The Herd - Pt 3 [Kslatt]

Mike looked in horror at the brown filly and coffee rejoiced at seeing his beautiful foals.

“Babbehs am suu pwetty!”

Mike could see the look of pure disgust on princess.


Mike saw princess raise her hoof to stomp on it, he immediately snatched the foal away before she could stomp on it.

“WAI HUWT BABBEH!?” Coffee screamed.


Mike put the foal in coffee’s legs as princess hugged and kissed her foals in happiness, the poor filly cried at hearing her mother’s rage and coffee quickly comforted her,

Mike picked up coffee with his foal and brang them inside, mike tucked coffee and his foal in the bed while fire berated princess outside.

“Hmmpf! Nu cawe! bestes mummah nu nee speciew fwiend anymore”

Princess retreated into the sleeping quarters and proclaimed the pink unicorn to be her bestes babbeh.

Inside, the filly layed in mike’s hands as she suckled on the formula bottle.

“tanyo daddeh” coffee said.

Mike patted coffee’s head.

“You’re welcome little guy”

“Chiwp! Chiwp!”

Outside, all the mares gathered in the sleeping quarters alongside princess,
they hugged and nursed their foals,
princess coddled her bestes babbeh, gave it more milk and gave more attention to it, but she was distainful at one of the mares in the group.

A brown earthie mare and her dumb babbehs, she wanted to give her and her babbehs forever sleepies so bad, but dummeh daddeh wouldn’t want that, she divised a plan to remove her from the group, she would kick her into the poopie pit.

Outside, fire watched over the stallions, giving orders and punished those who disobeyed him, the sun was falling and fire got tired, he went into the sleeping quarters alongside the stallions, inside they hugged and cuddled their special friends, except two mares, princess and a brown mare, fire noticed her special friend’s absence and confronted her.

“Hewwo pwetty mawe! wewe speciew fwiend?”

“hewwo smawty speciew fwiend gu foweba sweepies an mummah hab tu take cawe o babbehs aw by hewsewf”

Fire was sympathetic towards the widowed mare and offered her help.

“Fiwe gon taek cawe ob babbehs!”

“weawwy? dat suu nicey!”

Fire gave the mare a reassuring hug but while they were talking, princess overheard their conversation, the smarty likes the poopie mare!? he should be my special friend!, hours passed and mike’s back porch was the only thing lluminating the backyard.

Soon all the fluffies fell asleep in one giant fluffpile, the stallions and mares snuggled comfortably, fire could see the sad look on the brown mare’s face as she hugged her foals, he rushed over and snuggled the mare.

“Fiwe gib huggies!”

“tanyo smawty bestes smawty”

Inside, mike tucked coffee in his bed and gently placed the filly next to him,
coffee hugged his daughter in a warm embrace, giving her all love she could need and she chirped back at him.

“Daddeh wub babbeh”