The Mummah Fights Part 1 by Karn

The spotlights hit and the makeshift arena is now on display, the dirt and gravel stained red with the blood of the many previous competitors. The stands are filled with cheers, the audience impatient and thirsty for violence and death. The speakers pop and hiss, followed by the announcer’s voice, the mysterious host of these semi-legal fights. “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your patience. Without further ado, let us continue the mummah fluffy carnage!” He emphasized the word mamma, saying it like a fluffy would, prompting some evil sounding chuckles. The spotlights began to dance around the arena eventually stopping on two gates, opposite each other. One of the spotlights dims slightly as the other’s gate opens, a yellow alicorn with a slightly brown mane and tail slowly stepped out, looking confused and scared. She was wearing a silver, metal collar with a small green light, and as she made her way past the gate, her foals could be seen, holding on to her fluff and wearing smaller versions of the collar. She had two brown foals and a yellow foal identical to her.

“In this corner of the arena, preparing for her first battle, she is a new mamma, with three of her five foals, make some noise for Banana!”

The other spotlight went bright, the other gate opening. A white pegasus with a black mane and tail and brown spots began to walk out, then shrieked and tried to run back into the gate, only for it to shut in her face. An identical collar adorned her neck and she likewise had three foals on her back, two white foals and a black one.

“And her opponent, also a first timer. With her three, and only three foals, introducing S’more.”

The audience began to cheer, with many laughing. They referred to these kinds of fights, the ones with two mammas who had never fought before as softie fights. The audience knew that it would take a while to get bloody.

“Challengers to your circles.” Banana slowly walked forward, scared and clearly unsure what was going on. When she saw the white chalk circle, she stepped into it and looked around, puzzled at what she should do next. S’more didn’t catch on as fast, as she was far more cowardly than Banana, trying to run as she left a trail of waste, frightened from the cheering and yelling. The mic popped and hissed with the announcer, sounding annoyed instructing her. “S’more head to the white circle in front of Banana.” She looked around for the loud voice but decided to comply, cautiously approaching the circle and finally entering it. “Good! Looks like you might not lose right away, right people?!” The audience cheered, causing S’more to leak more panic induced feces.

“Now for those of you in the audience, and those who are watching at home who are new to the mamma fights, the rules.” A three sided jumbotron monitor is lowered showing a stylized “Mummah Fight” Logo in fuzzy letters with wounds and blood all over each letter. “The mammas will fight each other for both their survival as well as their baby’s. Each mamma is allowed to have three foals in a fight.” The jumbotron shows a digital fluffy mother with three foals. “A fight is over when a mamma dies…” As he says this digital red X’s cover the mamma’s eyes. “Or when all three of her foals die.” The same X’s cover the foal’s, one by one. “If a mamma loses all three foals but still has babies left, she loses but can still live to fight another day. But most importantly, if a mamma dies and she has foals that are still alive in the arena, they now belong to the victor.” The screen changes to a digital layout of the arena. “In addition to electronic betting, we also accept anonymous donations to spice things up. There are weapons held above by chains as well as secret hazards hidden throughout the arena. By making a donation for a weapon, the chain will lower based on how much was donated. The hazards are slightly different. They have a specific sweet spot. Once enough money has been donated to a hazard, it’ll go live! Now, ladies and gentlemen…are you ready?” Thunderous applause and cheering was the retort to his rhetorical question. “Good! Then let the battle…begin!”

As the spotlights faded, the overheads came on, lighting the entire arena. The audience were screaming and yelling but neither Banana nor S’more had left there circle, with the latter on her belly, covering her eyes with her hooves. After the cheering died down, there was laughter and jeering. The mic came to life, the announcer again sounding vexed. “Today would be great ladies…” As the terrified fluffies looked around, unsure what was happening. If you won’t start on your own then, we’ll flip a coin." The jumbotron flickered to life as a digital coin, one side yellow, the other side white flipped, with the white side coming up at the end of it’s simulated flip. The light on S’more’s collar began to blink before it started to hum, S’more screaming and flipping over, her babies falling off of her as she howled and whined, feebly scratching at the collar with her hooves.


Cruel laughter could be heard from the stands, all amused by the dumb fluffy’s cries. “Now S’more I want you to remember how much that hurt…” The humming stopped as the light went solid again, the terrible pain that had been shooting through her body ceasing. She stood up, breathing heavily and crying, looking around for the owner of the voice. “…because that’s what is going to happen to your babies…right now.” The collars on her baby’s necks began to hum and they began to chirp and writhe, trying to scream. S’more’s eyes went wide.


She ran over to them and began to nuzzle them and try to console them, as Banana who had noticed that the other’s fluffy’s babies were in pain, ran over to help.

“Babbehs hab wowest huwties. Buh’nana hewp mummah fwuffy f’wend.”

