"The Mummahs and The Poopies" by TraumatizedPoopie

This is my first ever contribution to the Fluffy community. I don’t know if it’s any good, but I wanted to get it out on paper.

Edit: Name changed for anonymity.

The little pale yellow fluffy was playing with his toys, headbutting a ball to his siblings when his tummy rumbled.

“Nee’ gu make poopies, wiww be backsies.” he said as he headed for the litterbox in the other room.

He had just gotten over the threshold when his tummy rumbled again. The fluffy frowned,

“Pwease, poopies, stay in fwuffy. Nu wan’ make bad poopies.”

He was almost to the litterbox when he started feeling his bowels loosen.

“Nu, nu.” cried the fluffy as he made bad poopies on the carpet.

The fluffy now sat and stared at the bad poopies he’d made and, with a crestfallen look on his face, he began to cry. His mummah heard him and trotted in.

Mummah “Wha’ am 'ou,” she began then went, “Nu smeww pwetty.”

She then saw the bad poopies and yelled Mummah “Dummeh babbeh, why 'ou make poopies on caw-pet? Take sowwy-hoofsies!” and struck the foal who then proceeded to bawl his eyes out as he held his tender muzzle with his front legs.

“Why mummah gib huwties to babbeh?”

“Dummeh babbeh make bad poopies!” Hoomin’ mummah wiww be angwy. 'Ou am bad babbeh.”

“Huu-huu. Bu’ babbeh nu mean tu. It am ack-see-dent. Huuu.”

“Wiww teww hoomin’ mummah, teww hew gib 'ou sowwy-stick.”

The mare struck the foal again and went to get its owner to clean the poopies.


A few days later the foal was running to the litterbox.

“NU, bad poopies stay in babbeh.” pleaded the distressed foal, still remembering the beating it had received and feeling the soreness on its rump.

The poopies had other ideas and the foal made a mess again. The foal was terrified, crying and anxious.

“Babbeh gun git wowstest huwties. Babbeh wan’ make gud poopies, but nu can.”

The foal thought of his punishment and made things worse with “scawedy poopies” which terrified the foal even more.

One of his siblings, a blue earthie with a golden yellow mane, stood in the doorway and saw the bad poopies and shouted.

“MUMMAH! Dummeh bwuddah ma’e bad poopies 'gain!”

Oh no, not mummah. The foal wanted to run, but froze and cried when mummah came galloping(well as close as a fluffy can get anyway).

“Dummeh babbeh!” she yelled and gave the foal the worst sorry-hoofsies ever.

The foal rolled over from the blow and there was boo-boo juice on his face.

“Wowstest huwties. Nu wan’.”

The foal was struck again.


“Bad babbeh! 'Ou am bad, dummeh babbeh. Mummah hatechu. Dis am why 'ou nu hab namesie. 'Ou nu desewbe namesie. ‘Ou nu desewbe huggies o’ wub.”

“Bu… Babbeh wub mummah. Why mummah huwt babbeh? Babbeh no unna-stan.”

“Num da poopies.” yelled the mare and pushed his face into the pile of excrement.

The foal cried, nummed the poopies and made sicky-wawas as it shook in terror.,

After it was done, the mare hit him again and left the foal who sat with bad poopies on his muzzle, tears in his see-pwaces.

“Bigges’ heawt-huwties.”


Well, can’t say he didn’t earn his punishment.

Maybe next time he’ll play closer to the litterbox.


The one foal with lactose intolerance.


I did not think of that, but that could be an explanation I suppose.


A mummah with standards. Admirable.

Very nice! I love it!

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