The Fluffy Discipliner - Chapter 8 [by LenexTLI]

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-20-minutes Earlier-

Micheal sat in the car, on his way home, Crimson in the container next to him on the passenger seat.

“Wat am nice Doctow sae bou’ Cwimson?”

“Well, physically you’re perfectly fine and healthy as a 1/5-year-old fluffy can be. However, he did also mention that your blood pressure has been quite high lately due to stress or other bad emotions.”

Micheal glanced over to Crimson inside the box.

“Yesh, Cwimson nu feew heawt happies dat much wight nuw. Cwimson hab biggesh heawt huwties cu Bwownie hab gun fowevew-sweepies…”

“Yeah, I know buddy…” Micheal responded, solemnly.

“Why am Pwincess gib Bwownie fowevew-sweepies?” Crimson asked, confused and sad.

“Well, Princess saw Brownie as a dirty, annoying, and useless babbeh. So, she killed him because he constantly annoyed and clung to her. She did not kill him out of hatred, spite, or anything like that, but more so because she saw him as nothing more than dirt.”

“Cu Pwincess mummah nu did gud jwob waising Pwincess? Nu teww Pwincess aww babbehs am gud babbehs?”

“No idea, although Princess’s egotistical and selfish behavior is probably because her mummah spoiled her. But it is not really her fault, but rather her programming’s fault. Fluffies do tend to hate brown colored Fluffies, either abusing them or killing them without a second thought. So, we cannot really blame Princess entirely, right buddy?”

Crimson nodded. He knew all too well that many Fluffies hated brown, or as they called it, poopie colored Fluffies and foals. Crimson himself had never understood the hatred towards brown Fluffies, as well as Fluffies with wingies and pointies, Alicorns, but he understood Micheal’s point on it not entirely being Princess’s fault.

“Luckily though, her programing seemed to have changed a bit since she has gotten pregnant with Chocolates babbehs. She no longer looks at him with utter disgust, and even says her brown babbehs will be bestesh babbehs.”

Crimson was surprised at hearing that, considering how she had treated Brownie.

“However, we must make sure that this is not just a pregnancy phase. So, once we are home and you have met your new brothers and sisters, I will tell you about the next step in our plan of fixing her.”

Crimson nodded, and then paused.

“Bwuddah an’ Sissies?”

“Yep, I knew that you would be lonely with Brownie gone, so I went ahead and brought you some a new brother and two sisters.” Micheal smiled at Crimson, “I’m sure you will like them!”

-Present time-

“Hewwo, babbeh.” The Stallion introduced himself, “Am Cwimson, daddehs Fwuffy, an’ nyu big bwuddah!”

The small brown filly looked at Crimson, her brain processing what he had said, and then exploding in excitement and happiness.

“B-bwig bwuddah?” She cheeped happily.

This sibling foals had now woken up too, having too heard what Crimson had said, peeping in happiness too.

“Yep,” Micheal said, sitting down, “Crimson is my Fluffy, and also all of your big brother now.”

The small purple Pegasus filly started crawling towards the smell of her new brother, peeping and chirping at him in a chorus of happiness and excitement. Crimson leaned down, gently sniffing her, and then giving her a small lick to the forehead, making her giggle.

Micheal watched as Crimson gently interacted with all of them, giving them all lickies and hugs. He got up and left, deciding it would be good to leave them all alone for a while.

After a few hours the sun had already set, Micheal entered the room, seeing Crimson curled around the foals, all of them nuzzling into this thick, warm, red fur.


“Yesh, daddeh?”

“You think you can come with me for a second?”

Crimson looked down at the sleeping foals.

“Yesh, daddeh!”

Crimson gently picked the foals up, placing them on the heated bed, the brown filly waking up a bit.

“Bwig bwuddah?”

Crimson nuzzled his snout into her stomach gently, she giggled.

“Big Bwuddah nee’ tawkies wib daddeh, be wiwght backies.”

The brown filly nodded, yawning, and nuzzling into the other foals, falling asleep again.

Crimson walked over to Micheal, letting Micheal pick him up and walking to the living room. He placed Crimson down on the couch next to him.

“Right, I wanted to tell you about what I have planned for Princess, and your part in it.”

Crimson was attentive a Micheal explained everything to him. Nodding his head to show he was listening and understood.

“Dat am gud pwan, daddeh! Cwimson wike.”

“Good, then all we have to do now just wait for Princess to give birth to her foals, and then we can start!”

“Ukay, it am safe, Speciaw-Fwiend!” The green stallion whispered to his special-friend.

Both quietly left their hiding spot, the bush, and ran to the berry bush, starting to eat the delicious plum berries.

The green stallion finished eating first, watching over his special-friend with his strong sharp horn that would keep her safe under any circumstances. His special-friend was the pretties fluffy in the whole world. She was a pretty Pegasus, with lush black fur and a silver mane.

He remembered when they had first met, in the forest, when she had accidentally walked into his nestie to find nummies. He had made the nestie for when he would finally find his special-friend, but so far, he had not been incredibly lucky, at least until she walked in.

She had awkwardly and shily asked him for nummies for her big tummeh-hurties. He had fallen in love with her the moment he had laid his upon her, and obviously let her have as many nummies as she liked.

She explained to him that she had run away from her dummeh mummah, who did not want her to have babbehs, which shocked him.

“Bu’ babbehs make evewyting bettew!” he proclaimed, hoping to garner some favor with this pretty mare.

“Wavendew knu’, bu’ mummah am dummeh, su nu’ undewstan’!”

His heart skipped a beat after hearing her name. Lavender, what a beautiful name fitting for such a beautiful Mare.

Lavender decided to stay with him, and after only a few days of him bringing her nummies, cleaning her, and showing how strong he and his pointie were, she finally asked him the question he wanted to hear the most.

“Wun be Speciaw-Fwiend?”

She did not have to ask twice.

“ENF, ENF, ENF, ENF, ENF.” were all that echoed out from their nestie, and eventually, a “GUD FEWS!” followed shortly after.

When Lavender had started becoming bigger, needing more food, he was unable to find enough for her, him, and especially her tummeh-babbehs. This gave him the biggest heart-hurties.

So, they went on a journey to find nummies, and they did, and so many of them!

They were the best nummies he had ever tasted. So sweet, so juicy and plum, and so many of them. The couple decided to stay in this place, but Lavender warned her special-friend that this was the homsie of a human, so they had to be quiet.

They had now been in the garden for two days. Their daily routine being eating, pooping, cuddling, and sleeping. Lavender would often sing her ‘soon-mummah’ and mummah ‘wub tummeh-babbehs’ song to her tummeh-babbehs, this making him even more happy.

When Lavender had finished eating, she quickly took a big poopie, waddling back to the bush. He, however, wanted to see if there were more nummies, some even better than the ones they had found right now.

“Speciaw-Fwiend wiww gu wook fo’ bestesh nummies fo’ soon-mummah an’ tummeh-babbehs!” he exclaimed, proud and happy.

Lavender gave him licks of encouragement, and with that he went out to explore.

He happily waddled over to the hole, eyes closed, imagining how happy Lavender would be once he brought back the best nummies for her and…OUCH!

He fell back on his rump, his head having small owies. He opened his eyes, seeing a large rock in front of him. He tilted his head.

Why was there a big rock? Did he walk a bit weirdly and missed the hole they dug?

He began walking along the thick wooden fence, searching for the hole, but he could not find it. He continued this process several times, not finding the hole. His confusion only grew as time went on. He could have sworn that the hole had been right here, next to the small pebble there and the fresh dirty, but there was no hole and only a big stupid rock that had given him head hurties.

Confused, he walked back to the bush with Lavender inside it, who was singing to her tummeh-babbehs.


“Speciaw-Fwiend am back!” Lavender sang, “Hab bestesh nummies fo’ soon-mummah?”

“Nu, howe nu wongew dewe. Speciaw-Fwiend nu can fwind bestesh nummies fo’ soon-mummah.”

“Wut? Howe nu wongew dewe? Wat am Speciaw-Fwiend tawkies bout?”

“Howe nu wongew dewe, hab gun way, nu kno’ why.”

Lavender and he both were confused.

“Nu pwobwem!” Lavender cheered him up, “Hab nummies hewe in gawden, am ukay tu nu weawe!”

Lavender was right, he thought to himself. They had enough nummies to last for many forevers, so they didn’t have to worry about going outside, plus it was also very safe here.

They did not question it anymore, and instead started cuddling, Lavender going back to singing to her tummeh-babbehs.

He felt himself falling asleep slowly.

However, what the two Fluffies had failed to realize was that winter was slowly coming, which by itself was not that due to the bush having enough brush and sticks to keep them warm all throughout it. However, sadly for them, the bush in the garden that gave them the best nummies was a Raspberry bush.

And unbeknownst to them, this specific type of Raspberry bush did not grow fruits during winter. If they had known that they could have saved some of them for when the time came, which was soon, but they did not, and soon, they would have had to pay the price.


I’m liking Crimson more and more


Crimson will be a good role model for his new siblings.


Crimson is a good boy. Where did Micheal find him?

Getting a little worried about the ferals. Will Micheal take them in? Give them food? The mystery!


He do be a good lil boi


I surprised he doesn’t have to dumb down (or fluffy down I guess?) when talking to crimson!! But then again, crimson seems alot smarter than most fluffs!


Crimson is best boi