The Folly of Hope: Foals (Commissioned for R.AirPeople) (InfraredTurbine)

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Reality sets in. Love it.

People tend to treat fluffy shelters like any other shelter, while in reality, they would be anything but.
Here’s the reality, not that reality matters in fluffyverse: There would definitely be absolutely no such thing as a no-kill shelter. Few fluffies would live long enough to be adopted, if only out of necessity. If you are a shelter director, and you have funds to care for X number of fluffies, which ones are you going to care for? It would be like triaging medical care in a disaster. Which of these fluffies is ACTUALLY going to go to a home? You would use your funds for those, and grant the rest a swift and peaceful end to their suffering and loneliness. Pillowed fluffies, uggos, un-weaned foals, previously abused or amputated fluffies, and definitely anything “special needs” like SBS or similar, would all go straight into the gas chamber. Rarely if ever is someone going to adopt a fluffy that has more needs than the average, already needy pony. If they do, it is likely to be abused, so the gas chamber is a mercy.

Basically, if it isn’t a nice color, and either a weanling or a relatively young and well behaved adult, it isn’t surviving the intake process. Its just the harsh reality.

Me, I would take these foals. Pretty ones get nursed and then sold, uggo’s get the hammer.


All abuse is needless. Deserved punishment is moronbox or possibly sadbox. Or righteous justice box.

Edit: this is not a criticism of abuse stories and art. The key feature that distinguishes abuse from other ‘boxes’ is NOT that a fluffy suffers–that happens in all the other story types, even sometimes harder edged hugbox. What sets abuse apart is that the suffering is deliberate and undeserved. Perhaps the finest example of abuse I’ve ever seen is the one where the owner ‘celebrates’ his fluffy’s birthday by telling the fluffy that it is ‘too old’ and ordering it to immolate itself in the fireplace while the owner and his new foal watch. Its ghastly, cruel, and utterly unfair. That is what abuse is.


Throw in how a lot of HCs have massive feral populations and a seeming lack of spay/neutering, shelters probaly have a constant stream of new residents. Absolutely nightmarish when you think about it


Im surprised no one has stated how eerily similar this is to the American Foster Care system, lol.


@Dickbutt99 For real. If neutering wasn’t mandatory, soooooo many fluffies would be culled every year.

My primary story HC is what I would call 'Post Cleveland," in that there has been a public backlash against fluffies, with purges and sweeps for ferals and legislation passed on breeding. Intact breeding stock requires a license and certain containment requirements to prevent escape. Fluffies are still common pets, but the obsession has passed, and most ‘normal’ pet stores don’t cater to them anymore.

There are ferals still, sure, but they aren’t stuffed into every nook and cranny. Strays without collars or chips are subject to summary disposal.


Lol I imagine the adopter buying a bottle of Jack Daniel’s after throwing away those little bastard. :rofl:


One can only hope. I was torn between a few possible outcomes, but this one seemed most cruel.

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I doubt they would, personally speaking. More than likely someone wanted that money and just tossed the foals afterwards.


My context is that they were part of a foal centipede kind of thing and the guy just got bored of it, so he freed them and tossed them in a box to starve and die.

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With the amount of maggots it’s most likely that the guy just reached a dumpster out of sight from the folly and just tossed them there

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Edit: didn’t read the whole “about me” sight at first.

Damn, this is an extreme hugbox shelter, not only catering for the shitrats special needs but paying people if they need to move fluffies fast! guess they didn’t vet the taker first.

Just allowing nature to continue on its course after being so rudely interrupted! :smiling_face:


Since you get paid to take the box somebody must have just taken the foals and left it in some bin

That’s true bleakbox, far more fluffies die from neglect and uncaring owners than from abusers


Fluffies dying is the happy ending though.

Edit: I just noticed…is the white one moving it’s leg and tapping it’s hoof? It’s still alive?

That’s just wonderful


Is there a FoH epilogue for these foals like other FoH art?

He adopted them for all the money, and other benefits for some designer fluffy he wanted to care for or was breeding is my guess based on monetized abuse

8 missed opportunities for abuse. Like, the person could have tortured each in very different ways. Perfect for any abusers looking for foals to abuse

I love fluffy foal-abuse. The more suffering they experience, the better.