The hangfluff [by FluffyStalker]

This malignant wraith is well known among both city fluffies and rural fluffies, they can appear in places where fluffy suicide is prominent, they only appear to adult fluffies and are often seen as a copy of the fluffy that sees it, with the difference that the copy is hanging with a rope around its neck and it’s body is in an advanced putrefaction stage.

The fluffies that have the misfortune of encountering one of them will feel observed and unable to look away from their hanging copy, they will feel hooves crawling on their legs and back at first.

After the first contact the crawling will evolve to a slight grip on the legs and belly, the feeling of being observed will intensifie and cause anxiety and paranoia on the victim, a slight and distant whisper will be heard by the victim.

In the final stage the slight grip evolves into a pulling and pleading, the stare will become a sensation of having simeone behind and the distant whisper is now heard as if it was on the victim’s ears, these whispers will induce suicidal thoughts and tendencies into the victim, in this stage the hanging copy of the victim will look it into the eyes and will start wiggling as if it was trying to free itself without breaking eye contact.

The victim ends up passing out to find itself in a totally different location near the area of encounter, these fluffies will inevitably commit suicide within 5 days or a week, since fluffies do not carry any religious symbols on them it’s unknown if they have any influence on the wraith’s effects.


Honestly, I personally don’t like magic in my headcanon but the Idea of another crisis started over fluffies because they are easier touched by the unknown (or were made with magic, which would be a nice idea too) and literally fluffies bringing demons and hauntings to small towns and houses… Just imagine the chaos.