The Park Ch 9 (Remarkable_Sue)

“One, two three, four… There are four Earthies we can sell.” Lin says. AMy has her phone out and then looks at the lookalike babies of the Smarty.

“On many sources on how to price fluffies, they start on how young they are. Babies are a lot more expensive than fully grown ones.” Amy says. She hands the phone over to Lin who reads it over.

Earthies cost up to $4, Unicorn and pegasus are the same prices at $6, and Alicorns rack up about $400.

“Alright, so those four are at a base of $4. Coloring… 3 are vibrant and one is Poopie colored. The vibrant ones will be $14 each and that poopie one will be $5. That’s $18 for those vibrant babies and $9 for that one poopie.” Lin says as Amy takes back her phone. She scrolls down the page and reads aloud what she found.

“There are also Breeds that can raise the price a bit more. Antlered are $15, so 2 of those will be $33. But, one will have a $10 increase due to being born from an Alicorn.” Amy says. Lin and the others wait until every fluffy is asleep before going to action. Making posts on the internet about the four babies for sale along with their pricing.

Early in the morning, Amy got Formula and took away the four babies while their moms were still asleep. She had to get them used to the formula before being sold. After a while, they did get used to the fluffy formula.


“Oh, hey, We got our first buyer!” Kelly proclaimed as she looks at her phone. Lin comes over and sees the text message from one of the platforms they have posted on. A woman named Sara Berry.

Sara Berry-

Hello, i just saw your post. Do you still have that Purple one?


Hello, Sara! Yes, that purple one is available.

The price for the little guy is $28.

Sara Berry-

Oh wow… That’s quite a lot. May i ask why?


This guy has an Alicorn mother and he’s a good color.

Sara Berry-

Oh, well that makes sense.

I will pay full price.

So, where can i pick him up?


We will meet up at the parking lot of the mall when you are available.

Sara Berry-

930 AM good?


Sounds good! See you then!

Lin and Kelly are the ones to bring the baby to Sara Berry. They come to the malls parking lot. Kelly holds the baby and waits and Lin has her phone.

Sara Berry-

I’m here. Where are you?


Hey, I’m with my friend in front of the tailor’s shop

The two quickly find a young woman with long braided red hair holding an umbrella and approaching while holding her phone out.

“Are you Kelly and her friend?” She asked.

“Yup! That’s me. How’s your morning Sara?” Kelly asks as she approaches. Sara was digging around in her purse and pulls out some cash and handing it over. Kelly happily hands over the purple baby.

“It’s a new baby. Talk to him constantly so he feels safe.” Lin explained. Sara giggled as she gently pets the chirping baby.

“He’s so cute. My niece loves singing the fluffy mommy song. She will be happy to be raising one herself. Thank you. I’ve been having a good day, Kelly.” Sara happily.

Sara happily talks to the girls for a while before leaving. Kelly and Lin come back to Lin’s home and Lin takes out a small box of envelopes and puts the $18 dollars away into the envelope.

“First baby sold. All the money should go into here. Maybe we can do something with the money later on.” Lin says.
“Maybe we can save up some money to get actual good ones. Those ferals won’t last as long. Maybe the Alicorns and the Shire, but the rest will die rather quickly.” Amy says. She takes out her own wallet and she donates 10 bucks. Kelly perked up happily.
“Good idea! Oh i can’t wait till we can buy one of those pretty ones!” Kelly exclaimed. Alyx donates $20 more and Red donates $5.

Savings: $53

Everyone is having a good time with this operation. Within the next day, all of the babies have been sold and bumping up $33, $53, $9.

Savings Update: $148

The newborn babies are now opening their eyes.

Kelly doesn’t want to sell them yet.
Amy says to sell the ones not planned.
Alyx says to sell just the Pegasus babies.
Red suggests to sell them when they are weaned
Casey suggests to sell the poopie colored ones

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Ill got with 4

Four ( 4 ). Hand feeding a baby is a time and labor intensive process. Once they can feed themselves, they’re at the right age to sell.

Option 4. I’m curious to see the differences in selling the weaned foals compared to the ones sold in this chapter. They can also get an idea of which route is more profitable.