The night Guzbo switched from matches to lighters, by Grim

Contest entry/commission for @BloodyBoots.

Contact me about commissions, almost all subjects taken, (human, pony, fluffy, furry, anthro, ect), including nsfw with pretty much any kink!


This is the night Guzbo takes the world down with him.

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Awesome! Very well done! :slight_smile:


Aww, poor Guzbo! Looks cool, though.


That looks like ai art

… It is, and is labeled as such.

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I have to ask, are your commissions also AI…? It feels a bit strange to advertise them on an AI pic if they’re not, but if they are then you need to be upfront about that fact. Anyone who doesn’t notice what category this is placed in would easily mistake it for actual drawn art (I know I was very confused on whether it was AI or you put the wrong category).

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Yes, my commissions are AI art, as I have made clear elsewhere, and would also be made clear during any discussion on an actual commissioning of of any picture(s)

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