The SkettiLand Trappers; Five nights at Jimmie's -Final night (Creeper)

Little Greeny was plopped down on an old wooden table, it was dirty, stained and smelled like blood, fear and shit. He was tired, so so tired. Everything hurt, inside and out and what little strength he had he could only wheeze and sob.

-Huuuuuuu…Pwease nice mistah… Wet Gweeny gu…huuuuu… Am good (wheeze) fwuffy. Mummah… an daddeh… an bwuddah need weddies back… huu huu… Nu bothew nice mistah any mowe… Nu wan foweva sweepies… huuuu…-

“Oh I’m not gonna kill ya.” Jimmie smiled in an unsettling way. “In fact, your not in that bad a shape at all, after I patch you up a little first.”

Taking a seat on a stool Jimmie got to work, rolling Greeny on his back and picking up a tube of super glue and flipping the switch on a stump cauterizer. Holding the leg with the cuts in his hoof pad he squeezed a large glob out and started spreading it around the wounds.


“Oh, it’s gonna get worse.”

Flicking on a desk lamp with an extremely bright bulb in it and held it close to the glue using the heat the cure it faster and made Greeny scream more. He did the same for the bite marks from Chiclet over his legs and neck using up the whole bottle and Greeny was almost chirping as he suckled a hoof. Rolling him back on his back again, picking up a pair of snips he cut the tube attaching his severed lump to his body then pressed the cauterizer into the wound. Greeny could only wheeze out faint pleas of mercy, Jimmie picked up a tub of wet wipes and started wiping off the crusty dried jizz from Roidrage. He was not gentle, rough hands doing dirty unwanted work, using up nearly a dozen sheets before he could pass for reasonably clean. Picking up a spray bottle next he spritzed a fine mist over the chirping fluffy and all his pain slowly started to dull away and he took his hoof from his mouth.

-Chirp… Fank ou nice mistew fow taking way owwies… chirp… Gweeny be good fwuffy, pwomice. nu mowe owwies pwease. huu huu huuuu… Tummy stiww have owwies.-

“Well we can’t have that, you have a long day of playing ahead of you.” Pouring a few fistfuls of kibble on the table.

He gobbled it up so fast he nearly choked trying to swallow it all at once when he remembered how thirsty he still was as well and was given a shallow bowl to lap up.

-Fank ou nice mistew fow da nummies but Gweeny nu wan pway wight now. Have too many owwies aww ova. stiww so sowe, need sweepies an huggies an wuv to make aww bettew.-

“Oh you’re playing today. In fact, I even set up a play date between you and Roidrage in a few hours. So here’s a little more novacaine.” Spritzing him again. “Now you’ll have the same fighting chance as the others. (snrk!) Which is the same as a snowball’s in hell.” Depositing Greeny in the holding pen.

-Nuuuuuuu! Woidwage am meanie fwuffy! he gif owwies to daddeh an bwudda an bwoke Gweeny’s taiw, den gave enfies to taiw an gave bad white pee-pees to Gweeny!- He rambled and pleaded leaning on the fence.

“That’s what I wiped off you? Gross… heh heh You got bukake’d.” Getting his phone out.

When he looked around he saw the three legged stallion that had helped him earlier, he hadn’t moved since he last saw him and rushed to his side to wake him but failed. When he looked up to Jimmie he was talking away on his phone and he tried to get his attention.

"What do you mean he’s got a monitor chip?.. Vitals?.. Well shit if I spent that much on him I’d stick a chip in Roidrage too… Okay, Okay! calm down I’ll make sure my idiots don’t give him no more than three doses of the sex drugs…I know I’m only renting him… Only surviving prototype of what?–

-Nice mistew hewp Gweeny fwend! Him haf bad owwies in thinky pwace!!- He repeated over and over

“Shut up you little shit! No! Not you Earl, this stupid fluffy wont shut up. He’s Roidrages first date today so what was that about a prototype?.. Really? And it’s telekinetic? Shit I gotta see that. Bring him over some time show him off…Yeah you too. Bye.”

