deep breath…

“If you don’t… I’ll make Xerxes fuck her.” Clint said calmly. Xerxes’s eyes widened in horror at the idea of more special-huggies, his member just barley ready for use again…

Cobalt ‘stood’ defiantly, puffing his cheeks up. “NU! NU WAN, NU MOWE SPESHUW-HUGGIES! NU FWOM COBAWT, AN NU FWOM DUMMEH XEWXES!!!” Cobalt bellowed…

“Well… I warned ya!” Clint said, tossing Cobalt into the Plastic Bin, and grabbing Candy by her scruff. Candy was rattled awake as the pain started to warm up in her neck. “SCREEEEEEEE! HEWP! SABE SPESHUW-FWEND! WITE NAO!” Candy ordered, still slightly tired.

Cobalt was helpless to watch as Clint tossed Candy onto the floor in front of Xerxes. Clint went over and unbound Xerxes from the Enfie-Leg-Board. Xerxes was almost happy, but as soon as he realized he could try and run away, Clint sucker-punched him.

Xerxes fell to his side hard. Clint, his knuckle now bloodied, smiled, this time a wicked, pain dealing smile that made Candy’s spine crawl.

“Xerxes… Fuck her.” Was all Clint said. Xerxes, still on his side looked over to Candy and saw her crying. Before Xerxes could tell Clint no, He was stuck again, Clint’s hand bashing the Smarty’s nose, Clint’s knuckle now even more bloodied.

“If you don’t, and Cobalt wont, i will rip her in half, and make you eat her…” Clint said coldly. Xerxes, not keen on cannibalism, lowered his head down and made his way over to Candy. Candy screamed in bloody murder as she felt the strange deformed member of Xerxes. The bad-Special-Huggies was one pain, one she never felt before. But the worst pain was her special friend Cobalt, who just watched… Watched as HIS Special-Friend was having Special-Huggies with another Stallion- a MEANIE Fluffy… Not even moments after their new Babies are born…

“MUSNTA! MUSNTA! WET CANDY BACK HEWE! P-PWEASE! PWEASE! WIWW GIB SPESHUW-HUGGIES! WIWW GIB!” Cobalt begged, wiggling up to the wall of his Container, tears streaming down his eyes as Candy begged for Cobalt to save her.

With every thrust Xerxes felt the sensitive pain wave over his senses, each hump was sharp, uncaring pain that spread over his entire body. Xerxes cried as he did what he was told, not wanting to get punched by Clint again…

Clint stood there, his face cold, emotionless. What once was a creeping smile was not an indifferent relaxed facade. Under the mask of uncaring rage, Clint was ecstatic, what once was torture was not an experiment…

Will Xerxes’s kids also have fucked up dicks too?

The thought made Clint want to burst out laughing, but, to keep his composure, he just breathed out of his nose, still trying to keep his uncaring mask up.

After a few more moments of pained Fluffy-lovemaking, Xerxes finished. Candy was a sobbing mess, as the mean stallion had done the unimaginable to her. Cobalt was now speechless, his eyes watery and his mouth just hanging open in disbelief.

Xerxes, moved away from Candy, just trying to get some kind of rest, uncaring about how the dumb legless mare and her dumb special-friend felt about the act of adult-fluffery.

Clint roughly dragged Xerxes back to the Enfie-Leg-Board. Strapping him back into the horrid contraption. Once re-mounted, Clint picked up Candy and set her gently into the plastic bin, finally looking at Cobalt.

“I warned you.”

Clint set the bin back on the shelf, strapping it down with two bungee cords, making sure the two didn’t try to kill each other by nudging the carrier off of the shelf. Sadly, that wasn’t the case, as Cobalt had quickly waddled over to Candy and began crying with her, seemingly forgiving each other for the absolutely horrid act that befell the two.

Clint felt… Well honestly now he felt a bit melancholy about the-… Never mind, the feeling was gone.

Clint refilled toe Mega-Mummah Chow and waited a moment or two before letting Xerxes get back to it…

Clint smiled, locking the Sorry-Room door. He needed to make sure those beautiful babies were going to be okay!

