The grandson and the fluffy - LostDauphin

Sorry for the absence, maybe I’ll be more active in my little vacations to come :slight_smile:


How are you feeling? Recovering well?

I love it! Such a great derpy face! And the fluffy is adorable too :slight_smile:


I’m better, just very busy hehe, longing for free time to draw my favorite colored little donkeys.

Consider that a spoiler! I’m bringing back fluffie-eating grandma.


This is a certified :neutral_face: moment


This might sound weird, but I like the way ya draw kiddo knees.

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This is the same grandson who got a good fluffy dish from nice grandma?

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hehe, I’m glad you like them, knees are love, knees are life.

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Yes! I’m doing something with them and I needed to practice designing the grandson and the fluffy in question.

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He seems to be a good kid too. Hope he dont see all fluffies as for grandma’s cookin :sweat_smile:

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