The Offer (carniviousduck)

Okay, I’ll take Babbeh and hurt him instead.

Say bye-bye to Mummah, Babbeh!

But when Babbeh is all gone, it’s Mummah’s turn to get hurt.

Say bye-bye to life, Mummah!

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Best of both worlds. Hurt the mummah WITH the babbeh.


Even better, make her torture the baby herself.

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“Okay, no hurties for Mummah. But Mummah has to give hurties to Babbeh.”


If she offered the kid up, would she even mind?

Give the babbeh sketti and toysies while making the mother watch from her new position as her babbehs new litter pal.

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How about some painkillers instead? Afterwards a nice romp through an obstacle course in return for rewards, then a chance to enjoy those rewards alongside the baby as those painkillers start to fade.

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The foal have all the toys, nummies and house, but the mare will suffer the pain everyday

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Alright then. ~ - takes the bebeh and puts it in a box - now as for you ~ I LIED YOU GET MORE HURTIES