The Final Fall of a Tyrant [Ch.5] [By Biorb_McBiorb]

Clint threw Cobalt haphazardly at the wall, a loud CRACK followed by a resounding thud was heard as Cobalt hit the metal table hard. The pained stallion gasped in harsh breaths, as he felt his side ache in pain.

Clint looked down at the Golden Unicorn and sighed, unhappily. “I’ll be right back…” He said, his tone now calm and uncaring. With Cobalt’s Golden bastard in tow, Clint made his way from the Sorry-Room into the Safe-Room.

Cline gently rested the foal down next to the other foals from Candy’s two litters. The smaller Walking-Talking foals all excited to meet their new sibling, and immediately begin to worry as he had small boo-boos all over him. Clint explained that he was a good baby, who’s daddeh didn’t love him, which made the other smaller foals sad. But Clint reassured them, by instructing them to give the litte guy as much love as they can, and some good milkies. To which, the foals all gathered together to hug the small golden boy and make their way over to the Babbeh-Feeder.

Clint, once satisfied with the foals dedication to their new sibling, dropped the smile and left the Safe-Room.

Clint marched back into the Sorry-Room, ignoring Xerxes, who was standing between Clint and Dusk. Their foals on her back, all startled due to the sounds Clint was making as he stormed in.

As Clint looked down at the squirming, pained Cobalt, he felt his anger begin to show. Clint grabbed a set of pliers from a nearby shelf, and quickly began going to work.

Clint held Cobalt’s mouth open, all to the scared Fluffy’s behest. Silently, Clint started placing the pliers onto one of the stallion’s teeth.

Cobalt watched in horror as the strange metal things went closer and closer into his mouth, only to feel the strange rigged metal clamps rest tightly on one of his molars.

Clint angled the pliers to make Cobalt look at him, tears in his eyes, the Stallion began to buckle and cry, trying to beg in garbled Fluffy-Speak.

Clint didn’t care. He didn’t even mind the noise. And as the Stallion finally stopped to take a breath from his horror-filled pleading. Clint tightened the Pliers down and slowly began to pull, eliciting a sorrow and pain-filled wail that echoed thru the room, causing both the foals of Candy and Dusk to begin to peep hysterically, believing the pained cries to be something that was intent on hurting them.

Xerxes and Dusk nuzzled closely to their foals, calming them down it heart-felt 'wub ‘ou’s’ and ‘nu sad wawa babbehs’. Candy nuzzled closely to the foals, trying to comfort them, unable to hug them as they peeped in horror, Candy kept forgetting she had no legs at times, for she would only think of happier thoughts, and Fluffies are dumb as hell, and would regularly forget things if they had the correct amount of stimuli. This was a time where she remembered she was unable to hug her crying foals, and she too, began to cry hard.

“A-am w-wuwstes’ mum-mummah… Ebbah…” She sighed, as tears streamed down the matted and damp fluff around her Muzzle. As Candy cried, Cobalt screamed harder.

What felt like an eternity of pain to Cobalt, was slowly over in a matter of seconds. With a final snap, the Molar was free, and a empty space had taken residence in Cobalt’s mouth.

“SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEE-EE-eeeeeeeeeee… N-nu m-mowe toofies?” he said, quizzically rubbing the empty spot where his tooth once was with his tongue. Only to quickly realize the adrenaline of the impromptu game of ‘Lets-Be-Dentist’ was fading away from Cobalt, causing the sensitive gums to flare up in pain.

Clint decided to take the rest of his annoying little teeth at that moment…

Each tooth pulled was as worst as the last, behind each pull was a burning sharp pain that seared thru the small chimera’s mind… It wasn’t until the fourth or fifth tooth that Cobalt passed out due to shock…

Running? Cobalt was… He was running!!!

Cobalt ran happily along with Candy, a herd of their large family behind them… Cobalt ordered a happy charge as they ran atop a grass-filled plain, only for it to slowly transform into a sketti-wonderland!

The grass wiggled into tender and delicious strands of Capellini.

The wingie-munstas that flew high above the herd fluttered and shifted into rainbow colored Farfalle…

The Trees began to shake off their Summer leaves in favor or Mezzelune filled with the sweetest, most succulent pasta sauce any Fluffy could ever imagine…

Then Cobalt heard his special Friend laughing! She was feeding the most prettiest babbehs ever!

His babbehs…

Her laughing slowly began to turn, deeper, and with each laugh getting deeper and deeper Cobalt’s foals began to disappear! Everything began to disappear!

Soon the tasty rolling hills became dark and empty, The foals suckling at Candy’s teat began to wither and scream out in pain! Candy… Just kept laughing, and the more she did, the more it resembled…

“Nu! Nu stawp waffi-!”


