The Sorry-Shot (avoiding_mare)

Following the almost overnight success of Hasbio’s bio-toy craze, many companies were quick to shovel out their own brand of knockoff fluffy care products. One such short lived product was the sorry-shot. Intended to be a stand in for the officially recommended sorry stick, the sorry shot utilized a spring powered soft plastic “stinger” that could be readied by hand and deliver a “fair” and comparable dose of discipline to an unruly fluffy’s behind.

While issues arising from teaching children to use a gun-based tool to deliver punishment was eventually the downfall of the product, it found a following in both abuser homes as well as households that sought a much stricter discipline from their pastel pals. By replacing the inner springs with much higher k-value aftermarket springs for mere pennies and removing the soft plastic casing that holds the flexible metal rod an abuser can increase the joules delivered by the sorry-shot by a factor of 12.

What was once a tool for efficient spankings is transformed into a device that can split skin, contuse muscle, and fracture bones in a single pull of a trigger.

[Looking to flesh out some headcanon a bit, got a few ideas I need to get drawn out]


Excellent last resort punishment for hugboxers


Fucking dancie babbehs. I hate them so goddamn much


Looks like it took the hoof right off! Brutal!


I know i shit all over stuff you worked hard for and called you dummeh and whined all night keeping you awake so you had a bad day at work.

but im doing a dance now so everything is okay and i should get sketti? :glee:


hey i like it,me and my brother used to swap the springs in our toy guns to shoot pellets harder
off course we use it shoot each other,and yeah they hurted like hell xD

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A few to the nuts for smartys