The Mill Chapter 4 [By MostlyNeutralbox]

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Chapter 4

Adam looked at his schedule. Sorting the older foals. The ones that reached sexual maturity and had to be separated from the younger brood. It was for their safety, and the safety of foals and milk mares. They were separated first by age, then by sex. At least the foals listened well. The milk mares weren’t possessive either. They’d always have babbehs and foals coming through to take care of. Adam went back to the foal room. Once again hit by the heat, noise, and sights. This room was an assault on human senses. He never got used to the shock of going from a cold industrial hallway to a warm, colorful, noisy room. He put a fake smile on his face, stepping into the pen.

“I need the oldest foals to come here.” He told them. “All of you that can eat solid food and have all your teeth.” All their teeth coming in was the first sign. After that, he’d have to inspect them. He had his trusty bin at his side. Naturally the foals came waddling up to him, calling him ‘nice mistah’ and ‘be nyu daddeh?’ “Smile for me, little ones.” He said. The foals gave him bright toothy smiles. He told the ones without all their teeth to go play with a little nudge towards the toys. He was left with the ones with full teeth. Five of them this time. He picked up a dark green unicorn with a purple horn and tail, and lifted it. He could see it was a male. He looked developed enough. Adam sighed. What choices had he made in life that now left him looking at the genitals of fluffy ponies? He saw the little colt try to cross his stubby back legs.

“Nuuu! Nice mistah! Pwease nu wook at fwuffy’s nu-nus!” It complained.

Damn programming. Adam put the fluffy in the bin.

The next one he was checking was pink with a white mane. An earthie. Adam picked it up and looked…a filly, like he assumed. He got a similar response to please not stare at her ‘speshul pwace’. As if he wanted to look! He supposed it was so kids didn’t get too curious about the fluffy’s privates. Why a child’s toy had them in the first place instead of hole, it was beyond him. He supposed they needed some way to reproduce…

Next was another pink fluffy, but with a red mane. Siblings perhaps? It seemed about he same size. Adam picked it up, and turned it over…oh. It was a boy. “Hm. Surprised they kept you.” He muttered. Usually pink boys were discarded. Unless they planned to use him as a breeding stud for an increased chance in pink ponies. He put it in the bin.

On this process went until all the older fluffies were checked. Adam also hand checked some of the bigger ones, making sure there weren’t any that didn’t listen to him. All was good. Now he had to take them to a large room, bisected by a wall. It used to be mesh fencing, but the fluffies went crazy for each other, and tried to screw through the mesh, or beat on their competitors to see a fluffy that was also exploring its feelings. Again, a few fluffies ruined it for everyone else. The industrial solution usually saved money and space too. Added bonus. Adam sat down with the bin at the midsection. He began sorting the foals. It was easier, since he’d just picked them out. Little yields like this, he could remember which was which. The foals were a little intimidated to be in a new place with foals bigger than them, but they were fluffies. It didn’t take much for them to get along. Plenty of toys being around also helped things. He took all but two fluffies there. There was a note to take them to the breeder pens. They would grow up to be breeding mares and studs.

Unlike the adolescent room, there were enfie toys for both types of fluffies. The enfie toys for female fluffs needed to have a wall mounting…which was really just concave parts in the wall with a leather strap to hold it upright. The toys were for the fluffies to explore what they liked. The lack of toys meant using the enfie toys was the only way to escape the boredom. They were moved to their cages when they reached their prime breeding age. They’d learned this through trial and error. Too early meant the mare often had irreparable damage in mind and body. The studs had little problem, except for being less potent too early.

Adam sighed. Finally, that was done. Now…ah crap. He had to prepare and take photos of the show foals and show mares. It wasn’t like it was a hard job, but he had to get the foals to cooperate. Tears and frowns were NOT a good look. They had to look happy in the photo, and have no tears. No marks. As such, they tended to be a little bit spoiled. There were different tiers of fluffies there to take photos of, but the S tiers tended to be worse. Seeing as the owners often had a nanny taking care of the fluffy, they didn’t care. As long as the fluffy popped out babies, looked pretty, and behaved onstage it could do whatever it wanted otherwise.

He trudged up to the photo room. It was a set made to look like a warm home. There was a large square of carpeting, a padded seat in the bay window, even a couch. There were a few toys, but they weren’t meant to be played with. The ball was weighted so the fluffy could lean against it for the pose without moving. The block was solid as well. There was a super light one meant to be held. It was a lot to ask of a fluffy, but they managed it.

