The Meta, Part 4 (BadLuck)

the meta 4

If you remember my content on Reddit, you may recognize those names…

The plot thickens…


Would it be possible to share what they mean for those of us that don’t know the Reddit part?


No problem. Storm and Poppy were my first fluffy characters, but I retconned them a while back because I was no longer interested in continuing their story.

As for their role in The Meta, that will come later.


Ok… so it piqued my interest and I looked into everything you posted for this new series (The Meta) because I wanted my mind to work only with what you already provided to us.
Taking into account her reaction to the fluffies names, and the powers you described in chapter 0, I have some theories:

1 - The Meta has the power to alter reality and they choose to use this power exclusively for fluffy-related scenarios. It was never said there isn’t a price to be paid for using these powers, NOR that this reality alteration magic is capable of altering the minds/perception of those that are subjected to it, or see it happening. SO Storm and Poppy could have had their minds completely shattered by the constant use of the Meta power to solve things that were happening to them.
Storm jumped from a chair and broke its legs? META MAGIC! All is ok! But Storm still remembers the pain and despair it felt when its leg broke, as it could feel the leg magically healing in an instant.

2 - It is stated that the Meta is likely responsible for Jellenheimers. So my theory is that the Jell is either a result of the magic being used, OR they are fluffies that had the magic being used so much on then that they get corrupted by it and warped into Jellenheimers. Therefore, Storm and Poppy could have become Jellenheimers after the MC kept using her powers on them without knowing what was going to happen, and now she refuses to use her powers in fear the same thing will happen to others fluffies she brings into her life.

3 - The Meta DO has the power to alter the mind/perception of those that see it happening, EXCEPT for fluffies. And every time this power is used, in the fluffies’ eyes the Meta becomes a Jellenheimer. This would lead to Storm and Poppy seeing their owner as a monster and doing their best to run away from her, maybe even being agressive against her in a desperate bid to protect their litter, if they ever came to the point of having a litter that is (I am working with Storm and Poppy being a couple in this scenario).

4 - I didn’t get anything right, not even close to it, but it was fun to let my mind wander for some minutes!

Please lemme know if I got at least close to anything, or if number 4 is the true king in this reply HAHA!


At least one of your theories is partially correct. :wink: