The perfect tattoo canvas (carniviousduck)


looks like hes a little stressed, a small dose of a muscle relaxer should make him more “compliant”


Gotta put some art across his ass now.


That duck tattoo is pretty special for me. Been redrawing that over and over, adding colors, black outline, no outline, and i decided on its final look. Then i got it done …

So if you see a guy in a black cowboy hat with this duck tattoo on his arm its most likely me…


The best part is shaving the fluff


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or just using an over the counter hair remover cream

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Great art and cool tattoo


somebodies not acting very JuggaIo

I AIso hope they named them ‘Canvas’


Oh fuck yeah do a full body suit on that piece of filth. Then carefully skin it alive and tan it so you can display the work properly . Keep the skinned shit rat alive and mKe it look at its skin while you sodomize it.


You could really fuck up a Fluffy by adopting a severely abused but uninjured Poopie, shaving and tattooing them, then abandoning them only for their fluff to grow back leaving them where they started.

Alternatively, causing them to associate pain with becoming more beautiful and making them all but immune to it while also giving them a huge inflated ego. Create a Champion of Slaanesh, seeking to cause and experience greater and greater pain.

Alternatively alternatively, giving them rainbow patterns to make the most beautiful Fluffy to other Fluffies while giving it combat training to create the Grand High Smarty to rule all the Herds.


That’s kinda cool actually

Damn, fucking cool guy here.

It looks good man.

am blind as bat but hopefully you shaved it before tattooing it.

If you’re actually medically blind, I just want you to know that it’s okay, because our eyes aren’t even real anyway so none of us can see our waifus.

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train yourself on the eyelead and for the eye ball :v

Yeah give the fucker a tramp stamp!!

Legit medically blind and loosing site :skull:

Imagine if they discovered that by tattooing a fluffy, you can make a fluffy’s fluff grow out of that skin with that design in it? Like the ink carries into the fluff. But it was only temporary and eventually would grow “out,” and fade back to normal.

So the owner that wanted to do it would have to put the fluffy through a process of shaving the fluff off and then re-tattooing it over and over if they they wanted the “look.”

I’ve seen 'em tv-shows 'bout people tattooing eachother…a biotoy would be a better canvas indeed, as cruel as it might be.