The Runt (Author : Kslatt / Juicykaos)

Zack had been waiting for this moment for a long time, his unicorn, dahlia, had reached the 1 month mark in her gestation period.

Zack had prepared the towels and bought gloves, dahlia lays immobilized in her bed, happily humming to her unborn foals, she was going to be a mother.

After hours of begging and pleading, it was going to finally pay off.

Zack was annoyed by dahlias begging but he still loved her, he had brought her to the breeder where a nice stallion gave her foals, dahlia cried in the car home about her special friend.

But zack gave her spaghetti afterwards so it was fine.

Dahlia felt short bursts of pain run through her body.

“Owie! Daddeh hewp! dawia hab huwties!”

Zack rushed to the living room where dahlia was, dahlia felt water leaking out of her special place, staining her luxurious red fluff, and another burst of pain.

“EEE!! Daddeh hewp!”

Zack places the towels on the floor and places dahlia on them.


Dahlia pushes with all her might while zack gently strokes her back, and soon the first foal was born, zack lets dahlia clean the foal while she delivers the second one.


“M-Mummah hewe ba- EEEEEEEE!!!”

Zack places the second one next to dahlia and she delivers the third foal

Dahlia has lost half her weight while in labour, zack lays dahlia in her bed, she is exhausted, 3 foals were born.

A red pegasus colt

A green pegasus colt

And a purple colt

Zack shows dahlia the foals, she sniffs the foals and gives disapproving look to the purple colt, zach lays the foals on her crotchtits to feed.

dahlia happily feeds her pegasi sons, zach picks up the purple colt and sniffs him, it absolutely reeks of afterbirth and
zach confronts dahlia about it.

“Why aren’t you feeding this one?”

“Dat am bah babbeh!”

Dahlia scoffs at zack and looks away from the foal, the purple colt rapidly suckles on zack’s thumb, zack brings the foal to the bathroom.

He cleans the foal with rose rubbing soap and he drys it with a mint gum wrapper.

Zack goes back into the living room, dahlia is hugging her foals, zack shows her the purple colt again, dahlia totally freaks out.


Zack places the foal on her snout.

“Smell it”


“Just smell it!”

Dahlia reluctantly sniffs the foal.

“A-Am gud babbeh?”


Dahlia hugs the purple colt with the rest of her foals and feeds it, the foal suckles greedily at the crotchtit while dahlia hugs her foals.


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