Hope they were ready for the long haul…

2 Days Later…

Clint and Donna sat with the Fluffies, a sad feeling wafting into the room. Candy had three generations of Foals in the house at the moment. Hero and Flower, The Chirpy Foals who survived the bath, now the newest foals…

Sadly, three of the newer foals had passed in their sleep… smothered by accident… Flower had rolled over with three of her siblings on her back… Metallic Bronze, the dual coated Purple and Yellow Earthie, and one of the Monochrome White twins…

But… That wasn’t the only passing…

See, the nestings in Clint’s Saferoom were on raised platforms, not high enough to jump off in a suicidal episode… But after watching the Security footage, Clint saw that after finding out about the Dead Foals, Flower silently panicked and ran over to the farthest nest possible. The nest that overlooked the Water bowls…

She aimed for the hard metal Water bowls… So not only did she dive into shallow waters, head first… She suffocated in what little water was left after the splash…

Hero was distraught, the Chirpy Foals, now ‘Widdwe-Tawkie Babbehs’ had to deal with their Sister’s demise while the Chirpy foals would never meet her, or resent her for their siblings deaths…

Clint held onto Hero lovingly, hoping the small hug was making him feel better… Donna was on the floor with the ‘WIddwe-Tawkie Babbehs’ making sure they were thoroughly distracted from the loss while the rest of the Herd were somberly playing, some able to get their minds off of the death quickly, some blaming themselves for loss…

Kahlua was the one who took it the worst. She had practically mentored her in the Care-Fluffy works, showing her how best to lay on a bed, showing her how to carry the most foals in one trip, the works… And now she was gone… Crush simply comforts the poor Mare along with their children.

Clint gave Hero a quick squeeze and set him down with the Chirpy Foals. “Donna you gonna be alright by yourself for a bit? Xerxes is finally getting unlatched and now I gotta go tell Candy and Cobalt four of theirs are gone now.”

“Sure Sug… Hey, i think we should give ‘ames-nay’ to the talkin foals soon…” Donna said as she rolled a soft stress ball over to the foals.

“Yeah… Bout that time huh? We’ll think of something good for em… See ya in a bit.” Clint said getting up from the couch. Clint looked over to Oingo and Gwen who were watching Hero somberly…

Clint passed the thought out of his mind and made his way to the Sorry-Room.

Clint had miled Xerxes for three straight days, filling three-and-a-half jugs of spooge from the fucker. As Clint entered the Sorry-Room he began to see a mixed sight. partly funny, partly sad.

Xerxes was fat, three days straight of the Mega-Mummah Fluffy Chow had put quite a few pounds onto the Smarty. Xerxes’s eyes were practically hollow, his muzzle in a constant frown and his pecker was broken and mashed beyond repair.

Candy was beginning to plump up both in weight and in pregnancy, as Clint had given her a few extra scoops of the Mega-Mummah chow as well. Cobalt was the strangest turn around, as he had 24-7 stared daggers at Xerxes, calling hims all sorts of names, the worst of the worst to a Fluffy which only added insult to injury for Xerxes.

Clint unfastened the jiggly limbs of Xerxes, even removing the pump of the milker as well. As Clint had removed the Feeding tube, he heard the shrill and desperate ‘fank ou’s’ of Xerxes as he was dragged back to his Cage, which was now even smaller.

Clint smiled as he bent down to Xerxes, his mind racing with more possibilities. “You know what Xerxes… You’ve done such a good job! I think you deserve a reward…” Clint said, petting the fat and exhausted Smarty.

“N-… Nu m-mowe… Huwt-huwties? W-weawwy?” Xerxes somberly beamed. His hollow eyes regaining some vigor behind them.

“Yeah! You must have felt lonely in here by yourself… SO how about i get you a Special-Friend!” Clint announced, all to Candy and Cobalt’s anger. Xerxes was shivering at the idea of having to give more Special Huggies but was calmed by another series of head scratches. “And don’t you worry! You wont even need to give Special-Hugs with this special friend! See that Metal-Monster sucked up all the baby stuff from inside you, so i can use it to give pretty babies to good, special mares!” Clint explained.

Xerxes was far to tired to try and understand what the Metal-Monster had to do with babies, but he was just happy and content to not have to give more huggies…

“O-… Otay… F-fank 'ou…” Xexes squeaked out before dropping his head down due to exhaustion.

Clint’s smile faded as he made his way over to Cobalt and Candy, both were now shivering as Clint approached. “Don’t worry… I’m not here to hurt you…intentionally.” Clint began.

“See… Three of your chirpy-babies… They went forever-sleepies last night… And Flower… Well she felt so sad that she gave herself Forev-” Clint tried to explain, only to be interrupted by Cobalt. “Nu. Nu am twue… Hoomin jus’ sayin meanie tings tu ged Candy an’ Cobawt to habe wowstes’ heawt huwties…”

“Well… Take it or leave it. Three of your chirpie-babies are dead, and so is Flower. As her Mom and Dad, I figured you both deserve to know.” Clint said before finally leaving the Sorry-Room.

As Clint closed the door, he heard the wails of Cobalt and Candy, both mourning the loss. Clint felt bad about pillowing Cobalt… Candy? No, Cobalt was actually trying to be a good Special-Friend…

Well, whatever he thought was unimportant.