As Banana began to also lick and nuzzle S’more’s babies, the mic went live. “See that yellow fluffy S’more…if you don’t want your babies to go forever sleepies…you have to give her or her babies forever sleepies…” S’more had a look of shock on her face. She was a good fluffy and didn’t want to hurt anyone, but her babies were in pain and she didn’t want them to die. “The longer you take to do it, the less time your babies have S’more…do it now, before that yellow fluffy gives your babies forever sleepies!” Banana looked up at that last comment, having just nuzzled and licked a crying white foal.

“Dat nu am twu…”

She didn’t get to finish that thought. S’more, overcome by emotion and fear for her children, rammed her in the chest, knocking the air out of her and causing her to tumble onto the ground, her babies barely clinging to her fluff. She slowly rose from the ground, crying and looking disoriented, clearly shocked by the attack. Many new patrons always got mad when a fluffy they were betting to win had a coin flip cause them to be shocked but veterans knew better. In softie fights, whoever the coin favored would generally be the first on the offensive, and many, many fights had ended after those first few attacks.

“*Huuu…huuu…Why Fwuffy huwt Buh’nana? Buh’nana twy hewp fwuffy’s babbehs.”

S’more stared Banana down, her eyes angry.


Before Banana could retort, the white pegasus rammed her again, knocking her down and biting her mane. Banana screamed and not knowing what else to do, struck S’more on her snout with her hoof, causing blood to drip freely as S’more released her mane and backed off.

“Meanie fwuffy nu gib hurties! Fwuffies fo’ huggies an’ wuv. Meanie fwuffy gib hurties an’ Buh’nana make Meanie Fwuffy Sowwies!”

Still not quite getting what was happening, Banana clearly didn’t want to fight, but was now prepared at least. S’more ran forward, stepping on her hind legs and bringing her front hooves in the air, threatening to thrash and stomp Banana. A hoof went directly into her mouth, far harder than she had had hit S’more, as her jaw cracked and a few of her teeth fell free of her mouth, blood and spittle now dribbling down the side of her maw. Before the second hoof could hit her, Banana pushed both her hooves into S’more, knocking off her balance before Banana pushed her mouth into S’more’s chest and clamped down hard. S’more shrieked in pain, as Banana pulled back, fluff, blood, and a small bit of flesh in her mouth. Banana spit out the disgusting wad and rushed at S’more.


As she closed upon S’more, a round hole opened up in the nearby wall and a shimmering cone of silver and gold came rushing out, engulfing Banana as she screamed. The glittergun, basically just a powerful leaf blower that was loaded with lustrous glitter. Not dangerous on it’s own but it was distracting and as Banana was now finding out, if shot in the face, it was also blinding.


S’more, breathing heavily from her chest wound, went over to the sightless fluffy and brought her hooves above her, bringing both down on her back, Banana gasping as she hit the ground, a dull cracking sound resounding from Banana’s ribcage. The alicorn’s eyes bulged and she nearly bit her own tongue off from the pain. S’more brought her hooves up again and brought them down, smashing into Banana’s exposed side. As she screamed and tried to get back up, S’more began to kick at her face, Banana desperately guarding it with her legs. One of S’more’s kicks went wild and collided with Banana’s fluff, sending her yellow foal flying. Both S’more and Banana shared the same look of horror as it sailed through the air and landed on the hard ground. Banana gawked at her fallen foal with disbelief, a scowl forming on her face.


Banana rose up suddenly and rammed her head into S’more’s chest, impaling her on her horn. Blood trickled freely over Banana’s face as the life faded from S’more’s eyes. After a few moments, S’more slumped off of Banana’s horn, twitching slightly for a few moments, then finally going still. Banana ran to her fallen child as the mic popped and hissed. “The winner is…Banana!”

Banana cried as she nuzzled her best baby, it’s body broken by the fall. She licked it and sobbed to herself.

“Poow bestest babbeh…nu wan gu forweba sweepies…Buh’nana ne’vah fowget yu…”

“And to the victor go the spoils! Banana, do you want to claim S’more’s babies as your own? Or will you punish them for their mother’s crime?” Banana seemed confused at first but then slightly understood. She walked over to where the foals had fallen off before the fight had began, their collars no longer hurting them but their chirps loud and panicked. They were cold and frightened, and didn’t know where they were or how to find their mother. Banana stood over them, slightly raising her hoof over one of the white foals. She grimaced and then shook her head, picking it up and putting it on her back, as well as it’s siblings. She wouldn’t be a monster, not like that other fluffy. As her gate opens, a man in a jumpsuit with a hood over his face walked up to Banana with a bowl of food. Wary at first, the hooded figure gave her pets and led her away from the arena, for some food and rest.


Encore! Encore!



Two go in one comes out!
Two go in one comes out!
This is the Thunder dome :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: