The SkettiLand Trappers; Five nights at Jimmie's-first night (Creeper)

It was getting dark out and the light filtering through the slits was starting to fade telling the little green and blue maned earthy stallion the bright time was soon ending. he sat huddled together with was was left of his herd. The smarty had been taken first with both his special friends as was all the other special friend pairs even his own mummah and daddeh, he hadn’t got one yet he just got old enough to get one. He even took the wingie-pointy munstah. Now he feared he’d ever get one, even after the Skettieman had promised to to take them to skettie-land then sent the bawky munstah to chase them into this big metal box. the box rolled on wheels behind the Skettieman’s vroom munstah finally stopping somewhere inside the city far from the field of long yellow nummies wrapped in green leafies. the Skettieman stepped out of his truck and walked to the back the heavy panting of his bawky munstah made them all make scaredy poopies as they walked by.

“Hey Jake, what ya got for me today?”

“Got a good fifty in here today, Jimmie an Bill’s coming with another eighty in his trailer.”

“Good, good, lemme get a few of the pregnant ones too, I need to restock the foal-in-a cans in the craft corner. usual rate?”

“Sure but I can only spare three today from this group. the rest show some promise. Bill might have some if you need more.”

“Good lets get em in the pen then.”

the loud metal bang of the trailer ramp hitting the pavement as it fell and they all made scaredy poopies again and a wide little door slid open. Nobody moved, the bawky munstah was still out there panting away then another door slid open at the back with the bawky munstah looking right at them.

It barked and snarled trying to climb in to get them and they all stampeded the other way down the ramp. the rows of humans on both sides of the trailer held wooden panels forcing them down a straight path inside a large shuttered door to a large open pen that was locked as soon as the last one entered. the pen was already crowded with lots of other fluffies but the little green earthy somehow managed to find one of his brothers, a blue and green maned pegasus and they hugged each other weeping. The floor was bare concrete with clumps of straw strewn about with bright long lights overhead and a few humans standing around looking down at them. they did not look nice, not at all, they wore rubber chest waders covered in blood and shit. The first thing they did was take a garden hose to the whole group rinsing off as much dirt and shit as they could indifferent to their screams.

“Hey Mick! We need ten more for the batting cages!” A man’s voice through a door at the far end of the room.

Without a word the humans stepped over the short fence and started grabbing at the nearest fluffy they could two or three at a time. By mane or tail it didn’t matter and with two or three in each hand they walked out the room through the door to a room filled with fluffies screaming and happy music played. The blue and green colts were still smaller than the full adults and managed to stay low and were not carried off this time. every so often the door would swing open again with humans filing in and out most taking fluffies from the pen some would bring fluffies back. Always missing a leggie or wingie or tail, always bleeding from some kind of owwie and worst of all was the ones with boo-boo juice coming from from their poopie places. Those ones were always crying about bad speshaw huggies and for “Woid-wage” to stop. When the latest pile of broken fluffies were dumped in front of the blue and green colts they couldn’t stop screaming and weeping for their parents to save them. As they dug themselves deeper into the herd of crying fluffies to hide they knew only one thing for sure, they had to escape no matter what.

For what seemed like too many forevers to the colts they hid at the back of the pen as the humans took more and more away and rarely bringing back any at all. There was the briefest moment of hope when the gate opened but was crushed when even more fluffies came fleeing the bawky munstah outside. After awhile the happy music and screams from the other room died down and the lights shining through sparkling in all the colors one could imagine. Before the last human left he sprayed the entire group down with a garden hose again to rinse off all the blood and shit. The last human left the lights were shut off leaving only a few track lights to dimly light the rooms while the herd huddled together soaking wet trying to stay warm. Waiting almost all night the two colts climbed up on top of the shivering fluff pile that was pressed up against the fence and managed to climb over it without hurting themselves. Running to the shuttered door they banged their tiny hoofies against it making a surprising amount of noise as they begged.

