The puppet maker [By FluffyStalker]

There is no need for you to know my name, since what matters is what I do, you know these toys, fluffies right, and you also know how people throw them away as if they were some leftover plastic piece or envelope, this means a lot of material to work with.

I have seen the remains of the job of some random abuser who made a puppet out of a beheaded foal to exploit the utter stupidity of its mother, as well as I have caught abusers disabling fluffy’s legs to pass fishing line through them to simulate puppets, but I see a problem in these methods, both end in the death of the fluffy due to the crude process used.

So I thought, wouldn’t it be great to be able to have a living, speaking and suffering fluffy puppet that you can torment and have fun with but without having to each time look for ferals and waste time and materials just for a moment of fun? After watching some denotations on human limbs showing how tendons work to move the body and remembering all the dead fluffy puppets the idea came to me.

I first started by analysing my material, I lured some feral fluffies to my door by cooking some spaghetti with the kitchen windows open, in no time I had a stallion tapping on my door begging for some spaghetti for his “mummah special friend” this was my first material, I would of course need more so I asked where his “special friend” was with the excuse of giving the spaghetti to her myself and giving them a home, he gladly accepted and I had now two adult fluffies and four foals to analyze.

First the stallion, I started by opening the skin near the joint of one of its legs and skinning the whole leg, there it was the tendon that moved the leg, it was hard to see due to the blood so I pulled it from the base of the skinning, the leg bent and the stallion screed like if it was being crushed, I retired more skin to expose more tendon, this time I ran into some fat but it was no problem, pulled the tendon from that part and the leg moved as if the stallion was walking, or maybe it was the struggling, it must’ve been, better cut the nerve so it can’t use the leg anymore.

After some more experiment I was ready to proceed with my first puppet, my first ever living fluffy puppet, it was the mare’s turn first I opened the skin and cut the nerve so it wouldn’t struggle during the process, then I used sterilized fishing line to tie the controls to the tendons of the legs, in different spots, one to move the leg as if walking and the other one to bend the leg, I did the same for the other three legs, stitched shut the openings and waited for it to heal for the first test.

Ran out of brain juice mid text and this looked like a good zone for the open end