The Slaughterhouse (by Booperino)

Be an abuser
A bit out of ideas how to abuse
Decides to try eating one to taste the misery
Can cook but can’prepare fluffy meat for shit
Last time you tried you got poop flavored meat
Hear there is a butcher shop in the neighborhood made for abusers
You go there

At the butcher shop
Man behind the counter seems friendly enough
Another customer is leaving with a smug grim
This has to be the place
You check to see if there are no cops around (or hugboxers)
Coast is clear
"Hey i heard you sell meat of a more “feral” kind?
The butcher looks at you suspciously and tells you to meet him in the back room
Inside is a pen with several dirty, miserable looking shitrats

You try to think what would make the best cut
“The more miserable the better” you read online
Sees a blue fluffy hugging his special friend
She is pregnant, perfect
You ask for that one in particular
“Ah the abortion special, just one second”
Disapointed you are not allowed to watch as he leaves with the fluffys
He returns with a remote controller and turns on the big hdtv in the
back of the backroom
It shows the slaughtering room with the crying blue fluffy tied down
by his legs
You smile as the other fluffys watch along “Teevee? Wai am fwuffy scawedy? Can gib huggies to scawedy fwend huuhuu”
The special friend is also tied up, your murder boner can’t be contained

The process starts, with the butcher slapping the shitrats so they
keep paying attention
With a mallet he squeezes the mummah, cracking sounds are heard as the babys fly from her
“nuuu tummie babbehs nu am weady huuuhuu am wowst mummah”
You cackle as he forces the babys to her mouth and she is forced to eat
The male is now screaming and begging but the doctor takes his butcher knife and chops the legs
The screams are orgasmic for you, now this is quality entertainment
Mummah pleads to let special friend live. Nope lol
another bash of the mallet and her head is mush
Male now in “wan die” mode
The butcher stabs several knifes on it’s back untill it finally bleeds out and dies.
The butcher bows to the camera and begin the process of cleaning the fluffy of its fur and cut it’s meat

“Alright friend, here is your special, tell your friends about here and enjoy the meal!”
Go home grinning like It’s christmas
Have the best dinner in years

After work day is done, you return to your backroom.
All your fluffys are screaming in fear untill you lift a palm “No worries, work is over. You can stop now”
Fluffys giggle as they push their cages open easily hopping down and giving huggies to one another saying “gud job! yay fwuffy do gud?” and such
You give them pets as your stars of the day open the “slaughteroom” door
“Bwuey heaw wowk am ovew?” It’s special friend follows, it’s head look smooshed, the other fluffys giggle at the “funny facey mawe”
She giggles as well as you begin removing the makeup and prop from her head “Nummie babbehs wewe su gud daddeh!”
She loves the baby-shaped meatballs. The blue one pokes your leg “can daddeh wemobe shawpy owies nao?”
You remove the prope knifes adn bloodbag from his back, you are proud how fast he can hide his legs now in the chopping scene, it’s almost seamless.

You call your fluffys and they follow you into the studio aka the slaughterroom, where the magic happens.
Props of legs, babys, limbs and body parts all over. You sit down to relax as your pets go have sketties, they earned it today.
Bluey jump on your lap for pets “daddeh, bwuey am cuwious, wai dummeh humins wike to watch fwuffy theatew? Dey nu know teebee am fakesies?”
You giggle giving him pets “Some humans only come over for the experience, they really can’t care less they are just getting low grade cow cuts”
“Bwuey nu undewstan… buh sound dummeh”
“Very very dummeh” You both laugh and enjoy another peacefull evening

First attempt at a writen story, let me know what you guys think of this little bait and switch :slight_smile:


That was simply amazing. chef’s kiss

A situation where everyone is happy, as long as they remain ignorant and don’t come by too often.


Even if they did come often, abusers would think all fluffys are the same lol


Give them weekly dye jobs or prop horn/wings


Oh smart!


Had me going in the first half, not gonna lie. :grin:

Y’know, maybe it’s just the food service part of my brain, but mister McAbuserpants really is a dummy.
No butcher shop I know of would slaughter live product in shop, fluffies or otherwise.
And if they did, we’ll… uh… there ain’t no easy way to say this, but…

Butcher: “Y’all enjoy your new home now y’here!”
Intestinal Parasites: “Yaaaaaay! Nyu meat house!”

Overall though, good job Booperino, awesome to see you venturing into writing!


And honestly, it would be good to have several sessions video taped to play on days the fluffies need a break from acting or such.


Slaughter laws don’t apply if it isn’t an animal. Of course, the abusers think this is an underground, illegal operation so not like they would be put off by that.


Oh, probably not… least until you get a new breed of fluffy tapeworms living in your colon.

Then it’s everybody’s problem. :grin:


True, but that would only occur in places actually slaughtering on site and not just doing theater.


Ohh nice twist! :blush: Man he trained them well as actors :+1:

Love the props meatball and stab knifes.


Love it
It’s a boop drawing in written form :heart:


That’s a hell of a way to upsell cheap cuts!


And thank you I can’t even trust the local burcher anymore. You will hear from the German Butcher association we take our meat and Sausage very serious almost as serious as Bread and beer I say :joy::joy::joy:

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