Hanging up the phone Jimmie leaned down and backhanded Greeny across the face knocking him over onto his dead friends body. Jimmie picked up the dead stallion by the neck letting Greeny slide off his back as the last remaining dribbles of shit fell from his ass and on Greeny’s head. Tossing the body into the bio waste bin a man walked in with a six pack of coffee and donuts looking barely ready to start the day.

“(Yawn)… Mornin’ Boss. Coffee?” Holding up the tray.

“Thanks, Martin. Before you get started, hose out the pen. It stinks like shit in here.” Walking out the door.

Polishing off the coffee he was drinking he set the tray and bag aside, stuffing one in his mouth while unrolling the hose. Greeny was the first hit by the icy cold water, the jolt it gave him had him on his hooves in seconds and Martin chuckled, ate and chased him around with the water stream. Quickly growing bored he hosed down the rest of the imprisoned fluffies, this of course lead to a wave of scaredy poopies and a longer soaking from the hose. When it was over Greeny shook himself off and curled up next to the pile of pillow fluffs for what ever warmth he could get and shivered himself to sleep.

Consciousness came rushing back to Greeny when somebody grabbed him by his mane and lifted him into the air. His screams were ignore as the pain got worsened with each swing of the mans arm as he strode out the door into the main arcade hall. The music was loud and bright lights blinked on and off the games with fluffies jammed inside screaming bloody murder. It was crowded and Greeny got bumped hard a few times from people walking around but was finally dropped into a pen surrounded by people waving money at three guys handing out ticket vouchers.

“Alright, alright first round of the day we’re starting off easy with one, he’s a little banged up so we’re gonna give him a little boost before the round starts to make it fair. How long will he last before getting caught?” Shouted the man in the middle.

“A minute, tops!”

“Forty five seconds!”

“They’re gonna juice him! A minute forty five!”

A flurry of exchanges and bets were made then the proverbial betting window was closed and it was time to start the match. Greeny looked around confused and scared, begging anyone who would listen to help, instead he got an epipen in his flank from the ticket master and a fresh spritz of mare in heat spray. His tiny heart raced faster than possible, so fast he thought it would explode and with the artificial stank of horny mare in the air he felt his no-no stick start growing. Where ever this mare was he was ready for her he thought, then they lowered Roidrage’s carrier into the pen and it downed on him real quick when he saw it. HE, was the mare here. The carriers door burst open the second the ticket master squeezed the latch, Roidrage, already drugged up himself was raging hard which was as big as one of Greeny’s legs looked at his target.


Greeny screamed in terror and tried to run the opposite way but smacked face first into the pen fence. With Roidrage closing in fast he took a sharp left and ran for it around the giant circular pen with the ticket master in the middle.

“Twenty seconds!” Shouted the ticket master.

Roidrage caught up in seconds and swatted at his prey who stopped dead to dodge it causing him to become a speed bump and the two collided. Off balance from swinging at Greeny, Roidrage tumbled over him hitting his shoulder on the pen fence hard pissing him off even more.

“Thirty seconds!”

Greeny had to get something between him and the giant fluffy with a literal murder boner for him, ran for the ticket master slipping between his legs. Roidrage didn’t fit so well and barged through faster than the ticket master could get out of the way and nearly knocked him over.

“Jesus Chri–! Ahem. Forty five seconds!”

If Greeny still had a tail it would have been bitten into by now and tried to circle around again, Roidrage cut him off this time shoulder checking Greeny into the fence. He felt something crack in his chest on impact with the fence knocking the wind out of him long enough for Roidrage to get his front leggies around his neck getting a good stranglehold.

“One minute ten seconds!”

Roidrage sat back pulling Greeny up close to his belly the end of his no-no stick grinding grinding against his poopie place as he was pushed down. His leggies kicked wildly in the air pleading for no bad huggies and no a mare as he felt his ass start stretching so he tried clenching it shut as best he could.

“One twenty five!”



“One minute twenty eight seconds folks!”

