The Monster Inside Us 4 by LenexTLI_

“Whewe smawty?” the smarties special friend asked Jack as he walked back inside.

“You know how I told all of you that you are sick?” Jack asked her and the herd, all looking at him as he stepped into the cage, “Well, the smarty was very sick, so I had to take him to a different room where he can get healthy nummies and lots of huggies to get better!”

Jack found it a bit weird talking in the fluffy language as it just sounded weird and baby-like, but they wouldn’t understand otherwise.

“Owkay…” The purple and blue mare answered, looking sad at the fact that her soon babies father was very sick.

Jack could tell the herd was feeling down immediately, even if they were inside a, somewhat, warm shack.

“How about this!” Jack announced, “Until you all leave, I will give you all names!”

The herd looked at Jack with wide eyes and open mouths, abruptly starting to look at each other in amazement. Even if the fluffies didn’t know him, and he wasn’t their daddy, they were genetically programmed to love human affection – and a human giving them a name was the greatest honour for a fluffy, in their head at least.

“Weawwy? Nice-mistuh gib hewd name?” The pregnant full pink mare asked as she walked up to Jack.

“Yep, how about we start with you?” Jack suggested.

“Fwuffy wud be su happy!” The pregnant pink mare said, bouncing around.

“Okay, how about…” Jack said, thinking of a name, “Marry!”

The pink mare was ecstatic.

“Mawwy wuv name! Fank yu daddeh!” The pregnant pink mare thanked him, even calling him her daddy.

Jack knew that fluffies saw humans as their owners almost immediately.

“Alright, next one!” Jack said, pointing at the yellow and green stallion. He walked up to Jack and sat down, looking at him with anticipating eyes.

“You will be…Sunny!” Jack spoke after a second of hesitation.

“Sunny gud name wuv fwuffy!” The stallion said, trotting away to Marry, who was rubbing her belly and telling her soon babies her name.

“My tuwn!” The other full pink mare demanded.

“Then you will be…” Jack started speaking when suddenly interrupted.

“Pwincess!” The pink mare interrupted Jack, “Dat am name befowe wun away fwom dummeh-daddeh!”

Jack rose an eyebrow. She had run away?

Jack knew that some mares had a tendency to run away if they wanted babies and weren’t allowed to by their owners. But considering her attitude and behaviour towards the brown mare and her foal, her previous owner was probably happy she was gone.

“Well, Princess it is then!” Jack announced, the non-pregnant pink mare walking away with her head high up.

Next up was the special-friend of the smarty Jack had in the other shack.

“Do you have a name already?” Jack asked, curious to see if she had run away too.

“Nu! Nu hab name!” The heavily pregnant purple and blue unicorn replied.

“Then how about…Violet!” Jack suggested. Jack knew it wasn’t the most creative name, but that’s the best he could come up with.

“Viowet wuv name! Fank yu daddeh!” Violet responded gleefully, having forgotten the smarty basically instantly as she walked over to the rest of the herd.

Jack saw the brown mare and foal sitting in the corner, the mare lovingly looking at her foal as it slept in peace. Jack walked over to the brown mare and crouched down.

“Do you not want a name?” Jack asked her.

“Nu wowwies, fwuffy nu need name!” She replied, having a sad look on her face masked by a fake smile.

Jack knew that the brown mother and foal had been bullied a lot in her herd and thus was probably depressed – but not going into the well known ‘wan-die’ cycle fluffies were so known for due to having a foal.

“Well, I want you to know that every fluffy deserves a name!” Jack said with a smile.

“We…weawwy?” The brown mare asked, not sure about what Jack was suggesting.

“Yep!” Jack reassured her. “So how about…Chocolate?” Jack wasn’t proud of that name, but it fitted her dark brown fur.

A small tear formed on the mares eye. “Fank yu…” The brown mare thanked him with a shy smile – clearly being unimaginably happy about being treated like a normal fluffy but not knowing how to react.

