The Fluffy Popping Chronicles: Chapter 6 by SnakevsFluffy

Popping open the door of the saferoom the next morning, Aisha peered in, her unhinged eyes scanning the room. The middles of the room, where she had tossed Yakon, was covered in shit and piss stains. The fat fuck landing on the fluffpile in the middle must have really scared them, Aisha thought.

The 4 adults looked terrible. Bruises covered their bodies from where Yakon had savagely beaten them last night. Snowy had blood caked into his white fluff and Weedy looked like she had a black eye. They 4 were also covered in shit, no doubt scaredy poopies.

Aisha saw that besides the mess in the middle of the room, everything else seemed to be in order. The litterbox had be used correctly, the toys seemed to be in good shape, and the pillows and blankets she had set out were clean.

Speaking of those pillows and blankets, that’s where Yakon was currently located. The big fat bully had pulled the blankets and pillows all together to make a sort of artifical fluffpile. He was snuggled up nicely in the middle, loudly snoring.

Aisha rolled her eyes at the typical smarty behavior. She had always heard that there were plenty of good smarties, known as smarty friends, but in the year and a half of her tormenting fluffies, she had never seen anything of the sort. Every smartu she had encounted had been cruel, greedy, and very very stupid.

In essence, a perfect target for her own cruelty.

Aisha entered the room with a few loud claps, making the 4 adults jump out of their peaceful slumber.

“Eeehhhh! Wha happun?!”

“Huuuuu, no wike woud noisies! Scawy!!!”

“Weedeh awake! Weedeh awake! No gib sowwy hoofsies, smawty!!!”

“Whewe woud noise munsta! Hewp!!”

Yakon still snoozed on, snoring like a jackhammer. Aisha gritted her yellowed teeth. She’d get to him soon enough.

“Hey hey hey, calm down guys! It’s just me! Your new mommy Aisha!” She put on a gigantic smile that made her face hurt. The fluffies soon stopped their panicking and began to coo and babble about their “Nyu mummuh cum tu see fwuffies.” nonsense.

They all began to paw at her legs, asking about nummies and huggies and whatever. And then came the golden question from Cherry.

“Nyu mummuh, wewe babbehs? Wan babbehs bak fwom foweba sweepies pwease.” She looked at Aisha with pleading eyes. The other 3 parents followed suit.

“Snoweh miss Taffeh an Bubbwegum an bestest babbeh Gwutton…ebin if he gib odda babbeh’s foweba sweepies…” Snowy pouted. Fluffies could be EXTREMELY forgiving, Aisha had come to learn. Some could hold a grudge over the stupidest and pettiest shit, but then you had these two. To their knowlage, their bestest babbeh Glutton had killed their other children and showed no remorse.

But now they were asking for him back with the love and care of any parent. To any normal human, this would have been a sign of unconditional love. To Aisha’s crazed brain however, it was just another sign that these things, these toys, were meant to be tortured and killed in slow and painful ways.

For now though, she decided to keep up the kindly charade.

“Oh, they’re still getting ready to come back, I assure you that. Plus, your bestest baby Glutton is helping them!” Their eyes lit up upon hearing this.

“Bestest babbeh Gwutton hewp out? Wha he du? Teww fwuffies! Teww fwuffies pwease nyu mummuh!” Cherry hopped up and down in excitement while Snowy sat on his white ass and began to dance.

Weedy and Nighty looked up at Aisha as well. “Nighteh an Weedeh’s babbehs awso cumin bak, nyu mummuh? Nighteh an Weedeh miss dem ssuuuuuuuuuu much huu huu huu…” He sniffled and shed a few tears as his special friend gave him huggsies for comfort.

Aisha kneeled down and patted their soft little heads. “Of course they are, my dears. It will take time, but I assure you, your babbehs WILL return…one way or another.” She grinned evily upon those last few words, the fools not even noticng.

