The Hellgremlin Trials: Interlude [By BFM101]

Crimson burst through the flaming door, only to be met with a small black room, the walls and floor made of completely smooth stone. Crimson had enough room to turn around and lay down, but that was about it.

“Da fuk is dis shit?”

Suddenly The Iniquitous appeared before him, basting the small room in his Hellish Glow.

“Dis, Cwimson, am Da In-Ta-Wude.”

“Da fukin wha?”

“Da In-Ta-Wude. It whewe Cwimson wait untiw da nawwative need him. Da Gweat Daddeh Bee-Eff-Emm hab weawised dat witing a stowy a day about Cwimson am getting in da way of Howwow Mobies an vid-ee-o games.”

“Weww dat jus fukin dummeh, du he no pwan dis out betta?”

“He had gud stawt an sum-fing of an end, bu knyo wha put in middew. Some feems hawda tu wowk into stowy dan uddas.”

“Su wha, Cwimson jus gun wait hewe tiww dis fukin dummeh weady?”

“Maybe. Maybe Bee-Eff-Emm bwing Cwimson bak soon, maybe wata, maybe neba. Depend on wha he decide.”

“Bu dis jus got intawestin. Cwimson fight Wex, it wike Fwuffy Fight Cwub down hewe.”

“Sowwy, bu dis hab been dee-side-ed. Bee-side, dis onwy spin-off stowy, Bee-Eff-Emm wan mobe bak tu wegulaw sewies an nu fowce stowy wen nu hab wun.”

“Weww dat jus shitties. Cwimson finawwy staw of own stowy an fukin dummeh nu eben nu wha he duin.”

“At weast he gib Cwimsin dis woom, mosh aww-thows nu eben du dat.”

“Shitty woom doh. I-nik-a-twist hab Hawo?”

“Dis am Fwuffy Heww… yeh we hab Hawo.”

And Crimson played Halo until such time as he was needed again, how long that would be, if it would ever be, would be decided by a higher power than neither Crimson, nor The Iniquitous, could understand.

“Coz he fukin waz-ee kunt.”

Quiet you, I killed you once, I’ll kill you again.

“Cwimson nu scawed of yu.”

You should be.

“Twy me.”

Alright you little shit, watch this.

“Wha, yu gun cheep out and cut tu bwack wike da fukin Sopwan…”


“Yu t’ink shud teww Cwimson abou’ bweak woom?”

Hippolyta shrugged. “No Hippowita’s job. Cwimson’s agent job.”

“Wondew how much woyalties Cwimson gettin’ fwom Cwimson’s wowk?”

“Hrm…” Hippolyta pondered. “Get Cwimson enfew toy fow mawes (now wiff diwty tawk), Cwimson dewuxe towtuwe kit, Cwimson toof paste, Cwimson night-wight fow bad fwuffies, Cwimson Yes-Yes stick (now wiff rechawgable battewies)…”

“Su… wots?”

“At weast sketti once a week.”


Lmao Crimson MA boy your in hell it could always be worth sooo much worth.

@BFM101 that ending killed me I had to bite my lip to not laugh out loud on my way to work so yeah nice start.


Now that’s got to be the biggest hellish punishment for Crimson: being ignored. :laughing:




Thats one ending caught me off guard with the 4th wall discussion. :sweat_smile:

Nice ending and its a bit hilarious heck love how you did something to crimsom to shut him up :rofl: