The Meta, Part 13 (BadLuck)

the meta 13

Justice served.

Fun stabby times aside, I want to sincerely thank everyone who left kind and reassuring words on my last post.

I know from first-hand experience that every single community on the internet contains its fair share of douchebags, and this community is unfortunately no exception. I’ve had the displeasure of interacting with some really shitty people in this fandom, and I fully expected more of them to come out of the woodwork on that page. But I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of individuals who understood and respected my storytelling devices, despite the fact that I wasn’t even fully comfortable with it myself.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I think I finally feel welcome here.


Was NOT expecting to see her hulk out, but was pleasantly surprised. :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:

I’m sorry to hear there are some people giving you a hard time, fuck them.

All I can say is try to focus on the love and support given to you and your work, every bit of it is deserved.


Your art is lovely and you’ve had my attention since page one. I’ve been through my fair share of shit, I won’t say more than that, and I know what you mean about discomfort with certain themes. You approached it in a way that told a story and a plot, as opposed to a throw-away theme for clicks, and for that I am thankful. Keep up the story, as long as it brings you joy <3


I kind of wanted to see the bitch skinned or something but this is a super interesting twist!! I like it!




IIRC I think it was said there’s a downside/cost to being meta, so while I’m not unhappy to see this I’m also aware I might not have seen everything yet. This could be a pyhrric victory for all I know.

Thank you for opening up on this, and if you need to take a break or even drop it we’ll understand.


Daughter of Bozdo wants to speak with your manager!


Well that was unexpected. Now to wait and see what the fallout is going to be.


Well that was surprising. Very satisfying to see the demise of Ms Hellgremlin, however.

I like to picture the community as mostly considerate enough of each other to not go on the attack ad hominem just based on the content one writes or the comments one makes, at least if they’re not argumentative themselves.

But, I know that I’ve seen my share of concerns with individuals. I try to keep my head down and not get too involved. I really don’t like the added stress of arguments in a place I come just because I’d like some diversion. While I do note some things about the community as a whole that I think might be disappointing trends, they’re mostly not personal but cultural and I think stem from traditions and influences I don’t think are helpful. That said, I try to focus on what I can find good—silver linings if you will.

I myself wonder whether my content will be picked apart or criticised based on it not conforming or having particular themes. But know that you’re not only among enemies, or people you may think are enemies. You can also look at people here as friends or potential friends.

I’ve been enjoying your work, and hope to see much more. :babbeh:


Bro she one of the enemies from dead space we need Issac to congratulate her for dealing with trash


I’m really happy that you talked about and started a dialogue with the rest of us. As a big fan of your art it’s amazing to see where you go with your stories and artwork. Keep it up! You rule!


How do you punish the avatar of the omnipotent creator?
At worst you can give them a crisis. But then you’re just In The Mouth Of Madness’ing yourself.



The mantra of every fluffy artist.


… though no matter the canon killing humans probably won’t be allowed, what next, killing alle the customers?

probably has no big problems to get out there undetected but the next steps could be interesting


well at least its not greta

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