The little aqua fluffy Part 2 (By: NekuChan)

Part 1

Had to divide in parts since I did too many short frames due to not knowing if I’d finish it or not and hoping it was less intimidating this way cherring me up to actually take it easy and finish the story.

Also “explorer babbehs” are cursed and usually don’t reach adulthood for the same reason. RIP curiosity.

Thanks for your patience, guys! :3


Great adaptation.




Man, making Ursula into a cruel abuser was a nice touch. Ariel might not be the first Aqua Fluff to want onto dry-land if she’s that handy with a transplant.

And the cold reality of both sides of Fluffy love, both the endearing deepness of it, and the shallow ‘Hey I just met you so let’s hump’ side. The dichotomy is beautiful, if heartbreaking.


yeah, wanted to give her more of a “curious” abuser who might take aqua fluffies and add legs to make them walk, other aqua fluffies might see this and believed she had “scary magic” that could give you “weggies” and the tale spread, if only they know.


Daww, poor Ariel

That is sad asf

poor poor fluffy, ah this was wonderfully sad, good show!

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Nice fluffy version of the tragic story of the Little Mermaid. Love her cute sea fluff design :heart:


“Hey fwuff jus’ met yu, an dis am cwaaaazy, bu’ hewe fwuff numbew, su caww fwuff maybe”


Have to wonder, death from broken heart or need for water or a little bit of both?

Shouldn’t “on bane” be “in vain”?

probably both mixed with the dehydration of crying too much and blood lost during the procedure + heat.

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Just corrected it! Thanks for pointing it out! :3

Grimms Fairy tale vibes. Would love to see more people do people playing gods for fluffies, maybe ill try my hand at it.