Cobalt awoke to a resounding slap across the face…

Cobalt’s mouth was sore, and as Cobalt soon realized, the soreness, he felt the absolute pain that followed behind it. “SCREEEEEEEEEEEB!” Cobalt began, only to mentally feel around his mouth why his… his teeth…

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Cobalt cried out, realizing all of his Teeth were now gone. Clint looked down, laughing at Cobalt, only stopping to smack him again as he screeched out in pain. “Now… You should be able to be around your kids… Here, take a look.” Clint said, holding up a little hand mirror that Donna had in her purse, which Clint totally asked for, and totally didn’t nab from said purse.

Cobalt’s eyes widened as he saw his head had been shaved and his horn…Well it was gone!

Clint grabbed Cobalt by his remaining Fluff and placed him in a separate bin, one on a lower level down, but will within clear view of Candy. “See? You can see your kids from here!” Clint said with a chuckle.

“Huu-huu… Speshuw-Fwend… P-pwease Mistah Mu-… D-daddeh, pwease wet babbehs hab dewe Daddeh! Babbehs nee’ dewe Daddeh!” Cobalt begged, all to Cobalt’s surprise and joy, seeing that his special-friend still wanted to be with an Ugly Fluffy like him now.

Clint thought for a moment, and grinned wickedly, as he gently picked up the clear box and set them on the ground. “Of course Candy, because you asked so nicely, I’ll let you be with the Babbeh’s Daddy…” Candy began to smile as she was gently hoisted up and set down onto a lovely purple cushion, along with her babies who all began to coo sweetly as they nuzzled up to the safety of their mother and the soft Pillow underneath them.

“W-wha’ Nu-Weggie mawe duin in nestie Daddeh?” Dusk asked, all to both her, and Candy’s confusion. Xerxes… Well he was smart enough to understand what was going on.

“Well Dusk, Candy asked to be with her Babbeh’s Daddy, and Xerxes is their Daddy!” Clint explained.

“W-why Speshuw-Fwend gib babbehs tu nu speshuw-fwend!? Dusk am 'ou Speshuw-Fwend! Nu dummeh-nu-weggie Mawe!” Dusk asked, he eyes beginning to water up as she waited for a answer.

Xerxes looked at Dusk, who he was truly beginning to love, and sighed, knowing full well if he told her the truth, that she would be in danger from Clint’s wrath. “W-… Weww, Mawe-… Mawe wan’ babbehs, buh nu… Nu wan’ meanie-nu-weggie fwuffy’s babbehs… Su… Su Xewxes agweed tu gib.” The Smarty explained half heartily.

Dusk was… A bit perplexed, seeing the sadness in Xerxes’s face as he told his explanation. Still a bit upset, Dusk turned to Candy and waddled over closer.

“Am dat twue?” Dusk asked bluntly. Candy looked up to Dusk and began to sniffle as she noticed the saddened face of Xerxes, and the twisted smiling grin of Clint. “Y-y-yus! I-id… A-am twu-hu-hu-hu…” Candy replied, now overcome with tears and guilt.

Dusk took a look behind her to see Xerxes, who was a bit less of himself that usual. She moved over back to Xerxes and sighed. “Weww… Know dat Xewxes am da bestes’ speshuw-fwend… An was onwy twyin’ tu hewp sad nu-weggie fwuffy… Su it am otay.” Dusk said, raising her hed up to look into Xerxes’s surprised expression. The two nuzzled close to each other and began to coo, which was a cute site to anyone…

But not to Clint.


sorry this was a bit shorter, yet took so long to get out, ive been taking care of an estate sale for my grandmother, so all my free time for the paste, like, 5 days were dealing with that.


Oof. Good luck with that, man. I know how it goes. Haven’t been able to post sweet bugger all lately due to dealing with some family end of life stuff, myself.

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And Candy makes three.

Me no think that Dusk is gonna like having the other mare in her little home, and Candy isn’t gonna like seeing Dusk play and hug her children.

They’re gonna tear themselves to pieces, and Clint won’t have to raise a finger


Cobalt just dont know when to quit.

Estate sales are rough man. Its like the yard sale from hell where everything is like 10x harder or more complicated than it needs to be.


Hmmm damn this is complicated :thinking: and hilarious how Xerxes unable to explain fully :rofl:

Love the dream sequence imagine seeing Candy singing the mummah song then slow, slow the song begins to sound deep and slow like running out of battery and everything slowly turned red dark in Cobalt’s dream turned nightmare and Candy just look at him with hollowed eyes bleeding and smiling.