The Poopies Zone (Captain_Emo)

Before the accident, Jet wasn’t exactly what you call a “normal fluffy”

A lot of people don’t know this but there’s a lot of extensive quality control work that goes into factory-produced fluffies.

Well, they call it “extensive” and dare to associate it with “quality”…

You will rarely get what you would call a dud. All the fluffies from a factory are the best you can get.

For a reasonable price I guess. I guess you could also stump up the cash for one of those “rare breed designer boutique fancy colour alicorn unicorn Pegasi types” but most ordinary people don’t have that much money to buy a fluffy like that.

Or they’re sensible enough not to I guess……

This is why a lot of of fluffy owners, when wanting to buy a new one, will consider the factory produced kind before either options are explored.

Widely available in all good fluffymarts of course.

“Defects” are removed, their behaviours are strictly conditioned.

All standard in a strictly professional setting, Hasbio make the majority of their Pet Fluffy range through this way (I won’t comment on the other farms they have, and where they go…….)

They’re not even bred naturally. A stud is useless in a truly professional setting.

What? You’d let any dumbass shitrat take turns to fuck all the mares it could want? Did you know that they get brain damage from breathing difficulties if they “have enfies” multiple times?

Literally, they can’t breathe correctly to begin with. Engaging in any sort of intensive exercise for more than a few seconds and they’re gasping for air.

Seriously, they can barely run fast and don’t move that much, you really expect them to fuck like they’re on Energiser Batteries?!

So how do they do it?

You’ve heard of turkey basters right? And microscopes? I don’t get paid enough so I’ll let you work that out for yourself……apparently neither do the guys who oversee the breeding….

And this is how all factory fluffies are produced.

From your cute little guy who’s very charming and loves his Sketties down to Foal-in-a-Can ™ and My Litter Pal ™ fluffies and Huggy Fwendz!! ™ (I don’t want to risk being sued……)

Now defects do get weeded out….but these are the obvious ones. The hard to spot ones, well, they do make it out alive……no one is exactly caring enough to do thorough checks…

You’ve seen the so-called “Smarty Syndrome” in some fluffies (rule no.1 don’t spoil them, and don’t spare them the sorry stick).

You’ve also seen “Toughies” (Rule no.2, make sure they learn their limits. If your fluffy seriously thinks it can survive a fight with a Roomba, let alone a fucking chihuahua, then it’s not going to live long if it thinks it’s invincible).

There’s also another type that is rarely mentioned by anyone

“the anxious type”

and these types are more common than most people think.

It is a defect. No fluffy should ever be anxious.

Especially when they’re with Daddeh

Though most would argue it isn’t (Rule no.3, you must learn your fluffy that being separated from their Daddeh is only temporary. And they must be patient. And respect Daddeh’s space. And learn that not everything is scary).

This type is actually the hardest to train.

But I will tell you an interesting fact about Jet ……

He didn’t fit into any of these types

Nor would he be what you would expect from a fluffy. Certainly behaviour wise.

His Daddeh had bought him from a Foal-in-a-Can ™ (the best use of $3 dollars that a last minute birthday present makes) and his fur was a striking jet black.

An actual rare fucking colour!! In a cheap-as-fuck canister!! Deal of the century right there….

What were the odds?

Jet had been given to his daughter (sans Can) and she was ecstatic!!

A cute baby little foal all of her own. Even if she didn’t exactly like the colour. Pastel types were in this spring….but he was still such a cute little thing!!!

She had never once owned a fluffy ever!! Her friends had their own at one time or other, some still did. None as cute as this one though!!

She felt the slow and steady but weak beat of his foal heart, and the wet warmth that only a baby foal could give off in her palm. She almost burst into tears. He was just like a baby!!

Jet suckled her finger. And spoke his words. Early in the development stage too but neither Daddeh nor his daughter knew that.


His daughter gasped in delight. She couldn’t believe it.

Her very own babbeh!! Her baby foal thought she was his Mummeh!!

