The reverse chester By ArisenLeaf

Just made my first pc build, here’s my first project on it.


well that was werid


I wonder if Anthros would feel dysmorphia? I mean Fluffies are already a kitbashing project.


i think so


Strangely wholesome…


-Can daddeh takie off bwa so mummah give miwkies to babbehs?


mouahaha (evil genious)



Will she take off her bra if l give her some ones? ($$)




Just sayin’


they has no nipples :v


Is that a sexualized mogwai?



Tenchi Muyo. The cat/rabbit hybrid, who can turn into a spsceship and is actually the incomplete and salvaged twin sister of the demigod space pirate, both clone/daughters of one of the goddesses who created the universe after said goddess removed her godhood to pursue mortal science. The rest of the genetic material came from her ancient lesbian lover, who was a rebound fling after she mothered a princess that became a royal line of space cops. Oh, and she made a third clone, but it became male and became evil before being killed then reconstructed as a woman and sent back in time. Also that lesbian lover was kidnapped by the space pirates her daughter/clone would one day be queen of, she lost her memory and married into the universal royal family as the true power of the throne: the mother of the emperor. By the way, all humans are in the royal family because the ancestor of humanity was the sister of the first emperor, she was chosen by divine power (read: the mad scientist and her two sisters) to rule the cosmos but she said “Nah, fuck that, I’mma go explore the universe and get some caveman D on Earth”. She crashed into the moon and died afterwards, but remains as a ghost who will royally fuck up any aliens trying to invade Earth.

Ah, I love that continuity.

There’s also another universe of the exact same basic premise by the same guy, but where none of it is convoluted. The cop is a cop, the scientist is a scientist, the space pirate is a space pirate, the princesses are princesses, and the protagonist only marries one girl that he’s pretty clear from the start is the only one he’s into. The others are just family friends.



Holy fuck.

Not only does the backstory shock me for being convoluted and crazy, but the fact that you have this knowledge in order and at the ready amazes me.


Hey, Urusei Yatsura may have been the first harem anime, but Tenchi Muyo did it better four times over. Literally, with four series.

Plus comics. One of which is porn, self-published by the creator.

Also, he was hired to make a series just about encouraging tourism to parts of Japan which of course just ended up another series.

That said, a Ramma is fine too.

Actually, Ramna Fluffies is a good crossover idea.


Her name is Ryo-Ohki.


Third clone: Was that Kagato?



I dunno if you kept up with all the times it was added to, but Ayeka’s megalomaniacal grandmother was Washu’s rebound from Mihoshi’s ancestor, named Naja.

Pirates attacked, she got bonked in the head and lost her memory then married into the royals under the name Lady Seto. She rules the universe now, and Washu remembered she’s a god so they are kind of a split up supreme power couple.

Kagato was meant to be a clone and copy of the personality of Naja, but he got fucked up pretty badly, making him evil and also hateful of women. After Tenchi killed him he was sent back in time which unfucked him and turned him physically into what he was meant to be, a Naja clone. Then she split again, one side becoming an astral “twin” and the other is a girl named Noike who was adopted by the girlfriend of the S2 villain Doctor Clay when he was young. The girlfriend fucked her up emotionally by using her as a prop to earn his live and having her physically altered to look like their real kid before being dumped in an orphanage. She became Mihoshi’s childhood friend, and they served in a special armed forces unit together.

Side plot, Mihoshi used to be a badass super soldierbut there’s an only touched upon plot where she wad in an arranged marriage but her mind synced up with something Eldritch which she survived only due to being Washu’s blood descendant though it left her braindamaged and now apparently a living universal anomaly.
Around the same time Noike was adopted by Lady Seto, who as you recall, she is a clone of.

Noike, the girl Kagato, eventually joined the harem and married Tenchi after the arc where he found out his mother was a crazy Hellgremlin who was cruel to him as an infant before she died, his father is actually as ageless as any Juraian and the woman he remembered as his mother is his older sister who left to go to college in space; they let him think his mother died all this time because it was easier to explain. He finds all this out when his father decides to remarry.

Noike enters the scene having been hooked up as a bride for Tenchi by Seto in exchange for not meddling on Earth.

She’s not a super major character. Kinda feels like Kiyone from Universe, but without the exasperation with Mihoshi.

Most notable is the expanded comics which are being adapted into the cartoon now, where she is the last to consummate the marriage with Tenchi but is SUPER amazonian “I am on top, MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH ME BOY” about it. Sasami first masturbates when she eavesdrops on them going at it. Her daughter with Tenchi is very sickly, the rest of the kids all kinda take care of her.



To my knowledge Washu and Seto/Naja have not met back up again. But attempting to cuckold your ex by arranging the love interest, which she’s already fighting her “daughter” clone and daughter/pet for, to marry the clone she made of you to fuck that you raised into adulthood. Its a damn fine overcomplicated power play.

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