The Herd - Pt 5 [Kslatt]

The next day, the day went on as usual, the fluffies gathered outside, fire watched over the entire herd and the mares tended to their young.

Inside the sleeping quarters…

Princess tended to her foals, her bestes drank first, princess pushed away her other foals until they could get their fill, when she was done feeding, she hugged her bestes as her two other foals chirped alone.

“mu- mummah?”


Princess frantically searched for the talking foal, her excitement instantly ran dry, it was just a dumb boring babbeh.

“Mummah! Mummah!”

Princess ignored her talkie foal.

“Mummah!? Mummah? mummuh?..”

The colt hugged princess, only to be kicked away.

“EEEEEE!! owie!! wai mummah gib huwties?”

“shaddup!! nu cawe bout dummeh talkie babbeh anymowe!! Gu way ow get wuwstes stompies!!”

The colt’s heart broke, the colt quietly sobbed in the corner of the room.


fire cutely nuzzled brownie’s cheek,
their foals in brownie’s arms.

“Wub ou speciew fwiend”

Unbeknownst to them…

someone had been watching them the whole time.

Inside the house…

Coffee watched over his daughter as mike prepared lunch, the filly had already grown a mane and tail,
and started to get make small steps while moving, the formula really paid off.

“D-Daddeh! Babbeh talkies!”

the filly slowly opened her eyes.


“yus babbeh! daddeh hewe! daddeh hewe!”

the filly revealed it’s glistening emerald eyes for the first time.