The SkettiLand Trappers; Five nights at Jimmie's- Third night (Creeper)

Another day spent hiding inside an abusement park game had taken it’s toll on poor little Greeny, the moving parts having yanked out small patches of fluff a few strands at a time. When the machine finally stopped moving and the park close down for the night only then did he dare venture out with one thought on his mind, escape. But first he needed relief, aiming his ass over the grate that lined the back walls and let loose a torrent of pent up shit and piss the feeling of release was near orgasmic. Of course that was soon replaced with hunger, having not eaten all day his only option was the soon mummah room and the milk bags strapped to the wall. Not exactly a guilt free meal being a milk thief. creeping his way to the dimly lit room he was in for a shock, the mares had been moved to a shelf higher up, far from his reach. His eyes followed the clear plastic lines that led from the pillowed mares through the air and into the top of a frosty steel milk tank, all out of reach. With Dinner being a bust he sulked his way out sniffling with an ever louder growling tummy, following his nose for anything he could eat.

The smell of fear, scaredy poopies and boo-boo juice was overpowering pretty much everything else but it was a straight shot to the back of the arcade and where he found the concession stand. Disappointment struck again as apparently Jimmie kept a clean concession stand and everything was sealed up tight with hardly a popcorn kernel to be found. The trash cans were too heavy to be tipped over but even if he could they were emptied daily, so out into the barely lit arcade he ventured for food and hopefully an escape. At last he had found a small cluster of stray nuggets on the floor in front of a large sorry box big enough to fit four fluffies but his tummy hurt too much to worry about that. He greedily scarfed down the stale food with his back to the sorry box, not wanting to even look at it. Big mistake. His tail wagged happily as he ate a lot of his tail made its way through the front grate of said sorry box and there was a sudden pull in his tail smacking his poopie place against the grate.

-NNNNNNFFFFFEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!- Roidrage growled through a mouthful of blue tail fluff.

-SCREEEEEEEEEE!!! Munstah wet go of Gweeny! Nu wan bad speshaw huggies! Nu am mawe! Wet go! Wet go! SCREEEEEEEEE!!-

Roidrage jerked straight up so he could get his no-no stick closer to his target while little Greeny screamed and shat all over the grate and his tummy. Jerking again there was a loud snap and Greeny’s cries were deafening and his flailing more and more frantic. When Greeny started to feel the end of Roidrage’s no-no stick start poking the end of his anus he pressed his little hooves on the grate and push with all hid meager might and SNAP! Falling on his face Greeny shrieked louder than ever for a minute then after his next breath was reduced to wailing sobs, his tail had been ripped clean off at the base. When he realized this he turned to see his tail get pulled through the grate.

-Pwease nice munstah gif Gweeny pwetty taiw back! Need taiw back to be pwetty fwuffy an find speshaw fwend!-

-Enf! Enf! Enf! ENF! ENF! ENF!-

Roidrage had pinned the cottony soft fluff to the floor under her back hooves and was bucking wildly at it and now Greeny was banging his hoof pads on the grate.

-Nuuuuuu!! Pwetty taiw not fow enfies! Nu gof enfies to pwetty tail!-


Little Greeny stood in silent, slack jawed shock, the results of Roidrage’s release now covered his face and tummy, a large glob of it dripping off the end of his nose.

-Keep da taiw.- Opening his eyes, lucky enough to have blinked at the moment of impact.

Waddling off in defeat with a slight hobble and a muffled “owwie” with every other step he returned to his hidden paths behind the arcade games of pain and death. There was a weak whimpering in the dark coming from the front of one of the games, it sounded familiar, almost like… Bluey! With renewed pep in his step he ran around to the front of the game and in the dimly lit darkness in a red lighted neon glow was his brother. Cruel, cruel fate struck yet again, Bluey sat in a net basket with all his leggies gone and his body covered in small cuts that only just stopped bleeding.

-Wh… Whuh happen to Bwuey? Wewe bwudda weggies? Bwuey…o… otay?- Nudging him through the net hanging at eye level.

-(Sniffle)… Why bwudda nu save Bwuey fwom munstah hoomans…huuuuu… Munstahs take weggies and thwow Bwuey in howe with wots of …hu huuuu… wots of shawp pointies… ovah an ovah an ovah an give wostest owwies… d… Down swide wiff wots of owwie wawa on it.-

-Gweeny sowwy bwudda, but Gweeny hewe nao. Gunna save Bwuey.-

Biting down on the net bag he chewed and pulled at the rope but only managed to get the nylon wet. Stubbornly he kept at it til his jaw hurt too much, leaving the rope stained pink he tried to climb the net to pull Bluey out but fell as soon as his last leg left the floor. His shrieks echoed through the room when he landed on raw tail nub his uselessly kicked the air laying on his side unable to reach and give himself any form of comfort. Soon he was reduced to huddling up under his brother weeping and loosing what little hope he had left. It was the noise coming from the front door forced him to abandon his brother again to retreat to the safety behind the arcade games. He heard the door swing open and two male humans walked in, they didn’t turn on the lights and walked straight to the soon mummah room. Having learned by now that no human here was going to help him but he was curious as what they were doing to his poor mummah and little brothers and sisters born only two days ago. Darting across the open aisle to the cover behind the games by the door he poked his head around the corner and watched. They had taken all the babies on one big basket and put them on a table in the middle of the room talking as they worked.