The crazed abuser then turned her head to Cherry and Snowy. “But yes, Glutton felt so bad that he gave your other babbehs forever sleepies, that he told me himself that he wanted to help bring them back to life. So he’ll be away for a while while he helps fix your babbehs! Your babbehs too, Weedy and Nighty!”

Cherry and Snowy hugged eachother tightly in joy. “Chewwy awways teww yuu, speshul fwiend, dat bestest babbeh Gwutton am bestest babbeh cuz he do bestest tingies wike hewp oddas!” Snowy nodded in agreement.

“Yuu wite, speshul fwiend Chewwy! Gwutton am bestest babbeh ob AWW bestest babbehs!”

The other two fluffies then looked over at Cherry and Snowy with concerned looks upon their stupid fat faces. Weedy then spoke up. “Buh…buh Weedeh tot dat AWWWWWWWWWWW babbehs am bestest babbehs! Dat aww babbehs awe gud babbehs…”

“And where did you learn that, my green little fluff?”

Weedy pondered for a moment, the wheels in her head slowly turning. “Weedeh…Weedeh dunno wewe Weedeh hewe dat fwom, buh Weedeh kno dat it jus soun wite!” She said proudly and knowingly.

This is what Aisha loved about fluffies, you could realy get to know them, their personalities, their beliefs. You just didn’t get that sort of thing with a rat or a dog.

“That’s correct Weedy! What a good smart fluffy you and your special friend are! No babbehs are bestest babbehs because ALL babbehs are bestest!” She then briefly glanced over to Cherry and Snowy before quickly setting her eyes on Nighty and Weedy once more. “And those who call their babbehs bestest babbehs are bad mummuhs and daddehs! Just remember that.”

“Otay, nyu mummuh!” The two cheered out while Cherry and Snowy looked at eachother with worried faces.

Were they bad fluffies?

Finally, Yakon awoke from his slumber.

“Wha yuu dummeh fwuffies doin makin noisies wiwe Yakon twyin tu go sweepies? Wan Yakon to gib sowwy hoofsies agin?!”

The 4 fluffies stood rigidly and shook their heads, not wanting another beating like that got last night.

The fat fuck then looked up at Aisha, scowling. “Wha yuu wookin at, dummeh bawd dummeh? Gib skettis, NAO! Yakon wan skettis nao nao NAO!” With every “Nao!” he stomped his hoof on the floor while puffing up his already fat cheeks. “Nao yu betta gib skettis tu Yakon ow else Yakon gonna gib you wowstest owwies and sowwyest poopies! Maek you huwties an nu smeww pwetty.”

Aisha felt a fire burn in her stomach. She knew that she told herself that she’d deal with Yakon last, but everything about him just pissed her off. His face, his voice, his attitude. All of it. She wasn’t going to kill him, not yet. However Aisha WAS going to punish and humiliate him.

“You know Yakon, its not very nice to demand food from other people like that. That makes you a BAD fluffy. Are you a bad fluffy, Yakon?” Aisha raised an eyebrow.

Yakon screamed while bucking and kicking. “DUMMEH BAWD HOOMUN NU TEWW YAKON DAT YAKON AM BAD FWUFFY!! YAKON AM BESTEST FWUFFY! WUZ BESTEST BABBEH AN NAO BESTEST FWUFFY, YUU DUMMEH DUM DUMMEH!!!” He charged at Aisha, horn lowered an ready for action!

He then harmlessly bounced off her leg and fell on his ass.

The other fluffies gasped and looked at eachother. Wasn’t Yakon a smarty? Didn’t that mean he could beat anyone? Including a hoomun?

Shaking his head from the impact and seeing that Aisha was still standing, her arms crossed and glaring down at him, he started to attempt to give her sorry hoofsies instead. “Dummeh bawd hoomun, taek dis fwom bestest smawty Yakon!”

Still nothing.

