The Park Ch 11 (By Remarkable_Sue)

Lin agrees with Casey.
“It’s been so long since we went out. We definitely should go.” Lin says. Casey smiles happily and claps her hands.
“Yay! Can I pick the place?” Casey looks over to Amy. She is on the couch with her fluffy on her lap.
“I’m not going, but There are 3 parks i can suggest. Bluebell Park, full of bluebells and other edible flowers and plants. That park is a common place fluffy owners abandon them at sine it’s full of edible plants. But, exterminators visit like 2 times a week.” Amy says as she scrolls on her phone.
“Oh, sounds like a good place to maybe find an abandoned designer, or something.” Casey commented. Amy looks over and shrugs her shoulders.

“Crystal Lake Park is a big park with lots of lakes scattered around. It’s decent with edible plants, but exterminators visit this area more. Apparently 4 times a week.” Amy says. She looks up to Casey who smiled wide.
“Ooooh! I went swimming in one of those lakes! It’s fun there! But, maybe we can get there before the exterminators to nab some fluffies!” Casey Proclaimed. Amy shrugs yet again.

“The last park was the one we went to when we found all of these fluffies, Sunshine Park. But, rumors are going around that exterminators are planning to come to Sunshine park to deal with the concerns many people have about the rising fluffy population.” Amy says. Casey sighs and tries to think about the three choices. But she goes and sits down on the ground.
“I can’t choose. They all sound so good! Lin, please help?”

Lin rolled her eyes.
“Of course you’d make me choose.” Lin claimed knowingly. She hummed as she scratched her head. She knows these three main parks already.

  1. Bluebell park. Lots of food, lots of land, somewhat frequent exterminator visits. Forest and garden people frequent there more to kill fluffies to preserve the flora and fauna. It’s rumors that they also bury their bodies for fertilizer for the forest. Furthest away from home.
  2. Crystal Lake Park. Decent amount of food, lots of water, very frequent exterminator visits. People also visit the area to swim and will also kill fluffies if they come near frequent swimming lakes. Somewhat far.
  3. Sunshine Park. Lots of plant foods, some water sources, no exterminator visits unless the rumors are true. People do feed feral fluffies there as children constantly visit because of the large playground. Huge population unless exterminators do come to the park. Walking Distance.

//short chapter this time. Which park would you choose?


I pick Bluebell park. The comment made about maybe finding designer fluffies could hint towards something.

Yeah, take the risk and try for bluebell park. there’s a better shot there than crystal lake and there’s a small chance sunshine park could be a later option,

I’d say sunshine park as it seems like there’d be a high population of fluffies.