Jack hesitated but gave her a small scratch behind the ear. The fluffy recoiled at first but quickly leaned into the love she received for the first time.

Jack stood back up and looked at the herd, specifically at the two pregnant mares, Violet and Marry. Violet would probably take another few weeks until she gave birth, Marry, on the other hand, was close to popping, having a bit of trouble walking. Jack amazed at how she even walked from the forest to the garden.

Jack didn’t know what to do with the herd yet, or their babies – one thing he knew for certain though was that if he released them, they would just eventually come back, either for food or because in their mind he was their daddy now.

Jack went back to his house, making sure to lock the shack door and seeing if the smarty was still alive – which he was to his demise. Jack wanted to check up on the Daisy and her foal, the foal was still small, and hadn’t opened her eyes yet – Jack wanted to be there though when she did open her eyes.

Jack realized he didn’t have much kibble for all the fluffies in the shed and thus decided to take another trip to Fluffy-Mart.

As he arrived and left his car, he heard a strange noise coming from the alleyway next to Fluffy-Mart. Jack peeked into the alleyway, seeing two stallions standing next to a third one. A sick feeling erupting inside Jack as he saw three foals lying on the floor peeping, one foal in front of the stallion, and a crying mare with blood running down her face lying in the opposite corner behind the stallions.

The stallion was making gut-wrenching ‘enf’ sounds as he humped away at the small, frail foal lying in front of him – the two other stallions next to him were watching in anticipation, waiting for their turn on the foals.

The small green foal, the black stallion was humping, had blood run out from its behind and nose – its three siblings whimpering, waiting for the stallion to finish with their sister and move onto them.

“GUD FEEWS!” The black stallion screamed as he pressed himself deep into the foals lifeless body and pulled out. Jack watching in disgust.

The stallion panted hard and fell on its rump, the other stallion behind it moving to the other foals.

“Fwuffy hewp stawwion next!” He said with a sick grin as he grabbed a red foal.

It was crying and chirping a lot, wriggling in an attempt to free itself – the stallion throwing it to the floor hard, the foal coughing and having problems breathing from the impact.

The stallion got into the ‘enfie’ position but just before he could start Jack jumped it.

Jack ran straight at the stallion that was about to rape the small foal, kicking him as hard as he could into the side. The stallion screamed loud as Jack’s foot crushed the frail bones of it. The two other stallions looking in fear and shitting everywhere, quickly running away.

Jack turned to the stallion lying on his side, it being in great pain. Jack walked to him and grabbed him by the balls, squeezing as hard as he could.

The stallion screamed as his balls exploded, a warm mix of blood and crushed balls flowing down the stallions fur and Jacks hand.

The stallions mind was a mess, filled with pleasure, excruciating pain and a sick feeling in his stomach – not even understanding or realizing what was going on.

The stallion puked, Jack, grabbing the stallion’s penis next and twisting it – the stallion screaming but a lot less than before, still in shock from the pain of his balls being crushed.

Jack threw the stallion to the ground, a small puddle of blood-forming next to the stallions non-existing testicles and penis. Jack knew that he would die soon, and killing the fucker was a too easy way for Jack to end the pain the stallion was in – deciding on leaving him there in pain and letting him bleed to death.

Jack turned to the foals and mare, the foal which had already been used was dead – blood flowing from its mouth and rear, it had been a filly. The other three foals were chirping and crying a lot. Jack looked to their mother, but her head had been crushed, and she had died immediately.

Jack quickly picked the foals up one by one and placed them in his large coat pocket, the foals all cuddling each other and weeping terribly as Jack ran into Fluffy-Mart.


Ooof. Go Jack. Retribution and rescuing of the helpless


God that he saved the foals and there the Rapist got what it deserved


Jack isn’t a mindless abuser and a small Easter-egg, the character Jack is based of how I would act if Fluffies were real in our world. Now obviously, I ADD THINGS THAT JACK DOES FOR ENTERTAINMENT…just saying…parts of it are what I would do, but not all! :333