The indifference of winter. (by: artist-kun)


Looks like someone shouldnt of had babies after the leaves changed.


And she shouldn’t waste time begging snow instead of keeping her foals warm.


Well, you should have wait the spring to spit them out you vaginarium :v
You should just think twice :v


“Babbehs too smaw,”

Then perhaps you should think before you have babbehs. See how all the animals have their babbehs when it warm not cold? If you were a good mammeh, you would do that too. But no. You are a bad fluffy. Bad mammeh. Do not deserve babbehs


that’s not snow, that’s powdered glass!

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if you were a god, my entire nation would be doomed after these words

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If she doesn’t hurry up, her emergency rations are going to get cold.


Death comes for us all…but something much worst comes for you…

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Snow: bitch I don’t care!

This is a snapshot of what I consider the perfect fluffy comic/idea.

The fluffy’s helplessness, the ineffectual pleading, the complete ignorance of the world at large, the world itself as a vast and uncaring machine, and the misguided belief that any of the world’s cruelties can be reasoned with

It doesn’t always have to be a fluffy mother giving birth to foals she can’t actually care for, but that scenario lends itself to my favorite flavor of sadbox.

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the snow: ''Nope!'' (Engineer Voice Lines) - YouTube