The Final Moments of a Well Loved Fluffy. [By Biorb_mcBiorb]

Sasha sits on her large bed, breathing softly. Next to her is her owner, a young boy who has raised her since birth.

Sasha is old, roughly 12 years old, and is considered a ‘Grey-Fluffy’ as of now. Sasha feels her owner’s hand scratch behind her ear, her white mane parts a bit as she feels the warmth of her Daddy’s hand cover the dark Yellow Fluff.

“Daddeh? Am dat 'ou?” Sasha asks, opening her eyes to reveal milky white pupils.

“Yeah Sasha its me… How are you today?”

“Am tiwed… Aways sweepy teehee… How am Daddeh doin’?”

“Im fine Sasha… I thought… I brought you something special!” Sasha’s owner cuts his sentence short, setting a plate of Spaghetti down in front of her. The smells wafted to her and she perked up.

“Daddeh bwing Sa-sha Sketti! D-did Daddeh awso ma-”

“Yeah, garlic bread… Your favorite…” Sasha’s Daddy said, a bit more somber in tone now.

“Sasha am su happy… Wub Daddeh su muchies… Fank 'ou Daddeh… Fank 'ou su muchies!” Sasha says, trying to steady herself in order to get to the food that lays before her.

It takes a moment before Sasha’s Daddy cant bear to watch her struggle anymore, and moves the plate closer to her.

“Oh! F-Fank ou’ D-Daddeh!” Sasha replies, laying back down. Sasha gingerly nudges a some of the food around before eating it. Gently, Sasha brings a piece of Garlic Bread closer to where shes eating and gums it down.

“W-wub yummy Ga-wik Bwead! F-fank ou d-daddeh…” Sasha says, she was had a way of minding her manners… She leared very early on that ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ go a long way with her Daddeh…

Shes so lost in the Spaghetti and Garlic Bread, that she doesn’t even feel the small needle going into her.

Even with no strong teeth, Sasha knocks back the Sketti very quickly, rubbing her belly and sighing loudly.

“Thank you,” Sasha’s Daddeh says to the nurse as she packs her things and shakes his hand. “I’ll… Take it from here…”

As Sasha’s Daddy walks the nurse out, Sasha begins to feel the fait effects of the medicine, feeling her heart rate lower, and her breathing growing slower and slower.

“D-daddeh… Fwuffy am f-fewwin… S-sweepy…” Sasha says as she’s lifted up into her owner’s arms, quickly moved to her favorite spot, the couch.

“Well… L-lets just start up a movie… You… You can sleep while we watch…” Sasha’s Daddy says, trying to hold back to telling emotions of sadness and pain.

“C-can Daddeh… A-an Fwuffy w-wash W-wabbit movie?” Sasha struggles to say, gently being set down on her favorite pillow, facing the TV.

“Of course Sasha… Of course…” Sasha’s owner says, sitting down close to her, and letting her nuzzle into his side, even though her sight is practically gone, she still loves to hear the sounds of cartoons… It’s her favorite…

“W-wub… Wub 'ou D-daddeh…” Sasha says, her eyes getting heavy, her breath slower and slower… Her heart beating at a snail’s pace.

“I love you too Sasha… Your the best Fluffy I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing…”

“Siwwy… D-daddeh… use… big… wowdsies… wub… 'ₒ₋ₒᵤ…” Sasha says as she drifts off to sleep…

Dylan sits next to her… crying as Sasha’s favorite cartoon plays on the TV…

To everyone else… Fluffies are trash… Toys created for the sole purpose of making money off of gullible kids who will treat them like the garbage their creators know they are…

But every now and then, even through the over breeding, muted colors, and bad manners…

A Fluffy will fall into ones life and happily change it for the better…

This story wasn’t about a Fluffy… It was about loved, cherished, pet…

One that will surely be missed…




Beautiful, perfect hugbox.


I didn’t plan on crying this early in the morning, god this is so beautiful, i’m actually being brought to tears. bravo my friend, bravo


I bet you must have been inspired by the big author’s like Victor Hugo and Nicci Gerard.
Nicely executed own version, Biorby.




Im very curious which animated rabit movie…

If it was the space jam reboot, the euthanization was deserved.




Quality sadbox,I love stories where fluffies are valued as the companions they’re supposed to be.