The sad life of an poopie alicorn foal (Crazy_Kitzo)

You open your see-places on top of your mummahs poopies thats near the corner of the cardboard box you, your bruddahs, sissies and your mummah live in this one box. It is another bright time and you are starving, you have been starving for days since your mummah doesnt let you have her milkies. You waddle outside of the boxie to find your mummah is already feeding your bruddahs and sissies, you waddle near them to try and have some too, so you sat down onto your poopie place and start pleading. “Mummah, can poopie munstah babbeh hab miwkies pwease? am soo hungwy and nee miw-” your mummah angerly yelled no at you, you start to make sad wawas come out of your see-places. “PWEASE! MUNSTAH BABBEH HAB TUMMEH OWIES! PWEASE, PWEASE WET MUNSTAH HAB MIWKIES JUS THIS ONCE! BABBEH HAVE NO TEETHIES, NU CAN HAVE BIG FWUFFY NUMMIES! PWEASE… huuuhuuu”

Your mummah didnt care, she only said one thing to you “fine, buh onwy when pwetty babbehs finish dwink miwkies.” You stopped making sad wawas and just wait for your pretty colored bruddahs and sissies to finish drinking your mummahs milkies.

after what seemed like forever, they finally finish drinking and waddled back to the boxie you and your family lived in, your earth, yellow and green bruddah looked at you and snorted at you “ugwy poopeh munstah bwuddah, nu desewbe miwkies ow wub! onwy fow num poopies and wickie cweanies! snort” and then he spat on your forhead, covering your horn in his spit, you waddled to your mummah and start to drink her milkies, they tasted soo sweet and creamy, your mummah mummbled to herself “stupid ugwy poopeh munstah babbeh, onwy desewbe foweba sweepies an nu mummahs miwkies! hmph!” you drank the rest of mummah tasty milkies before none was left. “dis wiww be da onwy time mummah gib miwkies to stoopie ugwy poopeh munstah babbeh! nu mowe aftew dis!” she said as she pushed you away sticking her tongue out at you.

You waddle back to your boxie to your siblings fighting eachother.

you decide to just leave before they saw you and fight you instead, your outside of the boxie and you just sit down and watch the pretty clouds, wishing you could fly to them with your wingies but your wingies dont work when you try to do that. You see your mummah hugging your siblings and letting them drink her milkies again. You also want some wub and huggies so you waddle to your mummah and siblings to get some, but your white and purple unicorn bruddah looked at you, and stood wayy taller than you due to malmurishment. “Go way ugwy munstah! ow get huwties! snort” He said as he stomped the ground, before you could do or say anything, he pushed you onto the ground and stomped on your front leggie as hard as he could, you were so weak that he broke your front leggie, you screamed in pain and started sobbing “EEEEEP! WOTS OF HUWTIES! HUU HUUUUU HUU- sniff huuuhuu…” You puked on the ground, you hold your bad leggie and curl up on the ground. You bruddah started laughing “Hehehe, dummeh ugwy munstah poopeh bwuddah nu desewbe huggies ow wub! dummeh!” He said as he spat on you and kicked your back leggies. Your mummah walked up to you and your meanie bruddah, and said “dummeh poopeh munstah twy to hab huggies an wub!? mummah aweady said dat poopeh munstah babbeh nu desewbe huggies ow wub! onwy fow wicky cweanies and num poopehs!” she said as she kicks you into the boxie with her back leggie. You hit your blue and red pegasus sissy, Your smell-places start to leak boo-boo juice, your whole body hurts and your soo tired… your pegasus sister turned to your and started yell at you “dummeh ugwy poopeh munstah babbeh! Nu huwt bestest babbeh!” As she slapped your face, “EEEEEEEP! HUUUHUU… PWEASE NO MOWE HUWTIES! MUNSTAH POOPEH BABBEH BE GUD! huuuuhhuuuuuuu…” you said to your sister in fear, covering your face with your hoofsies. “hmph! nu cawe! nao cwean poopie pwace ow get foweba sweepies!” She yelled at you, you instantly got up on your back leggies and started to lick your sisters poopie place that didnt taste pretty, but you didnt want foweba sweepies, didnt you? you cleaned up her poopie place, and she kicks you into your poopie corner. “nao go way dummeh!” You cry to yourself until it was darkie time, you was starting to doze off… until you hear your siblings and your mummah screaming and crying and a human speaking “pwease nuu! nu take mummah an babbehs away! EEEEEP!” “MUMMAH HEWP BESTEST BABBEH!” “oooh~ you guys will be great for my mill, you will be a perfect milkbag!~” You shiver in fear and try to be quiet as possible until you dont hear the meanie human anymore. You come out looking for your siblings and mummah, but… they are all nowhere to be found, you start to cry, but also relived since your meanie sibling and your mummah is nolonger there to give you hurties, but you are starving… you hide in the boxie so the meanie monster human doesnt come back to get you too.

This is a repost from Reddit. This story is inspired by some other stories.


I love when fluffies stick their tongues out. It’s too cute.

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Daw seems like momma and sibling got picked up by a abuser ~ … still wouldn’t mind taking the lil guy home


Your fluffies have such exotic patterns and coloration.

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Sad life? correct life.

dont want it, dont be brown he is upsetting his mummah and competent babbehs :innocent:

You know you are low on the pecking order when even the mills dont want you.

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