The Fluffy Games - Chapter 2 (By It_Was_Me_SEAL)

There is a large dome that was erected a few years ago. It is made of metal, and is about the size of a large forest. The screens on the ceiling accurately display the sky, both day and night, with the stars and moon even being in the right position. It is climate controlled, meaning that it can be any weather wanted, from a desert to a tundra. There are 3 main parts of this dome, separated into thirds. There is the forest, where trees grow tall and thick and many birds make their home. There is the grassland, where grass stretches out and lakes are found easily. Animals here include ants and other small bugs. The final third is the mountains, where (semi) tall rocky mountains stay. Springs can be found here, as well as lots of edible plants. This was all done through the wonders of terraforming. For most of the year, this dome is sealed off and closed, with nothing getting in or out. But, for a few weeks a year, a very special game is held here. One that will pit survival against humanity(fluffanity?) and life against love. These are the Fluffy Games.

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It will be funny if most of the fluffies just drown in lakes and springs