“You done yet?” Yakon looked up and gulped. No fluffy had ever taken his sorry hoofsies and would still be in the fight. “Anyway, as I was saying. It’s not nice to demand food from others. Besides, I sadly don’t have any sketti today. You guys ate it all last night. Don’t worry, I’ll get more soon, but for now, you’ll just be having ordinary fluffy kibble.” Aisha then smirked.

Pretending to see all the dried shit on the floor for the first time, she feigned shock, clapping a hand to her face. “What on earth happened here?! Why are there poopies outside of the litterbox? What happened last night?” She of course knew the answer, but wanted to see how the fluffies would respond.

Yakon began to back away slowly, having recovered from the shock that his attacks had no effect on Aisha. His piggy eyes shifted back and forth before he sputtered a lie. “It wuz hewds fauwt!!! Dey go bad poopies ousside a wittewbawks, dats wha smawty gib dem sowwy hoofsies! Smawty Yakon see dem doin it an dey nu wisten tu smawty…an an an…den dey caww yu a dummeh munsta!” He looked at Aisha proudly, trying his best to look composed and leader like. “Smawty Yakon teww twuth, gib skettis nao?”

Aisha glared at him. “We have no skettis Yakon. I already told you. Now,” She glanced at the other 4 fluffies who were currently looking quite upset. “is that the truth? Is what Yakon saying the truth?”


“M-mebbe a wittew…”

“Weedeh dun kno wha happun, nyu mummuh…”

Then Nighty spoke up.

“It wuz smawty’s fawt we gu bad poopies ouwt ob wittabawks! We aww in fwuffpiwe goin sweepies wen smawty jumpsies on fwuffies. Gib us huwties an scawe us so bad dat we go poopies! Buh it nut ouw fawt nyu mummuh! An we neba caww yu dummeh eba! Pwease dun huwt fwuffies!”

Aisha was shocked. He was ACTUALLY standing up to Yakon! It took a bit of manipulation, sure, but Nighty was holding his ground. The other 3 quickly agreed with him, nodding their heads.

She turned to Yakon, a ugly grimace on her face. “So you LIED to me, Yakon? Is that it? Is that it you little brat??” He clumsily tried to run out of the door, but his fat ass didn’t get very far. Lifting him up by the scruff of his neck, Aisha began to harshly flick his nose again and again.


In his pain and panic, he begain to shit all over the floor. Aisha then slammed his face down into it and growled as his whined and kicked. “Now Yakon, for your punishment I want you to num ALL these poopies. The ones you made right now and the ones you made your herd make last night! THAT will be your breakfast. Do you understand me?”

“Huuu huu huuu, smawty nu wan, smawty nu wan…nu faiw tu smawty Yakon…nu do nuffin wong…it dummeh hewd fawt…”

She pushed his face harder and further into the carpet. “Do. You. Understand. Me.”

“y-y-y-yush nyu mummuh…”

“Good. Eat up.”

Aisha then turned to the other fluffies as Yakon began to eat his own and his herd’s filth, mumbling sadly about “Nu taste pwetty…” as he did so.

“Now, do you good fluffies want kibble!”

The cheers were deafening.

No death in this one, but wasn’t it nice to see Yakon getting his for once? Believe me, it won’t be the last time.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the story so far!


I like the story and yes, it was nice to see Yakon get his. Usually pretty nice to see a bad smarty get humiliated.

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Usually when they are saved for last, it doesn’t really have an impact since they don’t give a shit about the herd anyway.

Great work as always.

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Really liking this so far. At least Yakon got to be somewhat punished this time. Plus good to see at least one of his herd stand up to him. Hope the rest follow suit.

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What exactly do you mean? Also thanks!

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That saving the smarty for last doesn’t impact him, but thinking about it more, this is about the enjoyment of the girl… :thinking:

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Ah ok. Also yeah, this is more about Aisha’s enjoyment. She’s hates Yakon so damn much.

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Yeah, I’m trying to make him as awful as possible without going full hellgremlin