The SkettiLand Trappers; Five nights at Jimmie's- Fourth night (Creeper)

Greeny wasn’t sure how much sleep he had gotten before the arcade game he’d been hiding in turned on but it wasn’t enough. He eyes shot open when the music started blaring mid tune from when it was turned off. All he could do at this point was grit his teeth and bare it. All. Day. Long. Curling up into a ball and weeping, letting out the odd owwie when the gear belt overhead pulled out more fluff a few strands at a time. Eventually the game shut down and lights went out and blissful sleep came again. Whatever time it was when he woke it was still dark and all he felt was sore and hungry, he hadn’t hardly eaten in two days and his lips started cracking from thirst. His tail stump still hurt, it stopped bleeding but he was sure his trail of boo-boo juice would lead the bad humans to his hiding spot. Worst of all the nut Roidrage had busted on his face and chest had dried leaving his fluff feeling crusty and one eye seemed half glued shut from it. Crawling out of the game at a snails pace he looked around cautiously then stepped into the darkened arcade and limped off to Roidrage’s cage, he just had to know how his brother was doing. Sadly from what little he could see Bluey wasn’t in there and he did his best to not wake the sleeping Roidrage. A tiny part of him almost wished he had taken forever sleepies as to not suffer anymore at the hands of these monster humans.

Starting to loose hope of ever finding a way out he’d settle for just something to eat. There was only one place he hadn’t thought to look yet or didn’t want to think about, back the way he came, the pen. The door wasn’t fully shut and creaked open at the stallion’s push, the noise woke some of the fluffies inside. The survivors of the days games all wounded and maimed too hurt and traumatized to get any proper sleep were the ones to start crying and begging for mercy thinking a new day of pain had started.

-Pwease nice fwuffies, huu… Gweeny soo hungwy. Pwease give nummies. Tummy have wowstest huwties.- Leaning against the chicken wire fence.

A three legged red earthy hobbled up to the fence putting up his one front hoof to meet Greeny’s on the fence.

-Pwease nice fwuffy shawe nummies… So so hungwy. Nu have any nummies in so many fowevas.-

-Nummies ova thewe. come on.- Hobbling off to the kibble trough.

Greeny followed and watched as the stallion sat down and started scooping kibble out and onto the floor then brushing it through the fence. It was near flavorless, stale and so dry it soaked up what little saliva he had but he did his best to choke it down one nugget at a time.

-Kaff!.. So thewsty. Need wawa.-

The helpful stallion tried his best to try and pry the water bottle from the wall in the back corner of the pen by biting at the metal nozzle and pulling at it but it slid right out from between his teeth. he tried again twisting it side to side till some water started to trickle from the neck but stayed put and he stomped it out of anger jarring it loose enough to let the water spill to the floor. The water pooled and ran across the floor and through the fence and Greeny desperately lapped it up off the dirty floor. He kept going till his tongue felt raw and sore and the floor was almost clean but it wasn’t enough and he was still thirsty. There was more water on the floor in the cage and when the three legged stallion tried to sweep some more his way he slipped and fell on his face knocking himself out cold. Any hope of his getting back up was dashed when the boo-boo juice started to pool around his head tainting the remaining water.

-N~new fwend?.. Fwend otay?-

No answer. No other fluffy in the pen seemed willing or able to help no matter how much he begged for them, their only response was wawa bad for fluffies. Slumping back down Greeny wandered to the other side of the pen to see if any fluffy over there would help, the side with the rest of the injured fluffies. Even when sharing the same fate the fully able-d still segregated the wounded to the other side of the pen calling them dummeh no leggie fluffs and since Greeny’s tail was missing so was he. But what little hope he had that they would help were dashed again, the trough on their side was empty as was the water bottle. Then he saw a familiar face that almost brought him a glint of happiness, his daddeh. A once proud green and blue maned earthy just like him, the herds smarty was reduced to a pathetic pillow fluff sitting in a pool of his and others shit, the whole herd had blamed him for their troubles.

