The Red Shadow: Part 3 [by Maple]

“Daddeh am back!” You awoke to Dizzy cheering, and the foals clamoring over you to get to their father. You slowly got to your feet as Rosco dumped a ripped shopping bag of food on the ground in front of the trash can.

“Was babbehs gud?” Rosco asked, hugging the foals to his chest.

You nodded. He smiled at you, and you found yourself smiling back. Yes, your monster sat at the end of the alley, smiling as well but you didn’t care. You had… friends.

Cloudy was the first to untangle herself from the cuddles. “Daddeh bwing nummies?!”

“Yus! Gud nummies!” Rosco nosed open the bag and started handing bits of food to his foals.

They smelled amazing, sweet and soft balls of something that made your mouth water. The foals happily dug into them, chirping with joy. Your stomach growled, maybe you should go find some food for yourself now. Ugly, useless fluffies like yourself didn’t deserve to eat, but if you were going to be watching Rosco’s foals you needed the energy. Maybe there was something down in the dumpster at the end-

“Hewe!” Rosco nosed one of the soft rolls over to you. “Wosco got dis fo yu!”

You stared at the food, mouth watering. It was beautiful, round with a hole in the middle, topped with a dark brown sauce and colorful bits. “Fo… Saddie?”

“Yup! It am pwetty, an Saddie nee nummies to get bettah, an Wosco tink pwetty nummies maybe make Saddie happy, an…” His words faded off, leaving you with only your hunger and the food before you. It smelled amazing, and Rosco got it for you? He went out of his way to get food for… you?

You do not deserve it.

You knew that. But… could you refuse it?

They need it more than you.

Well… did they? Rosco had an entire bag of these. They would last quite a while, they may even go bad before they could eat them all.

You do not deserve it.

But he got it for you.

You do not deserve it.



The monster’s voice roared, louder than you had ever heard it before. You jumped back, as if the nummies had bit you.

“Saddie!” Rosco rushed to your side. “Wha wong?!”

“N-Nu! Saddie nu desewbe nummies!” you scuttled back from him, against the bricks of the alley. The red monster sat against the far wall, smiling as it always did. You felt your heart beating hard in your chest, its dark eyes burning into you. You were too terrified to look away from it, somehow you just knew it would attack the second you did.

Rosco stepped infront of it, breaking your gaze. “Babbehs take nummies inside.” His voice was calm but firm, and the foals very quickly began to gather the food and bring it into the trash can. He stepped very slowly towards you, watching you carefully. “Am Saddie… otay?”

“N….N….” Your monster craned its neck in a terrifyingly unnatural way to look you in the eyes once again. “…Yus. Saddie am otay.”

“Yu nu need tu wie.” Rosco sat down in front of you. “It otay.”

“… Nu am otay.” You mumbled, feeling tears dripping down your cheeks.

“Nu wan nummies?”

“Wan… Wan nummies. Nu desewbe.”

Rosco cocked his head. “Wosco got fo yu. Nu cawe if Saddie nu desewbe.” He scooted the nummie to you once again. “Saddie nee eat ow gu foebah sweepie. Pwease.”

You looked down at the nummie, then to your monster. It shook its head. You shook your head.

Rosco looked over his shoulder, to where your monster stood. He wouldnt see it, like everyone else. It was just here for you, because you were a bad fluffy. The worst fluffy. You deserved forever sleepies. You deserved to die.

He stepped to the side, breaking your line of sight again. “Wook at Wosco.” He had tears in his eyes as well. “Yu desewbe nummies.”


“Saddie pwease. Dese nummies awe fo yu.”

You looked down at it. To your monster. To Rosco.

And you took a bite.


Short chapter, sorry. We’re almost done!


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