She promised Jet that she would be a good Mummeh for him and give him all the milkies and love and attention that he could possibly want.

The excitement lasted for 3 weeks before it settled into a boring old routine.

Weirdly enough, the excitement died around the time he was no longer what you would call a foal a babbeh.

The time flew by quickly enough and his daughter had moved on. She’d rather be doing something else now. Sleeping over at her friends etc etc

Whatever happened to being the best Mummeh ever?!

The fluffy (as she now referred to him as) didn’t love her despite all the love she gave him.

She would always give him a hug in the morning, a Pat on the head, a scratch behind his ears. But he expressed no joy or even smiled.

No love was ever reciprocated

In fact, he looked serious most of the time. There was barely a smile if ever there was one to begin with….

Jet never even attempted to hug her back or offer hugs. He would look up wistfully and wonder if the scratches and the hugs and the tickles would stop so he could just go back and play or sleep.

Jet didn’t even acknowledge her when she was in the room. In fact he barely even noticed anyone….she found it particularly galling.

Why wasn’t he desperate to ever see her?! She was his Mummeh!! Why wasn’t he so huggy or loving?

Fuck, he never raised his head to look at anyone until he was asked to. He was content to play with his toys.

He didn’t even cry out when he was left alone for long hours (which she had started doing).

Jet just had his softened (with foal milk) kibble, made good poopies in his litterbox, played with his toys and went about his business.

You’d wonder if he actually even cared if he ever had any human contact or interaction…

She had to fucking teach him to say a simple “thank you” after having his milkies (and his soft kibble) just so he would acknowledge her!!

She grew frustrated to the point were she took his toys from him just so he would cry and ask for them back.

But he didn’t

Jet just spent hours looking out the window. Passing breezes, flickers of shadow, changes in the light. His interest in the world outside and around him was piqued.

Jet was pretty easy to please in all fairness.

But he wasn’t the happy and cheery and loving and affectionate and gleeful fluffy that she wanted him to be.

He just wasn’t like what a fluffy should be regardless.

She really wished her daddy got her a different fluffy.

At this point as well, the smell of fluffy shit was beginning to become a part of her smell.

Not even perfume or deodorant could cover it fully. Not a good look if you want to date boys and you smell bad.

Now as you might have seen, for a fluffy “not to reciprocate love” or even just outright love us anyway, this would be impossible.

It’s completely against their programming.

A fluffy is incapable of being something that doesn’t shower you with love. They have to. It’s the essence of their being.

Fluffies are for love and Huggies and play and love their Daddeh and all the little fluffies.

They’re meant to give huggies over the slightest bump.

And they’re always happy to see you.

Why would anyone want a toy that didn’t love them back?

And Jet was no longer his daughter’s fluffy.

He became Daddeh’s fluffy.

Not that he would’ve noticed either, Daddeh had been filling his food bowls and water and changing the shitty litterbox long after she gave up.

Taking over from someone who had long neglected to do even the most basic of tasks as all fathers inevitably do when the excitement of a new pet has long passed

Truthfully, Daddeh had a feeling Jet would somehow become his. He wasn’t actually looking forward to it.

He actually found fluffies irritating.

And he kind of hoped that it would find a way to kill itself, as all fluffies somehow manage.

That was at first

He found foals cute sure, but a fluffy?

Those needy irritants that always need feeding and stink and whose mannerisms were worked out in a R&D department and at boardroom level?
And those irritatingly fake and childish voices? And fake child words they come out with?

Nope, he couldn’t ever picture owning a fluffy for a long time.

He was surprised he hadn’t broken the button in the back of Jet’s neck to turn him off permanently the moment his daughter gave up looking after him.

In fact he was more than intrigued.

A fluffy that didn’t behave like a fluffy should?

He was even more so surprised that he found a fluffy he actually liked

He felt there was no falseness to Jet. That he didn’t give out love until it was earned unlike a fluffy that is desperate for you to like it, like it, love it when it hasn’t earned it.

That Jet didn’t express false love or give love when it wasn’t earned was a theory more than anything. That he wouldn’t love anyone else if they gave him treats or better Sketties or if he was given away.

But why would he be any different than others if it wasn’t for this?

Jet was kind of like a cat. And honestly? his Daddeh didn’t mind it. Nor was he demanding like fluffies are known to get nor needy. That was particularly nice.

In fact, Jet was mostly silent unless he spoke if something (actually) caught his attention or he was spoken to.

Fluffies are dumb enough to believe that if they stop hearing themselves that they no longer exist after all (why they’re so easy to find and why they seem so very talky all the time)

In fact why in Gods name couldn’t they make a fluffy just like Jet? Cant they see that this is a perfect fluffy right here?!

Even at the nursery on the days that his Daddeh had to take him (that house needed cleaning without Jet being there to add to the poopie smells already), the attendants would often remark on how well behaved he was to the point that he was barely there.

And that concerned them

But Daddeh didnt particularly mind. Nor really care……They just didn’t understand him…so what if he’s not like other fluffies?

The fussing peeved him. Why would they care if he wasn’t like a fluffy should be? That made him special.

Bearable even

What was their business if he just wanted to play with toys on his own and not with others?! Who fucking cared?! He was content.

But the peeves soon gave way to doubt.

The word “anxious” was bandied about by the attendants.

This was clearly the reason Jet was the way he was. Jet was an “anxious” fluffy and this was why he was so “withdrawn” from the others.

His Daddeh then wondered if that really was it. They had to know about fluffies more than most ordinary folk would right? Maybe Jet wasn’t as unique as he thought he was.

Maybe Jet was just anxious around people? and that was why he wasn’t as cuddly or as inviting as most every fluffy is.

There could be no way he was defective. He was just shy. Is all.

The attendants began to overcompensate. On the days they cared to overcompensate of course…

One of them would enter the room and would entertain the fluffies present. They would make sure that the quiet black one that played by the puzzleboards would have to join in. He would be singled out first above all the others.

They would make the shitrat just like all the others.

All Shi- I mean, All Fluffies love Humans.

And there’s nothing more that they love than to play with humans.

The shitrats would try to singalong with whatever the attendant on duty was trying to caterwaul and they would dance as best as they could and clap and even try and form a conga line (it was a Tuesday….)

The attendant had to make sure that they were giving the fluffies the best day of their fucking lives!!

But Jet……

Jet remained himself.

But not exactly. In fact he looked really upset!! Why the fuck would he be upset with all the attention he was getting?! He would be confused and distraught. But why?! Fluffies should love being played with and having all the love and attention!! He really wanted to be back playing on his own? And not even with the other fluffies??

If all the fluffies loved the effort that the attendants went to, just to entertain them, why couldn’t fucking Jet enjoy it?!

Ungrateful Shitrat.

What fucking gratitude.

Maybe it was a Smarty…they always find a way to piss most everyone off.

Or maybe it was his Owner’s fault after all….he’s probably just one of those sick abuse freaks and the fluffy don’t know how to be happy? They could see the abusers every time they came in….

But everyone was tired of singing and dancing to these dumb assholes….and the one that really needed entertaining couldn’t give two shits if they did or didn’t.

It was back to the owner to deal with it. Half-hearted advice was given, like spending time with your fluffy and treating them just right.

And if all else fails, Fluffies love nummies. Particularly Sketties. But another little factoid for you is that Fluffies have a sweet tooth and love sweet foods. Cupcakes are very popular to buy Fluffies as a special treat.

Seeing fluffies attempt to eat the icing is very messy but cute to see. A lot of people buy them for photo opportunities. God knows why.

And so Daddeh was encouraged to have a party with Jet. Just a small party between himself and the fluffy. Maybe music if he fucking felt like it or whatever.

He had to make Jet feel like he could be happy. Celebrate. Say it was his fucking birthday or something. They don’t understand birthdays anyway. They just know it’s a day they get nummies and new toys.

