The meating place (carniviousduck)



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what a genius idea double sausage foals 2 meals in one


That string of foals has caught my eye

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AND YOU SAY YOU CAN’T DRAW HUMANS! This guy looks great! Really nailed down the dead to world/ I hate my job look


This guy doesn’t EXCLUSIVELY sell fluffy meat, right? :anguished:

The second to the right, unless it’s from a sexual weird box thing lol could possibly be sausage made from grinding up a bunch of fluffies. However, I don’t think that explains the first on the left. I would be TERRIFIED of the massive fluffy that meat cut came from!

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The tastiest thing is their despair!


That is the face of a happy man who loves his job.

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As the saying goes “Those who love their job never work a day in their life.” :joy:

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Love the expression on this dude.

Also, reading his nametag, t-shirt graphic, and the other text from right to left, I interpret this is: “Fuck yo duck, fluffies are food.”

This is secretly a picture of @FluffiesAreFood at work.


If fluffies arent animals, i wonder if this butcher shop would be considered vegan.

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The man kinda looks like a Don Martin character.

(Shtoink! Doont! Glornt!)

Funnily enough, there is actually a famous butcher shop here called The Meating Place.

Theres a butcher shop near me called the meating place

You don’t live in Oregon, do you?

There’s also a butcher nearby in NC that’s called the Meating Place as well.


Is that a fluffsnek?

Everything is food if you’re hungry enough!