The Park Ch 17 (By Remarkable_Sue)

“Field. Have Ace and Noir run around for a bit.”

Lin and the others follow the map untilt hey came to a massive field of tall plants. Ace was let off his leash and told to have fun. He barks happily and starts jumping around the tall plants. The girls had a laugh seeing the dog disappear and reappear with a wide mouth and excited eyes. Noir tried to do the same, but the little foal was… little.

“Same deal, split up and bring back something.” Alyx said to everyone. Alyx went alone, Kelly and Casey went together, and Ace and Noir are with Lin.

Lin looks around but finds it a bit hard to find anything with some plants coming at around her shoulder height. But, she never stops trying to find a fluffy or two.



A mare was frightened by Ace’s bark and bucked off her babies from her back and fled quickly. Lin whistled and Ace silents as he goes to examine the babies.
“Eeep! Nu huwt babbeh! Peep!”
“Mummah! Sabe babbeh!”
“Huu Huu!”

Lin comes over and takes a look herself.

Baby 1
Coat, Cameo Pink
Mane and Tail, Light Periwinkle
Eyes, Middle Blue
Gender, Female
Text Color, Wild Blue Yonder
Species, Unicorn
Breed/s, Metallic and Royal

Baby 2
Coat, Thistle
Mane and Tail, Champagne Pink
Eyes, Turquoise Green
Gender, Male
Text color, Ocean Green
Species, Earthie
Breed/s, Short coat, Metallic, and Standard

Baby 3
Coat, Pink Lace
Mane and Tail, Opera Mauve
Eyes, English Lavender
Gender, Female
Text color, Blue Bell
Species, Pegasus
Breed/s, Metallic and Standard

The babies are all fine, just scared from being tossed and seeing Ace. They are all weaned foals.

  1. Take the boy
  2. Take the girls
  3. Take all of them
  4. Leave them and go find the mother

I vote 3. they’re all metallix and decent color.


Option 3. A metallic trio should make interesting color combos in the future. Though maybe we could also get them to help find their mom if possible, since she could make more metallic foals sooner.

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Option three ( 3 ).

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3 and 4

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The soon to be heavy metal trio is the only choice

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