The concept of ageing (and dread of it) is nothing a Fluffy understands. They just know big and little, they were little once, little babbehs, and now they’re big. That’s basically it.

There’s no such thing as getting old to a fluffy. Probably owes to the fact they don’t live long….

Daddeh stopped off at the store and bought a treat from the bakery for Jet. One colourful cupcake with sprinkles (and no cherry).

It’s always recommended to just buy one cupcake as the sweetness is very addictive. Just like crack cocaine they say it is to a fluffy. Having one and just as a special treat prevents them from becoming addicted. Imagine a Crack Fiend Smarty……you want to deal with that?

He had been told Fluffies love bright colours a lot. This cupcake was a Rainbow Dash Cake…the polar opposite of Jet’s pure jet black fur colour.

He then bought a few other things to please the family. Imagine going to a bakery and buying just the one thing? He’d get shit from his wife if he didn’t bring back a slice of their pecan pie.

And so the mistake was made….that led to the accident……

The room Jet made his own smelt a lot better after the cleaning. Jet seemed happier too. A little known fact is Fluffies hate the smell of their own crap as well as us. This is mostly true of domestic fluffies. Jet raised his head and took a smell of the air.

He could smell the pine disinfectant that was used to clean the place. Jet liked pine. He knew that the room no longer smelt like poopies. He always knew that when he was gone from his toys that he would come back to a nice smell. It made the room bearable to be in.

Pine is the most popular choice to mask shitty smells. Jet didn’t like poopies. In fact, once he did his good poopies in the litterbox he cleared right out and went as far as he could play away from the litterbox.

The aroma is as offensive to fluffy noses as it is our own (please remember kids to buy Hasbio ™ brand Litterbox and sand, kids!!)

He also stayed away from poopies at the nursery. Jet was nothing if not consistent. He gave his customary “Tank oo fo kweenie poopies an pwetty smeww Daddeh”. A seal of approval if there ever was one.

Daddeh then began to put some music on from his phone. YouTube is particularly handy in a bind if you want to entertain a fluffy. He then lit a few candles and placed them. He’d read that the flicker of candlelight is soothing to a fluffy.

All fluffies are known to hate the dark. A gentle candle brings safety, assurance, a sense of ease to them from such a simple thing. This would help to create a gentle, friendly atmosphere. He had his assumed favourite smell to enjoy. No other fluffies. And a special treat too.

Jet was curious as he always was. The flicker of light would tempt any fluffy to go near it.

But as the only sensible fluffy in existence, he sat on his butt and observed. His see places could see the light just fine from where he was. The flickers of the flames illuminated the walls and created interesting flits of shadows. Soothing flickers. Interesting shapes, always changing. The flame remained gentle letting off a small fume.

He could sit there all night just watching.

He loved that his Daddeh had gave him this new toy to play with while he was at the play place with all the other smelly fluffies and meanie Mummehs who kept making too much bad sounds and stopping him from playing with toysies.

And then his Daddeh came back into the room. He heard his Daddeh and really wanted to tell him how much he liked the new toy that he couldn’t take his eyes off.

His Daddeh waited for a little while. Just waiting for Jet to turn around so he could show him his special treat.

He was still waiting.

Then he realised exactly what Jet was like. Jet was in his own bubble now. All Daddeh could do was pop it to bring him back to the world.

Daddeh cleared his throat and said “Jet. Time to look at your Daddeh” firmly

The voice sent a shiver down Jet’s back which then prompted him to get up off his ass and turn around to Daddeh. He almost made poopies!!

“Hey little guy, don’t panic you’re not in trouble”

Jet looked up wide eyed, “weawwy Daddeh? Chet nu bad fwaffy?”

“Yes Jet, you’re not a bad little fluffy. Not at all. Actually, you’re a good little fluffy”

Jet just looked up and said “Weawwy Daddeh? Chet am gud?”

