The sandbox (carniviousduck)


I’d be a fluffy eating the sand out of the sandbox and ending up like choking to death or some shit. But I love images like this with so much to look at!


Does that little sandworm have a rider? Awesome.


What, pray tell, is that sandworm trying to do?

About to convert fluffy into Spice?

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Love the beaver fluffy next to the ducky fwend.

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This is a pretty cool sandbox! I like all the small movie references.

Everything about this picture is genius. Also, that is an awesome sandbox, those fluffies don’t know how lucky they are.

Is the duck teaching the fluffy to swim or preparing to eat him? Hard to tell.

Edit: there’s a sandworm (with rider!), a graboid from tremors, what I think is a sarlacc, five jellenheimers opening a portal to hell, king kong and godzilla, sasquatch, the loch ness monster…

Edit 2: optimus prime, pattonfluff, a robot…

Only sand thing that I don’t see is a sandworm from Beetlejuice.

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Sandworms don’t create spice. In fact, I’m not sure what sandworms eat–possibly microscopic organisms in the sand, the way whales eat krill.

But a fluffy that gets swallowed will almost certainly be sandblasted by the immense amount of superheated sand the worm swallows. It will be pulverized to dust and excreted with the sand that passes through the worm.

Edit: not that anyone cares, but spice is created by the odd reproductive cycle of the worms. The first stage of the sandworm is a tiny creature called a sandtrout. When the sandtrout find a small body of water, they swarm around it in vast numbers and encapsulate it. This results in a ‘spice blow’–the trout metamorphosize into a sand worm, and a ton of spice is produced as a side effect.

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Love the jellnheimers with their :fire: star

Fuck… i know i was forgetting a worm

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