As Clint made his way back to the Living-Room, he noticed Oingo making his way over to him. Oingo did the ‘Upsie-Pose’ which made Clint smile. Even for how big Oingo was, he still felt like a little foal.

Picking Oingo up was a bit more of a challenge for Clint now, but he was still limber enough to do it without getting on a knee. Once Oingo was up, he surprised Clint with question.

“Daddeh… Can Oingo an Speshuw-Fwend Gwen make Hewo ouw Babbeh?” Oingo asked, a simple smile on his face.

“You… You mean you both want to adopt him? Be his new Mom and Dad?” As Clint finished asking, he got a simple nod in return. “well… You’d have to ask Hero first. And remember, you got kids coming along the way…”

Oingo simply hugged Clint and nodded again. “Oingo know Daddeh… jus’ feew su sad fow babbeh Hewo… Nu wan take Hewo away fwom famiwy, buh nu wan Hewo tu keep habin wowstes’ heawt huwties…” Oingo explained.

Without hesitation, Clint set Oingo down near Hero and his siblings leaving them to… Try and talk this over.

Oingo happily waddled over to Hero, who was playing ball with his talking siblings. “Hewwo Hewo!” Oingo said happily, surprise hugging Hero. “Hehe… Hewwo Oingo… How awe 'ou?” Hero responded somberly.

“Weww… Oingo an Speshuw-Fwend Gwen wan ask 'ou sumtin vewy impowtant. Wiww Hewo come wiff?” Oingo asked. With a quick look back at Jolene, who was playing with the foals, he nodded, following close behind the large Fluffy. While initially nervous, his tension began to waver as Gwendolyn cheerfully smiled at the small Colt.

Finally, as Oingo sat quaintly next to Gwen, he waited until Hero had gotten close enough and sat down himself.

“Hewo… Oingo an’ Gwen been tinkin’ dat… ‘Ou nee’ a Mummah an’ Daddeh…” Gwendolyn started. “Speshuw-Fwend am wite. Hewo am guud babbeh, am guud bwuddah tu widdwe chiwpy an’ tawky sibwins…” Oingo continued. While Hero felt pretty good about being called a good Fluffy, he was still confused about what Oingo and Gwen wanted.

“Nu wan’ steaw Hewo ‘way fwom sissys an’ bwuddahs, buh onwy tink Oingo an’ Gwen can take cawe ob One extwa babbeh…” Hero’s little mind began to connect two and two together, very slowly, as Gwendolyn continued talking.

“Buh Oingo an Gwen wan’ ask Hewo ib Oingo an’ Gwen can be nyu-… Nyu Mummah an’ Daddeh…” Gwen finished. As the idea was laid before Hero his eyes began to widen.

“Fwend Oingo… A-an’ Fwend G-gwen w-wan be nyu Mummah an D-daddeh?!” Hero shouted. Both Oingo and Gwen nodded in response. Almost immediately, Hero ran over to Gwen and Oingo hugging them tightly. “Nyu Mummah an’ Daddeh… Bestes’ P-pawe-pawents ebah… eben bettah den owd meanie-munsta mummah an’ daddeh…” As Hero finished the Hug, Oingo picked up Hero and placed him on his back, the two began to run around and play while Gwen watched happily.

Donna and Clint were hiding in the hallway, trying not to cry as they watched the happy adopted family play and enjoy their company.

While it was still a sad day, a small beam of joy filled the room, as Oingo and Gwen had their very first son…

Hopefully, this beam of joy would spread it’s light over to the Sorry-Room…


Candy and Cobalt’s melancholic reaction to Clint’s abuse is intriguing, they still deserve punishment but it’s clear their toxic codependency keeps them sane.

Xerxes still deserves worse, hopefully his new special friend is Oingo letting off some steam.

Shame about Flower and the chirpies, but hopefully a learning experience for Clint about placement


BFM, ima be real with you, When i got Xerxes from Motowhead, he specifically said “I mean its gotta be enough to make BFM101 cream his jeans.”

And good sir i intend on making that a reality.


Well it seems Xerxes is creaming enough for both of us



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Another great entry man. Its easy to get caught up in the torture and forget “life goes on”. The juxtaposition of Xerxes getting his justice and then “real life” is jarring but its also flat out good writing. Shit happens. Not all of it goo but that life.

Now, just gotta get Hero solidly over his bestest baby nae-nae tendencies and into playing pushies…

Oh shit story idea. Message you in a bit.

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Now im curious what “special friend” Clint have for Xerxes :thinking:

Glad hero got a new daddeh and mummah.