Normally fluffies, if they’ve even been given slight praise, normally become excitable. Their tails wag and their eyes widen as do their smiles.

There’s nothing better than a fluffy knowing that they’re good fluffies. Except maybe sketties….

Jet didn’t show any such excitement. His eyes remained wide and his expression still displaying curiosity. Focused on daddeh’s face. Did Daddeh just want to let Jet know that he was a good fluffy?

“Hey Jet……well…….as you’re such a really good fluffy. A special good fluffy too! I just……thought we’d have a……special night!! Just me and you. I got you a nice treat too”

Jet remained wide eyed and curious. His tail didn’t wag one bit.

“Speshu nite Daddeh? Tweet fo Chet?”

“Sure Buddy, you’re such a good fluffy that you deserve a treat. Daddeh wants to give lots of hugs and love to Jet”

(At that point, Daddeh realised how forced it was feeling….he didn’t exactly shower Jet with love before. It’s not like he needed to. And Jet was perfectly cool with it. Taking advice from those sour bitches seemed like a bad idea…maybe he should just shut the fuck up and give him his cupcake…)

Jet was looking up as wide eyed as he had ever been….except his nose looked like it was twitching. A smell had caught his attention….

A sweet smell

An interesting factoid for you (I’m full of them…), Fluffies have better developed senses of smell than you think. They’re just not smart enough to use it well. It’s so sensitive that even Poopie smells give their noses “hurties” (this is why it’s both cruel and funny to Meg Griffin your fluffy…I personally wouldn’t, I know a guy who shit his pants doing it. His fluffy wouldn’t stop crying…)

“W-w-wut dat smeww Daddeh?! It smeww pwetty….is nummies?!”

And Daddeh looked down at Jet. His tail was wagging excitedly and his eyes looked eager, hungry. He still wasn’t smiling but there was an excitedness that wasn’t there before.

“Why….yes Jet….this is a treat for you.”

“Wut is de tweet Daddeh?! It smeww nummies!!”

“It’s a cupcake. I heard all the good little fluffies like cupcakes”

“Cwupcay fo fwaffy? Is wike sketties?”

“…err……yeah….cupcakes are just like Sketties….”

And then something lit up across Jet’s face

“Tank oo!! Tank oo!! Tank oo!! Tank Daddeh oo su much!! Chet wub de cwupcay!! Cwupcay su nummies!!”

And Daddeh couldn’t help but smile too. Maybe Jet just needed something he really liked. It was actually nice seeing the little guy like this. Definitely not all the time though….

He then lowered the cupcake to the ground and peeled back the cake paper. He lowered it slowly to allow Jet to have a smell of it. His mouth began to water and he began to hum with delight. He even tried to chirp and giggle.

And sing too. Who’d have thought a cupcake to change a fluffy’s personality.

“Fwaffy Wub Cwupcay!! Cwupcay am nummie!! Fwaffy Wub nummies.”

Daddeh heard Jet’s singing and decided this might be a once and only thing….he realised how much he hated singing fluffies….

And then Jet began to eat the cupcake. Icing first of course. He made a mess of his nose with the icing and giggled. His giggling was especially giddy. Daddeh had never heard him even laugh before. The rainbow icing had covered up his nose and Jet tried to lick off what he could.

The whole thing had made him feel happier than ever. Even happier than when he was playing with toysies!! Why didn’t Daddeh give them to him sooner?!

Daddeh decided to fish his mobile phone from his pocket. He may as well get a picture of the little guy. Fuck, just send a picture over to his daughter. Remind her why the critter was so cute in the first place. He then began to wonder if it was the right time to give him a bath…he was getting it-

hic hic hic

The fuc-

Jet looked very uncomfortable.

And then his eyes began to roll into the back of his head

“Oh shit oh fuck oh shit oh shit oh fuck”

Jet was choking. It looked like the cupcake was too good to be true.

Jet then took a tumble and began to flail his legs. Diarrhoea squirted out of his ass all over the floor and his mouth was drooling….