Adam knew the fluffies were in the green room. They were already washed and brushed. He just had to do a last brushing and make them pose. Normally they had a photographer come in, but Adam had some experience due to a hobby. He’d mentioned it in passing and a higher up heard. Lucky him…not. He went into the room to see an explosion of color and noise. Ugh… First was ‘Confetti’. She was white with spots of color all over her. The name was quite telling. She was just old enough to be adopted. A foal. He picked her up. “You’re up, Confetti.” He told her. The fluffy waved her arms and cheered to be chosen. It was only her second photo shoot so she still saw it as a novelty. Adam carried her to the set. “Alright. Put your front paws on the block. Look towards me. Smile.” Adam gave the commands in an even but soft voice. The fluffy was surprisingly compliant, though she was momentarily distracted by the sight of the toys. Adam was glad for an easy start. The foals were generally easier. They didn’t grow into their brattiness yet. He took a few photos in that pose, as well as her pretending to sleep by the block. A final one with a fan that made her fur and mane blow in the wind. “Atta girl.” Adam said, a rare compliment to the fluffies. She beamed, and hugged Adam’s hand as he brought her back to the room.

“Next…Flash.” He said, locating the fluffy right away. Red with a yellow mane. He was a pegasus, and had a yellow vaguely lightning shaped streak in his fur on either side. These names were not creative. They weren’t meant to be either. Streak looked to be fully grown, but the way he pranced around Adam’s feet it seemed he just grew to his full size. He was still very much full of energy. “Playing the part, I see.” He said. He had an idea for this one. He grabbed one of the blocks that was all green. A green screen obviously. “Alright, Flash. I’m going to put you on here, and turn the fan on. It’s going to look and feel like you’re flying.” He said. This was perfect. It would appeal to the pegasus, and he’d get a good picture. As the photographer, Adam was allowed a little creativity. He placed the fluffy on the block. Normally his legs would dangle, but when the fan was on, he stretched them out. The colt looked happy, and Adam got amazing pictures. The colt laughed and grinned, so Adam didn’t even have to encourage him to smile. He even left the fan on a few extra seconds for Flash. The happy fluffy was bouncing as he followed him back, talking about the ‘bestest nice mista!’ Well, that was new. He couldn’t say he minded.

“Next up…Cherry blossom.” He internally groaned. This one…he’d never had the ‘pleasure’ of encountering her but he’d heard many stories from her. A bitch mare of the highest order. Bred many times and produced fantastic colors. She was pale pink with darker pink spots on her that looked like cherry blossom petals. Her mane was pink and white. Beautiful for sure, but her personality ruined it. The mare strutted, her hooves painted to look like bark. She was brushed and pretty. He was thinking of how to position her…and how to get her to actually listen to him!

He led her to the set. Cherry blossom lifted up her tail, presumably to shit. Oh hell no! Adam scooped her up, ignoring the ‘Scree!’ And just managed to get her to the litter box just off set. It was more scared poops from the sudden grab, but at least it was all in the litter box. “Why…did you not poop in the litter box in your waiting room?” He asked through gritted teeth. The fluffy looked at him and puffed up her cheeks.

“Chewwy bwossom go poopies whewe chewwy bwossom wans!” She claimed.

“No. You do not.” Adam said. He couldn’t do anything to make her cry and look sad…but he could trick her. “Tell you what…you pose all pretty for the pictures, and I’ll get you sketti.” He offered.

“Sketti!? Wan sketti! Wan sketti NAO!” The fluffy stamped her hooves.

“You’ll ruin your pretty fur and look messy if you have it before your pictures. You won’t look pretty.” He said, appealing to her ego. That seemed to just penetrate her thick skull. Adam let the thought bounce around her empty head before she nodded. The fluffy got into her standard pose. It was meant for her to look regal or some crap. The fan was used for them to make their manes blow. Cherry blossom looked into the fan, her eyes partly closed. It was most likely from the wind, but it completed the look. He even got her to rear up for a picture. He had to make that one quick. “Alright. All done.” He said.

“Sketties nao.” Cherry blossom demanded.

Adam smirked. “It’s right in this room.” He led her to a different room. The time out room. All the could do when a fluffy was misbehaving. Cherry blossom was too dumb to recognize this room from the outside. When the door opened, she seemed to remember it, but Adam used his foot to not so gently push her into the room. He slammed the door just as Cherry blossom began a full on tantrum.

Feeling a bit victorious, he went for his next adult. “Next. Night.” Predictably, Night was all black, even his eyes. He was an alicorn, his mane styled to hang over one eye. An emo kid’s dream fluffy. “Come on.” Adam urged. The fluffy gave a sound that could be a huff or a sigh and followed Adam, dragging his hooves. Oh, great. Someone taught him to act like a rebellious teen. He brought Night to the set, but made it darker so shadows were cast. As if it were dark outside, but there was enough light to illuminate the fluffy.

