The Fluffy Games - Chapter 17

Bubblegum and Pinky were both weary, but they knew they had to end the madness. They rose to their hooves, ready to fight each other. Bubblegum was armed with Fuego’s knife, and Pinky had her trademark crossbow. Bubblegum tried to rush forward, to close the space between them, but Pinky raised her crossbow. She pressed the fire button, and Bubblegum ducked when she heard the thack of the bow, covering her face with her hooves. She heard a panicked peep from her back, where Fire was, and felt something warm trickling down her spine. She stood up and took Fire off of her back. Fire had been pierced through the flank, and blood was sputing out of the wound. “NUUUU!” Bubblegum screamed. “Wastest babbeh, nu take fowevah sweepies! Pwease, wastest babbeh! Mummah gib huggies! Huggies make da huwties gu away!” Unfortunately, they did not. “Babbeh, nuuuu.” Tears flowed down Bubblegum’s face as the life left her last baby. Pinky did nothing, but sat and watched. Bubblegum turned to her, turned to the monster who had killed her last child. She saw red.

Bubblegum charged at Pinkie. Pinkie, panicked, tried to reload her crossbow, but it was too late. Bubblegum pounced on her, and began beating down on her with both hooves, her knife stabbing as she crushed. Pinky’s face was beaten to a pulp and sliced up like a harlot in 19th century England. Even after she was dead, Bubblegum’s rage carried her on, until she had run out of energy. She stepped off of Pinky and lay down in the grass, crying. Julius Kilian’s voice came over the speakers, along with a fanfare of trumpets. “Congratulations, Bubblegum! You have won this year’s Fluffy Games! Your prize is a warm home where you are well fed and cared for, and you can even get married and have children! What do you have to say?” A camera focused on Bubblegum. “Nu cawe. Nu cawe about housie an nummies an new speshuw fwend. Speshuw fwiend am gone. Babbehs am gone. Bubbwegum gabe otha fwuffy fowebah sweepies. Nu cawe anymowe. Jus kiww Bubbwegum. Bubbwegum wan die. Wan die. Wan die. Wan die…”

The End


Well, the series is finally done. If there’s one thing I love, it’s a good “wan die” ending. As a result, I tend to incorporate it into my stories often. That being said, I hope you enjoyed this series! I’ll still upload short stories, but I don’t think I’ll be doing any series again.

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this was a treat to read, thank you.