The crowd was a mix of cheers and groans from money won and lost while Greeny chirped and screamed for his mummah then he felt something rip in his anus. He screamed even louder as Roidrage pounded deeper and harder with each thrust and getting bigger each time. Suddenly he fell forward as Roiodrage’s leggies were pried open then hefted into the air letting him smack face first onto the floor. His ass lifted into the air with Roidrage’s junk making a long loud wet sucking sound as it slid out with a quiet pop and Greeny’s remaining nut slapped the floor.

-NUUUUUUU! nU GET GUD FEEWS YET! WAN GOOD FEEWS! SCREEEEEE!- A shower of sparks erupting from his horn.

Greeny suckled his hoof chirping between pained gasping sobs with blood trickling from his lip and ass he curled into a ball to try and hug his wounded pride but couldn’t reach. An employee grabbed him by the mane and he was in too much pain as is to make much of a fuss about it and just hung there as he was held over a bucket to drain his ass before the walk back. Unceremoniously dumped back in the pen he used what little strength he had left to crawl to his pillowed daddeh’s side and huddle up next to him. He didn’t even know he was there, he just babbled on quietly for Roidrage to stop and soon just started saying wan die.

Time is a funny thing to a fluffy, a creature who with a few exceptions had little concept of the future and lived mostly in the now so to him this pain could last the rest of his life. But it wasn’t long before both Greeny and his daddeh were picked up and carried off to for another round of fun in the arcade. The pillowed smarty was given to the whack a fluff game as a replacement target and Greeny was taken to the water gun game. He was replace a fluffy whose belly had been shaved and looked bleeding and raw, he was lifted off an inflatable post jammed up his ass and Greeny was stuck in his place. He could feel the post expand to the point it hurt while his leggies were splayed out and strapped down while all the fluff was shaved from his belly with clippers. He sat over a large clown head with it’s mouth agape and next to him a horizontal motorized wheel with riding crops mounted to it. Next to him were two other fluffies in identical rigs replacing equally beaten fluffs.

“Alright, alright folks step on up and take aim, fist to squirt the clowns mouth for ten seconds chooses the event. We have fluffy water balloon, pink belly and the ball slapper. Pick up your water pistols and on my mark take aim and fire. Aaaannnnnnd fire!” Shouted the operator.

The contestants fired and after the time was out pink belly had won and the first round and on the operators command they fired again. The wheel of riding crops spun to life and as more water filled the clown’s mouth the closer the wheel inched to his bare skin until…


The wheel didn’t stay in one spot it, moved up and down making sure every inch of his belly was slapped raw. When the round ended all three bellies were reddish pink and raw to the point of cracking skin and bleeding slightly. The winner collected their prize and the next round selection started.

“Water balloon! First to make their fluffy pop wins the round! Players take aim annnnnnd Fire!”

The players fired their water pistols and Greeny could feel it inside him another swelling feeling as water was pumped in through the post in his ass filling him up fast. His tummy swelled and he could feel the water start to fill his stomach when the fluffy next to him suddenly screamed then was cut off when brown water gushed from his mouth. The swelling feeling in Greeny’s gut stopped then started to drain back out the way it came while the other fluffy slowly drowned from the inside out. It took a few minutes but the dead fluffy was soon swapped out for a live and frightened looking one and the game selection started again. The ball slapper won. A mechanical ring clamp extended under the table and clamped around the fluffies balls and pulled them forward painfully taunt, save for Greeny, missing one his slid out the ring clamp each time.

“(Sighs) Hey Manny! I need to swap out a fluff this one wont fit in the ball clamp!”

