The Problem of Prophesy (by Newb_ronswek)

I’m thinking of doing a comic series were Storm Chip’s precognitive dreams play a big roll. I’m not sure how well received it would be, and the concept in my head has all the solidity of a smarty’s sorry poopies, but I dunno… I might do it.


If you do, I will definitely read it. You always have interesting stories.

Do as you enjoy! Don’t even have to post it or finish it. Just do it for yourself :slight_smile:

We have a strange cat alien conducting scientifically questionable experiments on abducted fluffies, and that one comic with the large orange fluffy that gets used exclusively as a couch. Given that both are loved by many here, your series would fit right in.

A precog fluffy and the hijinks that follow wouldn’t be the strangest thing here by a longshot. So go for it.