The Park Ch 13 (By Remarkable_Sue)

Alyx goes ahead and walks over and she carefully picked her up. Alyx then brought her right back to the group’s picnic. Kelly uses the wet wipes to clean off this fluffy. They watch over her carefully. Until she woke back up. She tried to run away, but Alyx thought ahead and put a collar and leash on her.
“Sorry little one. Why not have some water and food with us?” Alyx claimed. The fluffy squeaks loudly and tries to run, but the offer of a bowl of water and food made her calmer. Alyx was the one who carefully gave the fluffy food and water. She’s calmed down now, but she’s looking at everyone whenever they so much as moved.

This fluffy is immediately named, April.

The picnic continues until everyone was full. Kelly picked up Noir and held him close to her happily. The group walks north while following a map of the park. They are planning which way to go next.

On the map there are many areas to go to, but almost none of them agree which way to go.

Kelly wants to go to a huge clearing shown on the map to be more further north.
Alyx sees a creek is located more east from their location and wants to check it out
Casey is eager to stick around this little area to find more fluffies right now

//sorry for the short chapter for this one! Working on other projects as well.


I agree with Alyx’s idea to look around the creek. Even fluffies need wawa after all.

Option one ( 1 ). Give the Northern clearing a try. Kelly can’t be wrong every time.

2 because if there is water then there is probably some fluffy drinking