Greeny was quickly swapped out for a fully intact fluffy and on the way back to the pen was stopped by the whack a fluff operator needing a new fluffy for his game. The one that he was going to replace was his own daddeh, he lived, if you could call it that, half his head had been bashed in on one side with all his teeth gone as well. His eyes looked off in opposite directions a trail of drool forming at the corner of his mouth and could only burble slurred sounds as he was dumped in a bin for incineration later. Stuffed ass first in his daddeh’s place the inflatable post swelling up to lock him in place and the lid was shut over his head. Now he sat in the near dark with several other fluffs with only a hole above their heads. Suddenly the game came to life and the post Greeny sat on shot straight up sticking his head out the hole with two others. The sudden jump straight up jammed the post even deeper then tried to pop out when he came to an instant stop adding more pain inside and out from the whiplash. He watched a neighboring fluffy get smashed in the side of the head with a barely padded mallet so as not to kill him outright but with persistence. The mallet was falling for his head now when the machine jerked him back down hard, fast and painfully as the mallet thumped on to game board. He felt the rip in his already damaged ass grow with each jerk up or down but could only scream in pain like the rest then, THWACK! Three teeth on one side of his mouth went flying but before he could get hit again he was dragged under. There was another rip on the way down and the plug popped free letting Greeny tumble down into the bowels of the machine smacking a lot of moving parts on the way down. Landing on his back he felt like poopie place was on fire and crushed at the same time, barely able to see out tear soaked eyes he watched another fluffy meet their end. There was a loud (Whomp) and when he fell back down his head flopped back at an unnatural angle and shot back up again ripping his head off on the edge of the hole. It landed right next to Greeny 's head looking him in the eye. The shock of such a startling sight gave him enough drive to roll onto his belly and drag himself by his front leggies out of the back of the machine. If he could think clearly he would have noticed the clumps of his own fluff in the gears, the still unlatched door opened easily but today it was just an easy way out.

-Guh… Gweeny nee…huu…out. nee out… sooo many owwheeheheeees…huuuuu…-

One of the long floor grates that ran behind all the machine to drain away all the blood and shit had been left ajar leaving an opening big enough to fit him. Where it went, who knows but it wasn’t here and it couldn’t get any worse. Here’s how it got worse. The grate had been left open to clean massive clot of dried blood and shit and he fell into it breaking the clot apart and covering him in it getting into his wounds stinging him more. Dragging himself along the narrow shallow river of shit and blood with more pouring over top of him at random points from the games above.

-Nu… Mowe… Owwies… Huuu…-

By this point the employee had returned with the hose to flush out the gutter causing a backwash of watery blood and shit to pour over his back and in his gaping bleeding ass. Gagging and retching while doing his best to try and not scream from the sting of the foul mess getting in his wounds and mouth. He had no idea where he was going but anywhere had to be better than this evil place he was trapped in. Light, he finally found light after a random left turn in the dark gutter but it was so far away he didn’t know if he had the strength to make it. He still had to try or take his forever sleepies trying and he pressed on inch by unbearably painful inch and the light grew with it. Pressing on the sludge behind him began to rise from him blocking the gutter but he made it at last. His body tumbled over the edge of the drainage pipe a foot down onto a steel sewer grate and the torrid torrent of waste water showered down nearly drowning him. Coughing and spitting out as much filth as he could he weakly shook himself off as best he could unable to move his back leggies much without even worse pain he rolled onto his back. Looking up at the clear starry night sky past the street light that lit up the area around him he reached up to the sky and despite all his pain he started to laugh a little. The laughter grew even with the dull throb in his lungs he laughed louder and louder, unable to believe at first he had escaped then another flood of sewage dumped on his head and open mouth. Vomiting up the vile mix he rolled on his side and his hips made a loud popping noise with a jolt of dull pain that quickly lessened but still ached but now he could move his back leggies for the most part. When the third wave dumped over his back he knew he couldn’t stay under that pipe any longer and slowly stood on wobbly legs and slowly started the long march to anywhere far from here. Unbeknownst to him though he dragged a good foot and a half length of his own insides dangling from his ruined poopie place leaving a trail of sewage and grime as he wandered off into the night. Flies started to swarm around him and a stray dog even ran up to him and after a single sniff whined and ran off.

-(Kaff! Cough! Wheeze…)… Nu feew pwetty inside…-



Even when he saw the light at the end of the tunnel, there was no respite.


Damn after all that he still manage to crawl out,with a dangling inside wow I wonder how long he would last.

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