Night watched, trying to be impassive. Yet the fluffy seemed glad to not have to pose in the cheerful way others did.

“Alright. I think you in the window will look cooler than on the carpet.” Adam said. He was making sure to use words like ‘cool’ instead of ‘cute’. This fluffy would deal better being treated like he was tough. The fluffy reluctantly got into the ‘upsies’ pose so Adam could lift him up to the bay window. He told Night how to sit, occasionally adjusting his position for the light to hit just right. He got a couple good shots of Night’s profile, looking out the window. One with his wings fully extended, and one with the fluffy giving a tough scowl over his shoulder. Adam would be lying if he didn’t kind of enjoy this adult fluff. He was amusing at the least. He was led back, but Adam knew he had another pain on his hand.

“Next. Snowfake.” He said. He could practically hear the footsteps as an obese fluffy came out. Powder blue fur and a white mane and tail. She had pale blue eyes as well. Adam wondered how her legs didn’t snap from under her. “Alright. Follow me.” He said. The fat fluff could use the exercise. Though it looked like she was carried everywhere. And overfed. Overindulged.

The fluffy seemed to struggle with just the distance to the set. If Adam wasn’t sticking to the principle of the command, he’d pick her up and carry her to set to save the time and watching this struggle. Finally the fluffy got to him, panting and legs trembling. Hm. Well, she looked dry, and wasn’t crying. Good enough. What to do with her? He had her by the fireplace. Of course they couldn’t have a real fire on set. There was no way anyone trusted fluffies to not be idiots and dive into the flames because they looked pretty. They’d add the flames in post. Adam tried to get Snowflake to curl up in front of the fireplace.

“Nuuu! Too cowd! Snowfwake nu wike!” The fluffy whined. It stomped its little hooves before going “Owies!” Due to the hard stone floor.

“See? That’s what happens when you’re mean and don’t listen to humans. The floor hurts. If you’re nice and listen, the floor will stop hurting you.” Adam lied. He didn’t even have to try to sound convincing. Still, the fluffy looked at him, confused. It was as if someone told her no instead of whisking her away. Adam just stared back, impassive. “The longer you stand there, the more your hooves will hurt. You should lay down.”

It felt like it took forever, but the large fluffy laid down, curling up. She whined, but Adam waited until she shut up to take pictures.

The next photo was having her stare into the fireplace. Adam decided instead of cajoling, he had a better idea. A laminated photo of sketti. The edges looked chewed up, and it had seen better days… Good enough for a fluffy, honestly.

Snowflake looked excited to see the ‘sketties’, and wagged her tail. Adam had to grab onto her scruff, as she tried to dive for the sketties. “Not yet. If you rush for it, the mean floor monster will get you.” Snowflake gasped, as if remembering the cold, hard floor. “Just sit there.” She whined as she did. Adam was sure none of those sitting photos would make it in. Not his best work, honestly. He let Snowflake go for the sketties after, watching her start to ‘huuhuu’ when she found out it was paper. Adam decided she could cool down in the other room. He braced himself, and had to shove Cherry blossom back again when he opened the door. He set the other fluffy down, slamming the door again. Another tally went on the board to remind the fluffy retrievers that there were occupants in the time out room.

Well, he’d try to cheer up with another foal. “Next. Streak.” He said. He snatched up the little unicorn that was hopping around. A colt. He was dark purple with blue streaks in his mane and tail. He was excitable, Adam could tell. Wiggling in his grasp. He had to make sure he didn’t fall out. A fall from this height would surely kill him. He had a good idea how to deal with this fluffy.

Adam had him set up in the living room. The fluffy wanted to do zoomies, but Adam had two ‘magic’ tools. One was a laser pointer. He had the dot in front of Streak, and took a few shots of it. He smirked, letting the little guy try to catch it. Streak had the adorable play pose dogs tended to get.

The next tool was a cat toy. Just some ribbons on the end of a string. Still, it made Streak go wide eyed and alert. A lot of action poses came out of it.

“Alright, that’s good, Streak.” Adam said. The little foal had worn himself out by those bursts of energy going out of him. He carried Streak back to the room, and sighed in relief. Done. It felt like it took forever. What was his next task?

Dammit. Delivery.


Some of the fluffies in this story are legit cuties. Confetti, especially. I love fluffies with cool markings B)


I’ve really enjoyed this entire series so far. You have a flair for excellent story telling and really nail the small descriptive details that make a scene come to life!


As always a fine story


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