The last costumer by (that1hugboxer)

It’s closing time at fluffmart.

You an employee

Have the task of incinerating the last chancers

You lock the front entrance and

Begin gardening the foals up in a cardboard box

The foals begin sobbing

You groan in frustration

“Just shut up.”

“Pweas nice…”

You interrupt the fluffy by violently shaking the box

“I told you to shut u….”

(Ring! Ring!)

That was the sound of the front counter service bell

But that’s impossible you locked the door

Again you hear it (Ring! Ring!)

You turn around

Standing at the counter is a man wearing a long sleeve black turtleneck, tan cargo pants , gloves, steel toed boots and a ski mask

The man slams a fist full of bills on the counter and points at the box of foals

You put on your customer service voice

“I’m very sorry sir it is past closing time. No further purchases can be made today “

The man continues to point at the box of foals

You let out an awkward laugh

“Sir please I really can’t allow any further purcha….”

The man begins walking towards you

The decorum vanishes from your voice

“Look man! I don’t want any trouble!”

The strange man is still pointing at the box

“You want the foals? Sure! Take em!”

A gargled incoherent string of sounds
Come from the man’s mouth

Your face gives away that understood none of what he just said

The man takes off his ski mask

What lies beneath is a mangled human face. every crevice. every fold of flesh was burnt scar tissue.

The man attempts to speak
The flesh around his lipless mouth

Makes an audible cracking sound as his slack lower jaw rises and falls

“Munne un cuhta.”

He points to the bills on the counter

You realize what he is trying to say

“the money is on the counter.”

The man nods then puts his ski mask back on

He Takes the box of foals from you

In that moment you glance over at the money on the counter

When your gaze returns to the man

He’s gone.

You check the counter and the money is still there

You are screwed how are you going to explain this money to your boss?

You may as well call your boss now and get it over with

You explain everything to your boss over the phone

After you finish he’s silent for a moment

Then in a very serious tone tells you

“Stay where you are. I’ll be there as soon as I can”

“And whatever you do. Don’t open the incinerator!”


This sounds like a hugbox creepypasta.


3 Fluffies in a trench coat


I might actually make an intentionally bad fluffy related creepypasta in the same vein as blood tuba🤣

Edit: I meant Deth trumpet


I’ll need some background info, or a prequel at the very least

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Ok I don’t know how much of this is going to remain the same in the final product but here goes

The original idea of the burned man with the ski mask was a quite literal reverse counterpart to the bone lady

Called the ash man

The ash man was supposed to be the bone lady’s husband before they became the iconic fluffy killer

The bone lady’s catalyst for spiraling into madness

Was her husband’s fluffy. She would grow irrationally jealous of the fluffy and throw it into an incinerator

Her husband dives into the incinerator but fails to save the fluffy

He is horribly mangled by the incident

Now every last chance day the ash man will show up after closing to buy all the fluffies scheduled for incineration
From a random fluffmart as he has experienced first hand the flames of an incinerator and wants to spare at least some of them that ungodly death


Hope that helps, I honestly don’t know how I’m going to put this into a cohesive story

But if I can’t manage then you will at least have the spark notes to work with should anyone wish to expand on the concept

I couldn’t find a lot on the bone lady so if I’m crossing the beams on some pre established lore I couldn’t find know it’ was not intentional on my part

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