“Hand me the catheter gun for the foal-in-a-cans, Hank.”

“Here you go, Ed. Where’s the refill bottle of formula? Oh here it is. Cans are already prepped, let’s hurry this up.”

Ed picked up a tiny pink, blind chirpy filly and with a strange device jammed a long tiny blue thing up her poopie place and she started chirping in pain and panic, much to Greeny’s horror.

“Hey, Ed? Why the hell we here so early any way?” Taking the foal and sliding her into a clear plastic tube.

“Cause you’ve been dicking around at work and now the boss is pissed at us, we should’a been done yesterday.” Plugging the blue thin in the foals poopie place into a thick grey cap then screwing it shut. "So now he wants it done before he shows up today. “Now quit yappin and top off the formula tank.”

But they kept talking as they passed can and foal back and forth between each other talking mostly about various messed up stuff they liked to do to fluffies and things they saw on the “Internet”. What ever that was Greeny had no idea but soon the two men had stacked all the cans in another basket and carried it to the door and he hid quickly.

“So then they put the fluffy in a cone of shame sealed with duck tape, hence why they shaved the neck, and suspend it from a hole cut in an end-table.”

“Hank that’s fucked up. But why is there ten chicks and fifty dudes involved with this supposed video you saw online? It better not be a-” carrying the basket past Greeny’s hiding spot.

“Yep. They just start a doin it. BUT! Every time someone about to nut, they aim inside the cone and over then next hour slowly drown it with-”

“Yeah okay I get it man. That’s sick even for me. You… You might need a shrink.”

Darting across the doorway after they passed he followed them to the arts and crafts area where the vending machine sat. He watched them unlock the front and started to fill the rotating racks with the cans, taking out the ones that had died from being in the can too long and the ones just about to run out of formula. These ones had grown almost too big for the can and were now being rotated out while the men kept talking about hurting fluffies. Hank suddenly hushed Ed and turned an ear towards the darkness, a low whimper and they were quick to follow it having standing orders to find the free roaming fluff and they found it.

“Damn, its just a pillow fluff that was left in the screeball game.” Hank sighed grabbing Bluey by the tail.

-SCREEEEEEE!! Bad uppies! Pwease nice mistuhs, no mowe owwies fow Bwuey! Am good fwuffy! Hu hu huuuuuuu!-

“Hey, throw him in Roidrage’s cage. I bet he could use some relief. Although from the looks of his asshole I think they’ve already met.”

-Nu am mawe! Nu am mawe! NU AM MAWE!! Mummah save Bwuey! SCREEEEEEE!!-

“Awww, I think he wants a reunion.” Hank laughed walking to Roidrage’s cage. “Hey Roidrage, want something to play with?.. Hey! What the hell’s in there with him?” Leaning over to look in.

“Looks like he got a piece of that wandering fluffy we’ve been looking for. Think we should let him out and find the rest of it.”

“Hell no, it’s a pain in the ass to get him back in. I don’t know what that crazy fuck did to this fluffy but you ever see a fluff this big? Or make sparks like a fuckin firework fountain? An how many fluffies you know have solid hooves?”

“Alright, alright, just throw his ass in there already.”

“Heyyyy buddy I got something better than that spank rag. Still pretty tight I’d bet too.” Opening the cage just enough to slip Bluey inside, screaming and crying.

While this was happening Greeny felt the desperate need to do something, anything to help those babbehs trapped in the meany cans the humans had stuffed them in then left on the floor. Now was his chance, they even left the front of the machine open which is where he headed straight for. His first though was saving his little brothers and sisters that just got put in there, the others were almost an after thought. He was barely tall enough to get his front legs over the edge of the machine’s bottom and his feeble attempts to hop and pull himself up just made him swing under it and fall on his back. Thankfully Bluey’s pained screams drowned out his own as he got up and tried again this time just trying to jump up high enough to get his front legs straight up and banged his chin when he fell again. The noise of his head hitting sheet-metal made a loud gong, loud enough to get the men’s attention and jostling one can loose enough to fall from the top of the machine. Greeny held his front hoofies over his mouth trying to muffle a scream as a trickle of blood ran down his cheek having bit his tongue when he hit his chin. The can shattered in two next to his head sending a broken fragment flying, cutting his cheek open with a deep scratch. The sound of boots coming his way forced him to retreat only getting a brief look at the broken can and the splattered and sliced blue foal inside chirping its last few calls of pain and terror. Utterly crushed at his failure he hobbled away having cut his back hoof on a broken plastic shard he made it back to the “safety” behind the arcade games and the consul he had been hiding in. Pulling the door shut with the rope handle he laid down trying his best no to cry too loudly as the men outside started to curse and argue about finding him. Hopefully he would find a way out the next darky time, till then he was sore, tired, and half starved. Sleep never came more swiftly.


Damn and this is just day 3 that lil one is traumatized for life.