He looked like he could die any moment

And then his Daddeh had tried what very little many people had ever tried to do on a fluffy

Daddeh picked him up and began to place his hand under Jet’s diaphragm.

And pressed down repeatedly. Repeatedly. Firmly. Quickly.

He remembered something on TV….that FluffyTV crap his daughter made him watch once.

The Heimlich Manoeuvre. But for fluffies….

And then, with force, the blockage was released. A rogue nut, accidentally baked into the cupcake, had lodged itself into Jet’s windpipe.

No more. Jet could breathe and he breathed deeply and wheezed.

Daddeh was relieved. At least he didn’t die……but the shit everywhere….Fuck!! This place would need a going over again….

He decided that Jet would need a bath after all.

He reached over to pick up Jet, and to examine him too. Good God he was covered in crap……

And then the moment his hands touched Jet’s body……

Jet began to spasm and his face went blank and his eyes rolled back into his head again….

Another fucking seizure?! Holy shit!!

And there was more of that too.

Jet lost control of his bowels again and a jet stream of diarrhoea squirted out again. Covering the floor. It felt particularly slippery.

“DADDEH!!! Daddeh!!! DAD——Deh!!! Buwnie——BUWNIES……sU MAny BUWNIes……woom an TOYsIEs an pwace An DaddEH gu BUWNIES!!! Nu Gu by BUWNIES DADDEH!!! Nu….”



“Jesus Christ….what the fuck is wrong with you? If you don’t shit your dumb mouth I’m just going to sorry stick your dumb ass”

“Nu DAADEh nu GiB hewties!!! DadDEh gIT BEWNIES!!! DaddEH gu BOOOOM nu gu daddeh!!! Nu gU by BEWNIES!! Gu BOOOM”

Now Daddeh was starting to get a sore head.

Not only has he shit everywhere and on me……he’s started talking nonsense…

And then he realised he may have been too hard on him stopping him choking……has he fucked his head?

“Nu DADDEH nu gu by BEWNIES!!! Nu gu by BEWNIES!!!”

“That’s fucking it buster!!! You’re getting the fucking sorry stick!!!”

“Nuuuuuu!!! Daddeh gu booom nuuu!!!”

Jet spasmed some more and more. They had been in the bathroom and Daddeh placed him in the tub.

“Just you wait here!!! You’re a bad little bastard!!! I’m gonna find the sorry stick!!”

“Nuuuuu!!! Daddeh!!! Nu gu!!!”

And Jet really wanted his Daddeh to stop. He really didn’t want his Daddeh to go to get the sorry stick!

He had a vision that his Daddeh got a lot of hewties and gu foweva sweepies. Daddeh would go boom in bewnies…he really had to stop Daddeh!! He had to save Daddeh as best as he could!!

And he had to make sure his Daddeh stayed. He really wanted Daddeh to stay with fwaffy!! He then began to cry as Daddeh wouldn’t stop!! He wailed loudly and as loudly as he could.

Daddeh would think he had hewties.

And then Daddeh would give Huggies to Chet and Chet save Daddeh because he loves him.

But instead Jet wailed so loudly he forgot to keep control of himself and farted.

Daddeh puked. “Fuck me!!! What the fuck did I feed you?!”

The smell was awful and it offended and hurt Jet’s nose too. Who then wailed louder and asked Daddeh to save him from Poopie smells!! Completely forgetting he was trying to save Daddeh from the buwnie hewties.

The smell was offensive enough for Daddeh to cancel his plans of looking for the sorry stick and instead clean himself up. He didn’t like the idea of hitting Jet’s ass while he was still so full of shit.

He’d probably explode like a poo bubble the moment that stick even touched his ass.

He remembered where the sorry stick was kept too!! In Jet’s room close to his toys. Apparently keeping a stick close by to fluffies is a good way to remind them to stay good. This would be the first time since being a newborn being litter trained that Jet would be sorry sticked.

And then Daddeh thought why not grab it now.