-Pwease nice doow! Wet Gweeny out, Hu hu huu!-

-Bwue too! hu hu! Dis nu am skekkiewand! Dis am bad scawwy owwie pwace!-

The loud banging in the dark just make the fluffies in the pens even more scared setting off a chain of cries and scaredy poopies. They just kept on banging away as long as they could which was barely a minute before they were panting, slouched over on the floor with only one way out of the room. The door where all the lights, music and screams came from, the last place either wanted to go but it was the only way. The smells that came through the door were the worst things ever for a fluffy to smell, boo-boo juice, and fear and bad poopies was overpowering but they slowly ventured in. it was dark and scary for sure with the sparse lighting and odd big boxy machines that was still kind of lit up displaying big red numbers too high for any fluffy to ever count. The smells were worse inside the room itself and they couldn’t help but make a trail of scaredy poopies as they wandered in the near pitch black and dark red lights. wandering through an open doorway they had stumbled upon the soon mummah room, up on a table were several mares without leggies and various tubes and a slide sticking out their back ends.

-MUMMAH!- Shouted Greeny at the sight of a blue pegasus in the middle. -Mummah hewp babbehs! dis am scawey pwace wiff wots of huwties! hu hu hu huu… Gweeny scawed…-

-Bwue too! Bwue too! hu hu… su scawey hewe… Take babbeh home pwease mummah. Su hungwy, tummeh haf wostest owwies.

-hu hu… Sowwy babbehs mummah am dummeh nu weggies fwuffy nao…huuu… Poopie pwace haf owwies, weggie bumps haf owwies, and wostest heawt hewties eva! Speciaw fwend am fowava sweepies… huuu… am wostest mummah eva… B-babbehs save mummreeeeEEEEEE! Biggest poopieeeeesss! Babbehs comin!-

The Mare wiggled her stumps her shrill screams waking the other pillowed mares around her as the first foal slid out and down a ramp into a pen behind the table. Inside the pen a pink and blue maned pegasus woke from his bed and instinctively started licking and sorting the foals. The colts’ shouted at the fluffy banging their little hoofies against the fence demanding their babbeh sibling back but he ignored them as he licked the next one clean. when he turned his back to take the next one to the heated bed and feeder pen the colts’ could see that his lumps and no-no stick had been taken in a brutal way, eyes just glazed over. Soon the colts’ demanding turned to pleading then to begging and of course wailing cries to give back their siblings to their mummah for milkies and love. When the fifth and final foal slid down with the after birth the two mares next to her went into labor from the stress of the colts’ cries. Tired, sore and getting even more hungry by the hour they eventually had to leave to find something, anything to eat. Directly across the doorway they spotted the light from outside that crept under the wooden door giving its location away in the dark. The two patted their tiny hoofies against it yelling for the skettieman to return to save them and their mummah forgetting about their hunger again. Far too tired to keep going they both cried themselves to sleep holding each other reduced to chirping like newborns. Neither got much sleep as soon the sounds of heavy boots on a wooden floor woke them and Greeny beat a fast retreat behind one of the scary things with red lights that was against the wall. Blue was as quick and got his hind end smacked when the door swung open and in walked a stocky yet lean and fit man with an angry look on his face at the sight of Blue on the floor.

-Owwies! Pwease nice mistah nu gif owwies to gud fwuffy…-

“How the hell’d you get out the pens? Christ its too early for this, I’m not even through my first cup of coffee yet.” Taking a swig from his tumbler. “Well congrats buddy you get to be first up on the target range or maybe I’ll toss you in the ring with Roidrage.”

Little Greeny was too afraid to move let alone make a peep, cowering in the dark eyes covered trying to ignore his brother’s cries of bad uppies. He just kept his head covered and soon fell back asleep.


Poor blue

Man of all faults of fluffies its their noisy attitude on anything too dumb to know shit and just ended up drawing death to them.

That green gonna left traumatized if he ever escape.