-Daddeh nuuuuuu! Munstah hoomans give daddeh wostest huwties too?-

-EEEEEP! Nu mowe! nu mowe Woidwage! Poopie pwace nu wowk nu mowe!- The former smarty woke in a panic.

-Shaddup dummeh!- Shouted a random fluffy

-Hate’chu!- Screamed another.

Slinking down the fence he laid splayed out on the cold floor sobbing so hard he almost didn’t hear the rapidly approaching “tck tck tck tck tck tck tck tck tck!” of something skittering across the floor. When he looked up he saw the strangest creature he had ever seen, it was skinny, had four legs and sandy brown fluff so short for a second he thought it was bald. It had a long pointy snout and the biggest ears that stood straight up and big black eyes that nearly popped out it head. If he could read he would know that the collar around its neck had one word on the tag. Chiclet.

-(Sniffle)… Hewwo… New fwend?-

“Grrrrrrrrrrrr. YAP! YAP! YAP! YAP!” It barked while charging at Greeny.

Sharp little teeth sank onto a bald spot on the back of Greeny’s neck and started shaking wildly, nearly ripping the skin off as he shrieked and wailed in pain. Chiclet held on tight continuing to shake for all her worth while Greeny staggered to his feet pleading to be let go. For the first time in two days he with what little food he could find he made a little scaredy poopies and in the struggle Chiclet had slipped in it and she loosened her grip. Greeny felt it and ran for it but still lost a chunk of fluff and skin and Chiclet fell on her side. Growing up a feral meant a few things, if you managed to make it to adulthood you had more sense and wit than most so running away eyes shut was certain death. It also meant he was faster than the average domestic, still pathetically slow but enough to get a head start before Chiclet caught up. She dove for him and he managed to duck the instant he felt her teeth touch his bleeding raw flesh and she tumbled over him into the wall. She yelped on impact while he ran out the door back into the arcade room darting behind the consoles then between trying to loose Chiclet. He could hear the skittering of her toenails on the concrete floor and across the grate behind the consoles only urged him to go faster. Hot on his heels she’d have had him by the tail if he still had one but the sound of her snapping her jaws behind him managed to scare another squirt of poopies right in her face. Yelping, she stopped chasing him to try and wipe the mess off her face with the side on her leg then vigorously shook her head clearing her eyes enough to continue the chase. Greeny had run between the center row of consoles trying to make a straight shot back to his hiding spot. The sudden pain in his left back leggie told him that he had been caught again, Chiclet bit harder than ever this time, infuriated and ready to rip it off. With his guts now empty again he was helpless as Chiclet started to drag him backwards kicking and screaming, using his one free leg to kick Chiclet in the face. She did let go eventually but only to bite the soft padded hoofie that had been annoying her, her sharp little teeth sinking deep he clung to the side of a console trying to keep a slipping grip. his weakened grip lost the tug of war and he started getting dragged back again. Already bearing more pain than he ever thought possible he made a desperate move turning his whole body around he flopped down on top of Chiclet pinning her down and biting her long thin tail. She yelped more in shock that actual pain as she growled and barked turning her head around to trying to bite back and she did, right on his left nut.


Trying to run from the pain as all fluffies do and he felt something rip off, his left lump. curled up in a ball her tried to reach his wounded pride but couldn’t reach. Now Chiclet was on top of him again biting into the nape of his neck and shaking for all her worth. Suddenly the light flicked on and the sound of the front door swinging open and shut echoed through the room.

“Chiclet! C’mere girl! Come to daddy!” A man’s voice shouted and whistled.

Chiclet immediately stopped attacking and ran off to great the voice leaving Greeny alone to wail in agony.

“Damn, look at you. Been a hell of a night huh? That’s a good girl! such a good girl! Chihuahuas, best damn ratters ever. Alright girl take me to it. go on, go, go, go!”

Seconds later Chiclet had returned growling at him as the console was shoved aside by Jimmie and looked down at him.




This is the end~!

Dang Greeny is done now its been a long hide and seek and downed by a chihuahua :joy: