The Ring Of Fire part 3 by bunnybunnyhops

I decided to drew Pyro where you could see their other horn.


You can’t buy a fluffy named Pyro and be mad when she burns things and fluffies.


Oh, Alice knows Pyro, she made them after all.

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aww pyro got a lil crush!!


I got confused when I saw 'R’s and 'L’s on the note, cuz I don’t think I’ve seen a fluffy communicate in writing before. :sweat_smile:

But then I realized writing or speech, a fluffy would never use first person pronouns.

Unless they avoid using “I”, “me”, “mine”, etc because they can’t pronounce those words, but they still have full knowledge of the self as a distinct entity and how to conjugate verbs based on tense and … O_o

Oh dear. I fell to far down the rabbit hole


Alice is a teacher. They’re mute, so they don’t have any other way to communicate. Don’t think about it too hard. They’re a special kind of fluffy.

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[Gentle pat pats for Pyro] you sweet Lil Hellfire gremlin, you’ll always be welcome in the dungeons of the underworld to help us