The good the bad and the babbeh by(that1hugboxer)

This is a continuation of Livie la vida loca by(that1hugboxer)

You are Duncan. Today you are looking through your adoptive grandfather’s things. You find an old journal.

You begin to flip through it buy are interrupted by Hoagie running into the room.

“Akna hab biggest poopies!!!”

You rush into the safe room and find Akna pushing out the last foal.

There were four foals in total.
A green and cinnamon earthy male that you named Mush (pronounced Moosh)

A rose gold and cream colored unicorn female you named princess.

A yellow and black male alicorn you named horseshoe.

And a golden brown and purple Pegasus female that you named panini

Hoagie is ecstatic .

As the days pass and the foals enter the talkie babbeh stage it becomes apparent that horseshoe is not as kind as his siblings.

Hoagie catches him trying to take all the toys for himself and when He confronted him about it he kicks hoagie in defiance.

“Howseshoe nu wisten to dummeh daddeh ! howseshoe am smawty ! howseshoe gib dummeh daddeh wowstes’ huwties !”

Hoagie picks up horseshoe in his mouth .

Horseshoe begins kicking and screaming.

“Put howseshoe down nao! ow howseshoe gib 'ou sowwy poopies!”

Hoagie ignores him and places the defiant foal in the sorry box.

You set a timer for ten minutes.

Horseshoe screams at the top of his lungs, while ramming against his shoebox prison.

“Dummeh daddeh am wowstes’ daddeh ebah !!! howseshoe hate 'ou!!!”

Horseshoe ends up getting a bruise on his head and begins crying in pain.

“Daddeh!!! sowwy bocks gib owwies tu howseshoe!!! sabe howseshoe!!! hu hu!!!”

despite the tears running down Hoagies face he continues to ignore horseshoe.

Hoagie turns to you.

“Nu wan’ babbeh get owwies , Buh nu wan’ babbeh be bad…. What hoagie do?”

You sigh.

“ I know it’s hard hoagie…but it’s for his own good. He needs to learn that his actions have consequences otherwise he’s just going to get worse.”

Hoagie resists the urge to go help horseshoe.

“(Sniffle sniffle) Otay daddeh.”

Soon the crying becomes chirping and then the chirping fades into silence as horseshoe realizes that he’s not going anywhere.

You restart the timer for an additional 10 minutes. When the timer goes off hoagie approaches the sorry box.

Inside he finds Horseshoe curled up in a ball whisper crying.

Hoagie looks at him and asks a simple question.

“What howseshoe hab to say to daddeh?”

Horseshoe looks up at hoagie with bloodshot eyes and in a raspy tired voice says.

“Howseshoe…am…… sowwy…. “

Hoagie picks horseshoe up out of the sorry box and takes him over to his siblings.

“Babbehs! Howseshoe hab somethin’ to say!”

Horseshoe his head hung low lets out a nearly whispering “sowwy”.

Hoagie looks at him as if telling him to say it like he means it.

Horseshoe lifts his head up.

“Howseshoe…am sowwy fo’ bein’ bad bwuddah. Howseshoe was bad Fo’ bein’ toy thief…”

Every time horseshoe acted bad he was put in the sorry box or given fluffy mush instead of milk.

Horseshoe eventually learned little by little what was acceptable and what would get him punished. Still from time to time he would feel his oats only to be put back in his place.

You have had some time to read a little bit of grandpa’s old journal and decide that it would be a good story time read for the foals.

“Gather around little ones it’s time for a story!”


Honestly, the perspective was a bit of a mess. Kept swapping from first to third person.

And this story in general felt very… unfocused, I suppose is the right word? It couldn’t decide if it wanted to be about Horseshoe being an asshole, or pappy’s time in Krautland Boogaloo.

I have no idea what you were trying to add or accomplish by tacking the Nazi revenge story on to the tail-end.


I’ll try making it more consistent in the future. Was trying to tell the story from the perspective of Duncan reading his grandfather’s journal. Thanks for the advice

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I’ll be redoing the second half as A separate part told by Duncan from the perspective of the foals.

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No problem. Is this part of a larger continuity? Because I was reading it more as if it were a standalone thing.


It is its part of an overarching story that I do have a timeline for on this site. I understand that everyone may not want to read over a hundred stories, but I wrote them to be interconnected in some capacity. I just realized I didn’t put the usual “this is a continuation of….” In the description. Let me fix that


I love disciplined fluffies.


I remember getting my Italian mastiff when he was a puppy. If I had not set boundaries when he was young I would now have a very unruly and very large dog on my hands.

Fluffies generally don’t get much bigger than a pomeranian but for the sake of your sanity set boundaries or you just might have a dead fluffy before they even reach puberty

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I’m referring to WWII solely as krautland booglaoo now.


March of the wienerschnitzels


Horseshoe vs The World: Babbeh Smackdown!

I have a feeling Panini is Hoagie’s little girl.


All four foals are named after sandwiches

Horseshoe: Thick-sliced, toasted, open-faced sandwich, it usually contains hamburger patties or ham, but other meat, such as deep-fried pork tenderloin, grilled or fried chicken breast, and fried fish fillets, can be used. The meat is topped with French fries and covered with a cheese sauce.

Princess: Open-faced toasted sandwich, usually topped with minced meat (mixed with egg and spices) and kashkaval

Mush : a supposed slang term for a hotdog bun with nothing but sauerkraut . Couldn’t find any confirmation on it being a thing but the name was too good not to pass up.

Panini: I was not prepared for the absolute rabbit hole I fell down. Trying to get a concrete answer. It’s refers to small loaves of bread but a panini sandwich doesn’t have to use panini bread to be considered a panini. It’s a mess


I have never even heard of most of these. The mush sounds pretty good, though.

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