And then he went to the stairs to go back down and-


“Holy shit!!!”

Daddeh had crapped his pants from the explosion. Jet made a lot of scared poopies in the bath….he really was so Poopie……

Daddeh shuddered. And shook and felt cold. Sweat dripped down him.

“Daddeh gu boooom”

What the fuck?

He realised that he left the candles on….unattended. What harm could they do….

They must have caught light….fell over or something……lit the fucking floor up. The gas pipes were in that room too……they were pretty old too…

“Daddeh gu booooom”

Holy shit…….I could’ve been killed.

Jet saved his life….

What the fuck?

That disgusting bag of shit?

If he hadn’t been distracted by that wretched fart……and been distracted long enough to go downstairs….

Within seconds……he’d be dead

What a dumb way to cheat death……

He then seen the flames climb the stairs, shit his pants again, and dialled emergency services.

He grabbed a towel and wrapped Jet in it. Jet had stumbled over in the bath and looked weak….he’d need taking care of.

“D-Daddeh am…sowwy……Chet nu mean make bad poopies…nu….smeww….pwetty…”

Daddeh felt less angry himself….the fluffy had saved his life in the dumbest of ways after all…how could he blame this guy?

Or could he?

He began to work out if there was any feasible way to blame Jet for the disaster….his wife wouldn’t exactly be thrilled.

She wouldn’t exactly believe that Jet had a premonition and then just shit all over the place.

Actually…maybe the shitting and farting wasnt such a big stretch.

He was glad he could hear emergency services and the fire brigade just around the corner, sirens blaring.

He wrapped up Jet in a clean towel and hid himself in the bedroom to get as far as he could from the fire.

Jet began to shiver from fright, he looked like he was having a nightmare. He began to fart a few more times too….

Daddeh then heard the hoses and the shouts. They’d be saved. If they were any longer, Jet might have caught light from the flames and exploded himself….


I’m finally back after taking a long break to let my hand recover as well as what I call a creative hiatus.

I spent a long while trying to work out what direction “Carrot & Lowell” should go in but nothing I thought of felt right for the story. I’m putting a nix on putting out part 2 for now but I’m hoping I do work it out.

I feel more refreshed now and I’ve decided to try some more weird stories rather than what I normally put out there.

I don’t nearly have enough Fluffies that are actual characters in my stories. I’m hoping to put out more like this.

FYI, I love Stephen King stories and caught up with a lot of films as well as Netflix (Stranger Things is off my list…). If you’ve ever read or seen The Dead Zone, you’ll know this will be the inspiration for an ongoing story.

FYI, Jet has brain damage following oxygen deprivation. He now can have psychic visions at the expense of losing control of his bowels as well as flatulence. His “dead zone” in his brain is the “Poopie zone”, what helps all fluffies control their bowels (no matter how poorly they do it)


Glad to see you back, my friend. Hope you’re feeling better and this is an interesting topic. A fluffy that can see the possible future in exchange for shit and farts? Quite interesting indeed as this is playing with quite the duality of taking care of a pet. Clean for future visions? Sign me the hell up, I clean shit every day anyway (My pup can make quite the mess when she wants).


Thank you :slight_smile: it’s really good to be back on here and I’m glad you liked it

To me, if your pet had clairvoyance but couldn’t stop shitting everywhere that may well be more trouble than it’s worth. You’d lose your sense of smell I’d know that much :-p


That was awesome

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Thank you man :slight_smile: I’m pretty happy how this turned out too

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Premonitions caused by diarrhoea…

So that would make Jet a...



A Poo-thsayer if there ever was one.

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Dear god, I’ve been chuckling to myself over and over because of this story and the ensuing punnage. I’d really like to share this with my Dad but unfortunately I don’t want to out myself.

I love that his name is Jet, very prophetic as to what it his new psychic powers entail … from his tail … falls into a pile of giggles

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Daddeh gu boooom

You know it’s quality when it’s a Captain_Emo post. A very curious idea.